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  1. So after much trouble shooting. I replaced the passenger side exhaust manifold bolts. 1 one broken and need to be backed out. Two others broke in the process of being taken out. Replace all 5. The high pitch squeal or whistle is now gone. No thanks @General Motors or the dealership. They should pay me back for looking at transmission when they were told it was not the problem.
  2. I will try that. I looked at the pan drop didn't see any metal in transmission.
  3. That is the same. If i do a slow exceleration it may squeak but if i press petal to the metal it last until i let up. I guess when they dropped pan they really didn't look into the torque converter.
  4. The sound happens when the truck is turned on. Last for about 10 - 20 sec. They it happens randomly when I accelerate. Not necessarily during shifts. Jet???
  5. Well they said they checked but didnt believe it was any of the lifters.
  6. They performed a pan drop found nothing. Did a full flush. Noise still there.
  7. Yes, I have replaced all belts. I took it to the dealer and they said, that there is a bolt missing on exhaust manifold between Cylinder 6 and 8 that may be creating the loud whistle. Wanted to charge me between 300 and 900 depending on how they were gonna try to extract broken bolt and replace.
  8. My truck has 131K miles on it. After an oil change by the dealership. I started the truck the next day and noticed a very loud squeal from the engine. It goes away after about 20 secs. But if i drive and give it a good acceleration, you hear the squeal around 3500 to 4500 RMP. Movie 3_2.mp4
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