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  1. nope. noone. never heard of such issue.
  2. rims weight difference isn't going to be the issue. The tire is going to be the issue (rolling resistance). 18 to 20's with the same type tire, you'll prob not even see a MPG loss. The only thing is if the overall diameter is larger then the stock set up diameter then its going to appear like you've lost MPG's.
  3. Highly doubt it. Dealer may need to flash alot of software, and its probably safer not to touch it.
  4. They person who put it on prob missed the hole the first time, not realizing they broke one of the plastic retaining clips on the cover, then slammed it back down again. Your gonna have to pull it off and see if the clip is bent or broken, or just let the dealer do it and they'll order a new cover. Thats what happened to my previous truck. There may be some 3M tape back there to, but i doubt it.
  5. Just use your brakes, and tow mode. This is such a stupid question....
  6. Properly torqued nuts do come off. Back in my street bike racing days every nut needed to be wired or bolt pinned.
  7. I brought mine in for the same thing. 1-2, 2-1, R -D clunking and slamming. Of course they can't duplicate it. Asked about the new trans fluid, they said wouldn't fix it anyway, even tho my truck is covered in the TSB. They wouldn't perform it under maintenance or service. Said I'd have to pay out if pocket if I wanted it done. I hope the trans blows up..... POS.
  8. Dont they mass produce transmissions and stack them on a rack for use later. Its technical the same trans as a 2015-2018, right? I'll be at the dealer today for service, will report back.
  9. Could we assume that the NEW fluid (19417577) is already being used in the 2019 transmissions? Can anyone verify this?
  10. Welcome to the 8spd transmission. 7000 miles and still doing it over here. There is a technical service bulletin for it, but it doesn't really help to much. Check out the class action lawsuit.
  11. It doesn't matter. Use AWD in situations were it's required, use 2WD where that's required. It's not going to effect trailering or the vehicle.
  12. Yes, but you also have to understand that today's automobiles are disposable. There made to last 10 years and then scrapped. It's not like the 50's when the family car was a one and done thing. Just like houses today, there assembled of poor quality products, just so that we can replace bathrooms, kitchens, appliances every 10 years to buy more crap quality products.
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