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  1. I figured out the issue with my remote start. It was an O2 sensor code. My truck does not have a physical check engine light. It does not illuminate at all. I tested it my looking when my truck does the self-check upon startup. The previous owner must have disconnected it somehow. I bought a tuner, ran the codes and there it was. If I clear the codes, it does not recognize the issue and works perfect. Four new O2 sensors later and we will see how it does.
  2. I have searched and searched. I cannot find the issue. I tested my battery and alternator and they are both good. I put a multimeter to the battery as it's being started and it only dropped down to 11.5V. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  3. I appreciate your detailed response! I will look into it more. The only difference is I do not have the low voltage warning upon start up. Also, some times when it is cold my starter seems to drag. Would this be a result from this issue?
  4. I will have to give that a try. What do you mean by "vet the posts"? Also, how do you stress relieve the battery, add a ground?
  5. Remote start only works when I disconnect and reconnect the battery. It will work for about 5 starts and it stops working. No check engine light. No warning lights, hood is closed, doors are closed and all the fuses are good. 2014 silverado 5.3L
  6. If you delete the DOD, aka AFM, it won't make a difference if you have the muffler flap or not.
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