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  1. $865 OR 750$ Some people have nothing better to do.
  2. Weird. I live in PA, work in NJ. Filling up in Jersey on 91 cause it cost the same as 87 in PA. I've come to the conclusion that the truck runs better on 87. Didn't matter if it was winter gas/summer gas, always used Sunoco.
  3. Question for anyone that installed a muffler delete pipe. I was wondering if someone could get me the measurements on the sections between the bends. Im looking to get a muffler delete pipe and then welding in a carven muffler into it. Just wanted to know if it would fit. Carven R is 10.5” Overall 5” x 5” Round Carven TR is 15” Overall 5” x 5” Round Thanks.
  4. Hello, selling my 20" Trail Boss wheels and tires. Wheels are in mint condition and tires have approx 8K miles on them. TPMS included. Currently the wheels are plasti dipped black. I can remove or leave it on, your preference. Also including four 1.50" hub and wheel centric spacers. Asking 1500$ or best offer. Located in 18045 / Easton, PA. willing to meet up within 30-45mins Thank you.
  5. 400130 is the sport with 2.75 in/out These were mainly used on the 2500's those.
  6. Nope both the same. Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  7. Just close this post. Never answes Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  8. Its gonna fall apart in 6 months. You never should have bought it. Why didn't you read the forums before you purchased. Put a for sale sign in it, and take your lose like a man.
  9. Just finished the lift: 4" Rough Country 35x12.50R20 Federal Xplora RT Fuel Cyclone 20x10 -18 offset
  10. Tow/Haul/Sport Mode does not deactivate DFM. If you don't like the idea of cylinders cutting off maybe you should have gotten a different truck. You can do a Range, mine works but I get a check engine light every once in a while. I think you can tune your truck but it's gonna be in the couple $$$$'s.
  11. I have over 15000 miles and mine still cant figure out what gear to be in, still lunges and and lurches on downshifting when coming to a stop. Its been to the dealer 5 times, with no resolution. Just the good ole cant duplicate the problem. F'ing fed up with GM. You can buy a $7K TV and if it has one minor issue you can return it. Buy a vehicle and it can have a million major issues, and your screwed... The government needs to be stricter on these companies, considering they took my tax dollars to bail these scumbags out.
  12. The just offered me via website $38,445 for a LT TB Crew cab, short bed with 15000 miles. My truck stickered for 56K. Hmm.
  13. Stock 20"wheels with 285/60r20 tires. Sent from my HD1905 using Tapatalk
  14. Does the standard price include paint color?
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