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  1. Installing a new transmission mount from energy suspension for my 2006 Sierra 1500 4.8 2WD. I’m having trouble aligning the middle hole (theres 3) on the mount with the crossmember hole. Transmission keeps pulling to the passenger side when I lower the jack. There is no play on the mount to move it from side to side, just front to back. Any suggestions?
  2. Looking to lift the front end of my 06 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD to lessen some of the factory rake. I have about a 3.5in difference from the back to front. Looking for about 2-2.5in of lift in the front. Any suggestions on what i can do to get the lift and if you have any product recommendations that would be great. I don't mind paying a little extra for something of good quality. Thanks!
  3. So just yesterday i changed my fathers oil in his 2008 Chevy Duramax 6.6 Lmm.. I had a 4.5gal drain pan and it ended up overfilling and i spilled oil everywhere. Had to get a small bucket to get the rest. Put the old oil back in gallon containers and measured 4.5 gallons (18 quarts) excluding the oil i spilled. What the hell just happened here? He told me the oil was changed about 4 months ago but i wanted to change it cause it was so black. Anyone know why on earth it would have almost double the amount of fluid in it?
  4. I just finished installing the ACDelco 45G2019 stabilizer links on my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD WT. The issue im having is tightening them down to the right torque spec. The instructions say 20 ft lbs but as im tightening them, im not getting any clicks, the bolt just keeps turning and it feels pretty much the same tightness the entire time. The bolt started sticking out the top about an inch so i just stopped. Should i just keeping going to see if it gets tighter? Should i back it off a bit? Really confused as my old links bolts only stuck out about 1/8in but not sure if that was because of the wear and being looser. If anyone is familiar with installing sway bar links, i'd appreciate some help. Also, im doing this with the vehicle on the ground.
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