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  1. Hey all, does anyone know if there is a radio booster that could be used on a stock GM radio in 2015 Sierra?
  2. Thank you. I'll try that. It feels more like it struggling to go. Just ran into an emissions problem that isnt cheap so I'll have to see how it goes after this is fixed.
  3. Hey all, has anyone experienced this? When driving and keeping a consistent speed, it feels like the engine is at the point of possibly needing to shift. It intermittently has the engine clicking like it isnt sure if it should shift until I step on it more. Ideas or what anyone else has done to fix this?
  4. Is the connection these go to down by the bumper? Do you have one of your famous videos?
  5. Phil, these do not pop in for me. There must be something I am missing. There are little spots that looked like they had tabs. I push it up under the window rubber and it doesn't just stay there. What am I missing?
  6. How do you get the Upper Trim back in? I didn't see that on the video and I cannot get it to stay. Were there tabs on the trim? I see spots on there where they could have been and worry that they broke off.
  7. @pgamboa Phil, I finally got around to installing the mirrors and your harness. My question is, the memory buttons are those the ones above the inside door handle? (I would have to buy this) Also, I have a power seat but do I just need the memory buttons to use the full functionality for mirrors and seat or do I have to change this power seat as well? I don't have the one pictured.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for 33” All Terrain tires? I had the truck lifted to be able to put them on but I don’t know what brand model are good. I primarily drive highway but want to use them as needed in rough terrain. THX ALL!
  9. What distinguishes the 2016 USB to the older ones? My console had the older wireless charger, which makes me think I have the older USB as well. A tone have the part number of the 3.0?
  10. I am having a shop do the install. I just do not have the time with work or anywhere to work on taking things off to check these. Due to my job I am on the clock 24/7 (salary) so, I just wanted to know which to buy. I have the spark plugs, just need assistance with which wires since they listed with and without the metal heat shields. Please keep in mind, this may be easy for many of you, but it's not for everyone.
  11. You have to take apart part of the wheel well to get to them. That is why I'm asking.
  12. I've seen them used for many things. If you have a backflip tonneau they use hoses put into those for draining. Some folks do knock them out for draining as well. I've seen others use them for bicycle in bed racks. I dont think there is anything specific.
  13. Anyone know if the Sierras (2015) need spark plug wires with heat shields? AC Delco has without and with the metal shields. But, I don't know which mine currently have on it and I don't want to purchase the wrong ones.
  14. Does anyone know which spark plug wires are needed? I have 2015 GMC Sierra and AC Delvo has two different ones on their website. Metal Heat shield and without. I cannot find anywhere on which the manufacture installs or if it matters. Thanks all!
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