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  1. This is more preventative, I hope it fits here. I'm looking at a 2020 Silverado next week and hope someone could recommend a good diesel mechanic in the area. It's a 3.0 Babymax (obviously) with ~50k miles. Half were "commercial" use. They don't know of what kind.
  2. @Peter S have you ran into any GM warranty problems on parts you didn't modify? That they wouldn't fix. Also do you know of anyone that's gotten their hands on a E-locker from the front for a ZR2?
  3. I was able to confirm With BajaKits what stock fenders look like on top of long travel for anyone curious. The specs are 17x8.5 0 offset wheels with 37" BFG Tires. The photos are pulled directly from the website. I could see myself getting away with 35's for a while until i had the time and money for aftermarket fenders and bedsides.
  4. @Peter S Are any of the 2018 upgrades from moog or kryptonite compatible with the T1's? Such as steering components or wheel bearing hubs? Rock Auto seems to think so. Have you ran into any issues with stock components offroad?
  5. I take it the ABS liners will be a custom job? I wouldn't mind keeping things clean in the engine bay.
  6. There's a thread on here for TB's and AT4's running 35's. A few guys posted their height and had 7ft garage concerns. I can't find it ATM but it's a pretty big source here. Edit: I found it. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/216586-owners-pictures-of-35-tires-on-stock-at4-or-trail-boss/page/44/
  7. Thats gonna be a dope build, definitely follow up on here. Do you have any issues without a liner or did you fab up any aftermarket wheel well liners? Dirt King has them for 2018 and older, but no T1. Did you ever run the LT with stock fenders? I've only been able to find one picture with them and it's on Baja Kits last picture. In regards to the cost and fitment of the fenders, I had no idea how much into it. Exact reason why this needs to be a thread.
  8. As the title says, post your long travel set up with the who and why! I'm tired of not being able to find long travel builds to copy off of. Custom or bolt on, doesn't matter. Post pictures of the before and after glass sides if you got them. If a thread like this already exists please share below or if you have a thread for your build. Hopefully this gets some serious attention for the full size community, the Toyotas get all the long travel attention.
  9. Real sorry about commenting on a dead thread, but did you ever make more mods to the truck? I'm looking to do a long travel kit over a bds diff drop. Baja kits doesn't have too much info on their stock width control arms. It's gonna be them or Dirt King. 2020 Silverado baby Duramax
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