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  1. Got the Putco wiring harness. LED strip works like it should without turning off sensors and blinking while parked. Thanks for the info.
  2. Does anyone know a way to wire the Tailgate LED light strip so it does not flash every 15 seconds when the truck is off. I would also like for it to not turn off my back up sensors. I have tried plugging into the 4 pin trailer connector and splicing trailer wires. Still have flashing and sensors shut off. Also shows I am always towing a trailer.
  3. Probably 35x11.50R20 and some trimming. Mine still rub at full lock reverse. My neighbor has a 4in with 33s and looks good. Plus you will get better Mpg and they are cheaper!!
  4. 6in BDS with fox 2.0 on the rear and RC Vertex Coil Overs on front. Stock 20s no spacers with 35x12.50 Nitto RGs Rock Lights - Infinite Off-road
  5. Put the AFE upgraded Apollo GT muffler on. Left the flapper before the muffler. There is a little drone at 55-65mph but the sound is nice deep tone.
  6. Just say Hey Siri. Call “tp for my bunghole mobile”. And done. Never have to take your eyes off the road or try and hit buttons on the steering wheel. Plus I have 4000 contacts on my phone that I don’t want On Star to have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2in I think. Dealer did it. No trimming. They rub at full turn. Had the same one on our 2015 Yukon xl. Actually just kept the tires from it. They only had 20k on them. They actually stick out past the wheel wells a little on these 22s. Gives it a good looking stance. Drove 80 miles today on highway and still got 20mpg on the computer. No speedo Calibration done either. This thing cuts thru the air better than the Yukon or could be the 10speed trans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Not a truck but it’s a 19 next to my 19 truck. New kid hauler. Leveled with 285 50R22 Nitto Terras. 6.2L 10speed in both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Still no issues. Its worth a try. Tapered end towards the front.
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