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  1. dealer said it was a heater hose. not covered under warranty. they want $441 to change both lines. lol. its a $50 line and a gallon of coolant . easy fix for myself. i didnt see any leak from the line and the smell was coming from the drivers side. They did find a rear axle seal leak so they are fixing that under warranty. wondering if i should do both lines and thermostat.
  2. well it let me know my problem should be covered under powertrain.
  3. that TSB is for 14-16 i have a 17. but is says its covered under powertrain so ill have the dealer fix it.
  4. 17 Silverado 6.2L 45000 miles. when the truck is at operating temp i can smell coolant on the drivers side but cant find a leak. fluid is 1" below hot fill line. never saw any leaking fluid in the snow under it. everything I can see is clean and dry. it been like since i bought it with 39,000 miles on it. i cant see the radiator though. Was hoping someone would have some idea befor i take it to the dealer. Dont know if this would be covered under drivetrain or not.
  5. if you want to keep up with road conditions on the interstate of talk to friends with radios. its a hobby. I went down to the dealer ship and they had a truck with that plate. 7 1/8" i need 7 1/4" so it will work. part number on the plate is 22781205
  6. i need the measurement from the end of the usb hole to the end of the power outlets. Im putting a CB in the center console and want to use this plate. i need to cut a off set or a center hole 7 1/4" x 2 1/4" to fit the cb. Im hoping i wouldn't have to fill on existing holes like i would with the original plate i have with the 110v outlet. measurement between red lines
  7. looks like dark Argent Metallic. there is also a silver and bright argent metallic
  8. whats the color of these wheels. i have a scratch.
  9. All trucks use a locker so ya no limited slip additive is necessary but all High quality diff fluid has it in it already. it wont hurt anything. the max trailering has the same locker style as all the rest of the silverados. You say DON'T get it like its going to destroy your diff. Its just not needed. its not going to hurt anything
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