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  1. Just found out. I ordered one so we can see the differences if any. Im not sure what shaft is in mine. Build date 2/24/21
  2. when you talk about not meant to be a cushy ride are you talking about the 5100s , 4600s or both. if you are going to swap from the camper bars id go with the Cognito bars https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/p-cognito-510-90887-comfort-ride-torsion-bar-kit-2020-gm-66l-duramax-l5p. i might do that someday day. i was thinking of doing 4600s.
  3. my 21 had the same my 08 had and all of the ones in between. just get it undercoated by someone who knows how to do it when its new right off the lot. Dont go to those big places that pay some kid min wage. to ngas and slob it on.
  4. its 400 watts. 3.3amps. how many amps is the fridge. I just looked up 80 can mini fridge and it was 1.3amps a 4.4cf was .8amps i used my small shop vac with it. you can only turn it on when truck is running so Alternator can handle way more. Who knows what the outlet can handle without melting.
  5. the video series i posted above is very good.
  6. i bet its over $500. the 5th switch is the green wire in the gray plug.
  7. the Diesels have a engine brake ( uses exhaust not brakes) not grade braking. the Z71s have hill desent control but that requires you to be going below 31mph for it to activate.
  8. Didnt have to drop it. its actually easy. just removed the top panels on the pillars. the rear has a bungee cord and 7mm screw. then the cloths hook is 10mm. pulled down for enough to get your arm in there. I used a Laird nmo hole saw.
  9. you were able to do it on the 20+ 2500HD/3500HD with rear spoiler? I have to go up. the mini uhf connector for the radio is already on the coax.
  10. Anyone drop the headliner. Putting a NMO antenna mount in. No info on the 2500/3500HD removal. I dont need to remove it just need to drop the rear. Any info on doing it would help. thanks
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