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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Well I took my 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 up to the dealership yesterday for transmission issues. When accelerating around 30mph the transmission makes a high whining noise around 2000 rpm almost like its slipping and the truck shakes back and forth. Then when on the interstate on cruise control around 65-70 you will hear a grinding noise every few minutes. Also when you slow down from the 60-70 mph range to around 30 mph and accelerate the grinding noise becomes more apparent. When I dropped the truck off yesterday I showed the service guy video of the grinding as well as what I believe to be slipping and he said "Yeah that sounds like it is slipping". Received a phone call this morning from the same service technician saying they were not able to replicate the issue. That the transmission guy said that is normal when it switched between V4 and V8 mode. It's amazing I have had this truck and driven it for 76000 plus miles and have never heard that whining or grind noise. I asked how long they test drove it and he said 10 minutes. I told him they need to drive it around longer and actually go on the interstate to hear and see what it is doing. This is not the first time I've taken my truck up there for transmission problems and I am not picking this truck up again until they find the issue. The first time was for rough shifting to which they said was normal. This is my first Chevy I ever have bought or owned. Bought it brand new from the dealer. I must say that with how I keep getting treated with the "can not replicate" issue as a scapegoat for not truly trying to satisfy the customer is getting old. Especially being I have videos in which you can see the rpms and hear the whine up and hear a grind noise. This will most likely be the last Chevy product I purchase. If anyone has any ideas and doesn't mind listening to the videos I have I would appreciate it. I will have to post a link to youtube since the video will be to big to post here. Thanks
  2. Getting some pretty nasty sounds from my transmission and wondering exactly what it may be. It seems to only make this sound when in Park or Neutral and also when the truck warms up, does not make this sound during start up when cold. Truck has about 152,300 miles and i had replaced all the fluid, filter and two solenoids at 148,600 miles 7 months ago. I'm pretty much expecting the worst here, but if anyone could give me some more insight as to whats going on besides it probably dying, i'd appreciate it. Clips of sounds here: https://youtu.be/blljaS5cpcI https://youtu.be/8T5tSLoT8aA https://youtu.be/wVcztpMtngc https://youtu.be/lfWhm7fJrYs
  3. I'm trying to buy a 2004 Silverado 1500hd with the 6.0 and 4l80e. When test driving the transmission would shift through all the gears fine but if you let off the gas as soon as the rpms hit 2000 they would drop to 1500 to 1000 and there would be a loud grind/whine until you tapped the gas again. I'm assuming it's the transmission, maybe the torque converter. Any help would be great so I can figure out if the transmission would have to be rebuilt or if it's something simpler to fix
  4. Hi, I’ve got a Silverado 2016 Z71 4x4 with the 5.3L. When I take my truck to work in the morning (cold start) and make a left out of my neighborhood, my truck makes a grinding noise as I accelerate during the left turn. It sounds like metal cans clanking. I can feel it in the gas pedal too. I’ve tried reproducing in an empty lot by turning and accelerating and I get nothing. It was really bad one time when I made a right turn out of a parking lot onto a Main Street. The street was lower than the asphalt I was coming off from and so my truck bounced a bit while I accelerated right this time. Grinded really bad. Any ideas?
