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  1. Yes it’s factory temp, it reaches the temp of the thermostat which is 185-187 just fine, so I don’t think it’s opening early, it would be struggling to reach the thermostat temp if that was the case I would think. it can actually hit my original previous temp of 200, but it takes very long. I feel like that’s telling me, my new rad is very efficient at cooling, so the engine wants to stay at the thermo opening temp. Of 186-187.
  2. I’ve searched online and all the stock thermostats for my vehicle are 186-187 and that’s what I have. That would mean the previous thermo was 195 if it was running at 200 before? (Coolant was in good condition) Also, I was under the impression that the thermostat temp rating was only for when it opened, not what the engine temp ran at. From what I’ve read, normal engine temps for most vehicles average about 200 and above.
  3. Installed a new all aluminum Cold Case radiator in my 06 Sierra 1500 4.8L and I’m having trouble getting up to operating temperature in the normal time frame. I would think this will especially be an issue in the winter, but I’m in Texas so winters are no exactly terrible. Is this something I should be concerned about in the long run not reaching op temp on the majority of my drives? Getting my temp to the 200 degree standard operating temp will take me about 40min of non stop highway driving while the fans are running with the AC on. My temp will climb to the 185-187 thermostat opening fairly quickly 10-15min but as it opens and the fans run, it is just too much cooling for it to ever reach op temp in a decent time. Also if I keep my fans off, and it does reach 200 degrees, in 15-25min, once I turn the fans back on, the temp will drop to 185-187 within 5-10min. I know this radiator was a bit overkill for my stock application, but I wanted an aluminum rad to not worry about leaking issues in the future from plastic rads.
  4. Ever since I got my transmission rebuilt I started hearing a metallic sparking sound whenever I started my truck cold. Also my truck seemed to be having a slight stutter when I started it, almost as if it wanted to shut off, but its only for a half second. I thought it had something to do with the battery going bad (had it for 3-4 years), so I took it to get tested and failed the test. So I got a new battery but the problem persisted. I then took out the starter to get it tested and it passed its test. After installing it back the sound actually got worse and not only made the sound during the turning of the motor but also while driving. The sound goes away as the vehicle heats up and it will not make the noise again until the truck has time to cool down. One thing I have noticed that may be a problem is I am missing the flywheel/starter plastic cover. It sits between the flywheel and starter so I am not sure if it also acts as a shim and is causing the issue. Any ideas what I’m dealing with here? 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 WT 4.8L 2WD Clip of sound here, not the best capture of it but it’s there. https://embed.api.video/vod/vi6aE7zkG3ZoZyQe1NNXrslh
  5. Getting some pretty nasty sounds from my transmission and wondering exactly what it may be. It seems to only make this sound when in Park or Neutral and also when the truck warms up, does not make this sound during start up when cold. Truck has about 152,300 miles and i had replaced all the fluid, filter and two solenoids at 148,600 miles 7 months ago. I'm pretty much expecting the worst here, but if anyone could give me some more insight as to whats going on besides it probably dying, i'd appreciate it. Clips of sounds here: https://youtu.be/blljaS5cpcI https://youtu.be/8T5tSLoT8aA https://youtu.be/wVcztpMtngc https://youtu.be/lfWhm7fJrYs
  6. Curious what's the reasoning behind when a part says to use till depletion then calls to use another part? In this case it's Moog swaybar links for my 06 Sierra. There are two versions, but it says to use one version first then a different version after depletion. Can i not use the second version right from the get go? Will it cause problems? What is this madness?
  7. Did a rear drum brake shoe and wheel cylinder replacement on my 2006 Sierra 1500 2WD. After about 5-10min of driving i started getting very loud squealing when braking to a stop. I ended up checking the next day to see what the cause may be and noticed that the passenger wheel cylinder ears where the shoes sit had sheared right off. The shoe on the front side of the truck had also pulled away from the backing plate a bit and was rubbing on the inside of the drum face. That seems to be where the squealing is coming from, but what would cause the wheel cylinder ears to sheer off like that? It's only the ears that are facing on the outside of the truck, not the inside ones. In other words, it seems that the shoes were trying to pull off the backing plate and come out. Besides all that everything looked good. I replaced the wheel cylinder and tried again... 10min after driving with the new wheel cylinder, i got the squeal again, i didnt drive around after hearing the noise as much as last time, i checked again but the ears are still there and everything looks good. I'm guessing it will shear off soon if i continue braking with the noise. https://ibb.co/mFHMmMb https://ibb.co/tc900YM https://ibb.co/YNB51qM https://ibb.co/FgvFKHs Edit: During this job i also had replaced the the wheel bearings and seals.
  8. Im wondering what issue would cause the rear wheel cylinder ears that hold the brake pads, to shear off? I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD 4.8L with rear drumbrakes. I replaced the rear wheel cylinders and brake shoes on both sides. After 5-10 minuets of driving, i had extremely loud squealing from the rear when braking to a stop. I took off the drums to check and saw that the passenger side wheel cylinder ears had sheared right off, but only on the outside of the truck, not inside ears. The shoe that is towards the front of the truck also was pushed out towards the inside of the drum and was rubbing on the inside facing where the hub sits so that must be what was causing the squealing. But i dont understand what would cause such a force to shear the wheel cylinder ears right off. Drum out of round? Before i replaced the shoes, both passenger and driver side shoes towards the front were almost to the metal shoe backing plate, so thats why i replaced them.
  9. Installing a new transmission mount from energy suspension for my 2006 Sierra 1500 4.8 2WD. I’m having trouble aligning the middle hole (theres 3) on the mount with the crossmember hole. Transmission keeps pulling to the passenger side when I lower the jack. There is no play on the mount to move it from side to side, just front to back. Any suggestions?
  10. Looking to lift the front end of my 06 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD to lessen some of the factory rake. I have about a 3.5in difference from the back to front. Looking for about 2-2.5in of lift in the front. Any suggestions on what i can do to get the lift and if you have any product recommendations that would be great. I don't mind paying a little extra for something of good quality. Thanks!
  11. So just yesterday i changed my fathers oil in his 2008 Chevy Duramax 6.6 Lmm.. I had a 4.5gal drain pan and it ended up overfilling and i spilled oil everywhere. Had to get a small bucket to get the rest. Put the old oil back in gallon containers and measured 4.5 gallons (18 quarts) excluding the oil i spilled. What the hell just happened here? He told me the oil was changed about 4 months ago but i wanted to change it cause it was so black. Anyone know why on earth it would have almost double the amount of fluid in it?
  12. I just finished installing the ACDelco 45G2019 stabilizer links on my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD WT. The issue im having is tightening them down to the right torque spec. The instructions say 20 ft lbs but as im tightening them, im not getting any clicks, the bolt just keeps turning and it feels pretty much the same tightness the entire time. The bolt started sticking out the top about an inch so i just stopped. Should i just keeping going to see if it gets tighter? Should i back it off a bit? Really confused as my old links bolts only stuck out about 1/8in but not sure if that was because of the wear and being looser. If anyone is familiar with installing sway bar links, i'd appreciate some help. Also, im doing this with the vehicle on the ground.
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