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  1. Thanks for this. This makes so much sense now. Do they have a fix for this? Probably need to update the computer...
  2. Lol. I haven’t taken it to the dealer yet. I should probably go soon though to get that braking recall dealt with... I’ll ask them about the grinding if I go
  3. I think it’s the Stabilitrak. Try turning it off by holding down the traction control button for about 5-10 seconds. I forget what’s supposed to happen, as far as two yellow lights coming on the dash cluster or something. Try driving around with the Stabilitrak off and see if the noise goes away. That’s what did it for me anyway. From what I gather, the Stabilitrak reduces power going to spinning tires, and it just sounds awful when it engages. That, or there’s something wrong with our Stabilitrak and something is just grinding away when it engages. I never got around to taking it to the dealership.
  4. Yessir. I’ve got a 2016 Z71. That’s my front end pretty much. Right in back of where those fog lights are is the adjuster, which is what is shown in my attached image. You don’t even have to take the tire well apart. I got a socket wrench and an 8mm hex head attachment for it, and crawled under the front fender. That adjuster should be easily visible. It has a white knob underneath it. Not sure what the white knob is for... i think i broke it. That’s why I had to attack the larger portion with the 8mm hex head. Anyway, you can pick up an 8mm hex head from AutoZone or Oreillys or whatever auto store. Really easy to get to because there’s a gap between the corner front bumper and the tire well. I see you took the plastic trim off from the bumper. I’ve been considering that. It’s funny because it’s an off road package, yet if you take the truck off road, I guarantee that trim is the first thing to go lmao. I jacked mine up when I put my truck into a concrete culvert. I thought I screwed up my truck. Turns out the only damage was the bumper. This truck can take a beating. Edit: Actually the reason I had to adjust the fog lights was because of the new bumper I had to get, and the dealership didn’t readjust them lmao.
  5. Update: Got down there again with a 8mm hex head, socket wrench and torqued the circular adjustment that runs parallel with the ground. That did the trick. Btw, counter-clockwise lowers the light, and clockwise raises it. Torque it too much counter-clockwise, and the assembly will want to come out completely. Eezy-Peezy
  6. I’m having to adjust the fog light, and got down there to find what i thought was the adjuster, but when I stick a screwdriver in there to turn it, it just seems to spin freely. It doesn’t do anything. Do I torque the white portion that faces the ground? Or do I find a huge Allen Wrench and torque the portion that points parallel to the ground?
  7. Roger that. I’ll take it into the dealership and see what they say. I got an extended warranty on it. Not sure what it’s good for hahah. Thanks!
  8. So I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Stabilitrak. For some reason, it doesn’t like that turn. I’ve turned out of the neighborhood multiple times now with it off and heard absolutely nothing. This morning, I had it on, and I got that humming noise again. Do I have a problem, or should I not worry about the Stabilitrak making god awful noises when it kicks in?
  9. Yea, I noticed the Stabilitrak turn back on after driving for a bit. It stays off while I’m in my neighborhood, though, so i’ll Try that turning maneuver and see if I hear anything. Lately it’s just been a light hum, like some sort of hydraulic is kicking. My truck is not leveled, but I will keep that in mind lol. Going to test out the Stabilitrak theory and get back. Does the grinding of the Stabilitrak hurt the truck? Sounds like it hahah.
  10. Update: I’m thinking it’s the Stabilitrak kicking in. I floored it going straight and made a similar grinding noise. I just discovered how to turn Stabilitrak completely off so we’ll see. PS: probably has nothing to do with fuel haha
  11. Update: Still no noise. All this points to engine knock, but why do it when turning and only 1/4 throttle? The last vehicle I had that knocked was on an incline and I really had to gas it. This truck I'm turning onto a decline and gassing just a little... Maybe bad/loose sensors that monitor engine internals.
  12. Just an update... I’m still on that same tank of premium gas. Ran the truck from a cold start twice now, (once yesterday, another today) and haven’t heard that grinding noise on that infamous left turn. Will keep trying on premium gas. I’ll keep making updates as I go. Just one of those time tested things....
  13. So I checked the heat shield. Had the truck running and it doesn’t seem to vibrate enough to cause such a loud horrible noise. I haven’t driven it yet... trying to make sure I describe it right lol. It’s during a left turn as i apply gas. If I let go of the gas, it’ll stop. More gas and it gets rougher. The left turn I mentioned earlier is a slight slope downward. Like a 1% grade
  14. Yeah. I’ve done the whole turning while 4wd is engaged, and this is definitely a different experience.
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