  5. Good evening, I have a 2016 Silverado Custom double cab and I was wondering if anyone has this particular issue that I have been dealing with for quite some time. I purchased the truck brand new from my local dealership and as time went by it developed this clattering noise. This particular noise tends to appear when I am either braking while entering an intersection or driving and slow breaking. It sounds like its coming from the middle compartment of the truck and I cant seem to figure out what the deal with it is. I have tried with no success to record the noise in order to take it to the dealership to no avail. I have taken it to the dealership but they tell me that I have to replicate the sound in order for them to be able to determine a diagnostic in order to fix it. I took the tech on a drive but I was unable to duplicate the sounds. It sounds like its a progressive clanking noise of two metal pieces. The sound is not constant but rather it tends to build up in noise and then clutters down. The truck has only 11k miles on it and all have been placed by me. If anyone can please help me with this so that I can take it to the dealership with something in order for them to handle this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, first time poster here with a problem I can't seem to diagnose or solve. I have a 2008 4WD Avalanche 5.3L with 80K miles. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a "grinding" noise coming from what sounds like the front end, similar to what you would hear if brake pads are getting low and starting to grind on metal. Here is a summary of observations, diagnostics, and attempted repairs I have performed: Sound is first noticeable around 15-20 mph and continues through highway speeds. It is constant, although it has a rhythmic pattern to it which increases in frequency the faster you go (rpms don't affect it). It gets slightly louder when I turn or slalom left, and get quieter or disappears to the right. Engaging 4WD doesn't affect or alter the noise at all. The noise does change at all when applying the brakes (other than the frequency due to deceleration). The noise also doesn't change when applying the emergency brake while moving (although it doesn't seem to work in general). My first action was to clean up the front brakes and change the pads. Rotors, calipers, pins, dust shield, etc. were all in good shape. Didn't stop or change the noise. Next I replaced the front right wheel bearing hub, based on the noise decreasing when turning right taking off load from that side (although neither side seemed to have any play or noise when hand turning). Had no effect on the noise. Since I had only bought one new hub, I switched out the left bearing hub with the old right one I had just replaced (since it appeared to be in good shape and apparently not the culprit). Again, noise didn't change at all. I checked the front differential fluid from the fill port, it was at the correct level. It looked and smelled OK, although I did not drain and check for metal filing/sludge. I jacked up the back and checked for play in the rear wheels, both sides had some, but very minimal play. Rear pads and rotors were good too. The front drive shafts also did not seems to have any appreciable play and no grinding when manually turned. So now I am at a loss. The change in the noise when turning/slaloming back and forth led me to believe in was front bearings, but apparently wasn't. I suppose it could be the rears, but it really sounds like its coming from the front. I don't think it would be in the differential itself since I wouldn't think the changing directions would affect that. Maybe a front drive axle/CV joints, but those usually clunk a opposed to grind I believe? I am pretty confident its not associated with the brakes. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what I may have missed? Thanks in advance!
  7. I have a 2015 Tahoe produced in late 2014. In October I started to get a grinding noise in the steering, especially when it is colder. The dealer couldn't get it to reproduce, but notified me recently that they got a bulletin advising them to replace the steering wheel barrings. I had this done yesterday, and the noise is still there. I'm at my wits end. They said they will have to call an engineer at GM to get other ideas. Anyone else dealing with this or have found a fix?
  8. Hey guys I have a 1999 chevy silverado 1500 Z71 and i just made an account for this very one reason. My truck has a starter issue and i've done everything i know how to do to fix it.It's not working and im stuck. Any help is appreciated. The symptoms *truck will turn over and start up *immediately after starting there is a terrible metal on metal clashing coming from the starter. the best part too is that this is with a brand new starter. I bought a new starter, put it in, had the loud noise issue, returned it, got a new one again and still has the same issue. This never happened with the old starter. The old starter just broke due to old age. Just to clarify, the starter doesnt sound like the motor is engaging as far as i can tell but the gear seems to be going back and forth and hitting the flywheel. So far we havent damaged the flywheel but i really want to fix this before i do. The reason i think its coming back out and then jamming back in is that the sound is not a constant banging, it sounds as if a bolt were being thrown around by the engine fan and constantly hitting things. any help is appreciated. Dont know what to do next and it's driving me crazy. thanks guys.
  9. My 2004 Silverado 4wd truck has some loud clunking and grinding coming from the front-end driver side at all speeds. It almost sounds like driving and hitting many bumps/cracks in the pavement along with a loud intermittent grinding. This noise seems to lessen quite a bit if I put the vehicle in 4wd, seems worse in 2wd. Would this be a wheel bearing, front universal joint, or front axle bearing? Anyone else have this problem and find the cause? Right now I drive the truck 50 miles to work and worried it might not make it home without a wheel falling off the way it sounds. I have an appointment with the garage tomorrow, so any idea beforehand what it could be would help me decide whether their fix has any added, not needed, expenses. Thanks,
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