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  1. Yes oem, flares and wheels. I have pulled many things with these and no issues. No driving over 65mph for my commute though.
  2. Bushwacker 40930-02, not from dealer. Did have a shop install them. Your choice on shade. If mine begin to fade I plan to paint both flares and bumpers white. Painted flares will last longer with much less maintenance. JMO
  3. No black truck, but black OE Style Bushwacker flares.
  4. Should I paint my bumpers and flares Summit White?
  5. Think he painted it, Couldn't find a decent painter in my area to do it for less than a grand. I can't go that way now. But can't decide between Ranch Hand or Westin.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Wheel-Outfitters/100228147982993 Link for spacers Motofab 1.5 trail boss level. Standard 3" inch rear block and longer u bolts??? I provided 1.25" oem blocks from my '15 but installer said he had trouble stacking them. So he ordered me 3" cast steel blocks from somewhere? They look stock only larger.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Wheel-Outfitters/1002281479829930
  8. Traded in my third Dodge(2012) first coil spring rear for 2015 Chevy because of rear suspension, although plush, squats under light load, added stabilizer bar, no help, added 1k lb Monroe coilover shocks, again squats like a duck under any load, toolbox, payload, towing. Scary shake and sway when pulling. I'm on my second Chevy now and very happy so far. Long live the leaf spring!!! As far as ford goes, when those turbochargers finally quit squealing, my Naturally Aspirated V8 without start stop will get me home.
  9. Do the tailgate letters and fuel door, then drive to Florida and do mine. I'll pay you. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thinking of doing fuel cap? This guy did, I may also in matte. Yours looks great.
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