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  1. I am the original owner and bought it off the show room floor when it was new. Everything is factory. I have not changed or upgraded a single thing. I checked the trailer plug in and all is fine. Even checked all wiring above the spare tire and followed the wire harness to the fuse box’s. Everything looks as it should. All light bulbs work great but blinks fast after a few seconds and I get that message
  2. I have a 2014 gmc Sierra and I have left and right turn signal indicator failure. All bulbs are fine and everything works great but I keep getting this message. They will start out blinking normally then a few seconds they flash really fast and this message is displayed but all bulbs are fine. So I hooked my scanner to it and the code that keeps coming up is HVAC controls U1509-00 LIN BUS 9- Malfunction. This has been going on for months and I cannot figure out what’s wrong. I checked all bulbs, fuses and wires. All is fine. Any ideas?
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