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  1. Stock 20"wheels with 285/60r20 tires. Sent from my HD1905 using Tapatalk
  2. Does the standard price include paint color?
  3. def. thats what i was shooting for. Thanks.
  4. they do reprogram for free. you just have to pay shipping to them. Im not sure though if they can update all modules or just some versions. This is what they emailed me...... Give us a call at the number listed below with your unit in hand and we will get a repair set up for you to send your unit in for a update. The update will not cost you anything but the shipping to us. Thanks. Range Technology Support 1080 S. Depot Drive Ogden, UT 84404 Toll-Free: 888-997-6515 Email: [email protected] www.rangetechnology.com Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Eastern Time
  5. So been a little bored with this covid-19 stay at home nonsense, so i decided to build my on intake tube for the truck. Nothing fancy, no real sound difference untill you get into full throttle. I think I'm seeing at minimum of a 1mpg increase. Here are some pics with the parts I used. The 3in rubber coupling on the stock air box had to be stretched to about 4in diam. I took a heat gun, stretched it out, then put it on a 4in metal can. Cooled it down under cold water. Warned it and cooled it about 3 times and it was pretty much stuck at that diam. Ground down all the markings on the tubes, sanded, and painted. Roughly cost around 50$.
  6. I remember seeing in an f150 forum that the factory put "1" Raptor seat in a standard f150 and it made its way to the dealer like that.
  7. Well it's been about 2 weeks and 3 heavy rainstorms with the truck after they performed the tsb and happy to say no leaks. The truck was at the dealership for about 12 days, the one time use bolts that hold the rear spoiler on were nowhere to be found. The had them shipped in from 2 different dealerships across the country. They did a clean job, but said 1-3 out of 10 that they do seem to start leaking again. I guess will see..
  8. The range device disables the electrical side of DFM thus deactivating the mechanical part as well. Or I'm just not understanding what you are trying to convey.
  9. https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/afm-dfm_disabler/?_bta_tid=41146486421401960571171128656578847999823002223465899713432536441703667356198861209626313617736845677406977 $189 doesn't seem to bad. I already installed the pedal commander and really like it. I wonder if the 2 would work together?
  10. I installed in my 8sp. Love it. Best mod so far. It's a completely different truck. Have one in my Wrangler also, but no where near to what the silverado offers.
  11. Well after 12000 miles ive noticed my started leaking. I had the window replaced when the truck was new do to a rear window shatter, now today I noticed it leaking.
  12. mines been learning for 12K miles and is still confused. I've also noticed the warmer it gets outside the, the shittier the trans shifts.
  13. mine not leaking after it got replaced, but a co worker with a 19 LT was telling me that he had some smoking/burning smell and noticed it was coming from the rear defroster electrical, and that's when he realized his was leaking also
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