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  1. Yes, it’s pretty disappointing how long they take at times to diagnose and fix these issues. I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to go drop your new truck off. All the best I hope the issue gets fixed.
  2. Great point, I was just happy to get out of that truck since the noise was so terrible. And to be fair the truck they replaced it with had a bit of a rumble but eventually went away once it got more mileage on it. Sounds like you think this has something to do with the truck down shifting and just needs to be broken in?
  3. Unfortunately, all the service department could come up with is that the rear differential was bad. So they eventually were going to replace the whole rear axle of the truck. But they could never get the part in so that’s what led to the dealership exchanging my truck out. They thought this was the issue because when you put the truck in neutral the rumbling would stop when the truck was slowing down.
  4. My truck has a rough idle as well. Notable when I am stopped at a light for example. I feel it slightly under the seat. I took the truck in to service. The advisor stated he felt it turned on rough and idled rough. But the tech came back and stated some adjustments made to the ECM (No real specifics provided). And overall working as designed per the tech.
  5. Before I left my vehicle. I made sure the advisor, shop foreman and director and I were all on the same page. They all could hear it and stated it was to excessive/ severe vs the other trucks on the lot. And the only difference was my truck was going on 800 miles vs trucks that hadn’t been sold yet. But these trucks seem to have this issue and they do not know if it only gets worse with use ( deterioration) per service. They’re just to new they said.
  6. So finally after going into 5 weeks they couldn’t get parts. The service department had to convince GM to replace parts in the rear diff. But rings, pinions and a yoke are not readily available for this year. Per the dealership. So they finally approved a full rear axle that still hasn’t arrived. So I made the call again to the General manager of the dealership. And he got GM to swap out vehicles.
  7. I have the 5.3L V8 DFM. 8 speed transmission. The GM and Service director... Stated it may just be the characteristic of these 2019 trucks but it doesn’t mean it’s right.
  8. The service department, tried a new drive shaft/u joint no change. New tires didn’t help. They stated they actually adjusted the engine where it would not down shift to 4 cylinder and the reverberation was there. The dealership has actually decided to replace my truck. I had to test drive 5 trucks today before I found one that doesn’t do this. TxAg98 is correct it’s not something you feel but you hear and it really got worse over time. And it’s annoying. They had my truck for about 5 weeks before they gave up.
  9. Hello all, has anyone experienced this issue with their 2019 Silverado. Truck continues to (reverberate/rumble) throughout the cabin of the truck when braking/ slowing down. Can really feel the vibration when the RPMs are between 1 to 1.5 and speeds of 20 to 35. The service department and GM have no diagnosis.
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