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  1. i bet its over $500. the 5th switch is the green wire in the gray plug.
  2. the Diesels have a engine brake ( uses exhaust not brakes) not grade braking. the Z71s have hill desent control but that requires you to be going below 31mph for it to activate.
  3. Didnt have to drop it. its actually easy. just removed the top panels on the pillars. the rear has a bungee cord and 7mm screw. then the cloths hook is 10mm. pulled down for enough to get your arm in there. I used a Laird nmo hole saw.
  4. you were able to do it on the 20+ 2500HD/3500HD with rear spoiler? I have to go up. the mini uhf connector for the radio is already on the coax.
  5. Anyone drop the headliner. Putting a NMO antenna mount in. No info on the 2500/3500HD removal. I dont need to remove it just need to drop the rear. Any info on doing it would help. thanks
  6. i ordered a universal Amsoil 2 filter kit. i just need to fab the mounting brackets.
  7. Amsoil hasnt come out with one for our trucks yet. I asked them about it and they simply said that GM changed the oiling system in the 2020+ Duramax so so they dont have a system for it. id imagine they are testing one but if they are not. I still want a 2 filter system for it.
  8. they fit just fine. were exact matches for the oem ones i took off
  9. I got my EBC rotor and pad kit. front pads are DP61830. There was only 1 shim in it. Any one install EBC pads and can tell me if they got shims or if i even need them. They dont even list these pads for this truck. but thats what i got with my AutoAnything kit for my truck Part #: S14KF1220. they list them for 2008- Escalade.
  10. im installing a Uniden CMX760 in my 17 Camaro SS . you must have run ethernet cable to the plug. were did you get the plug? I put a uniden 980SSb with a 130w stinger and wilson 5000 roof mount in my center console of my 17 Silverado/
  11. dealer said it was a heater hose. not covered under warranty. they want $441 to change both lines. lol. its a $50 line and a gallon of coolant . easy fix for myself. i didnt see any leak from the line and the smell was coming from the drivers side. They did find a rear axle seal leak so they are fixing that under warranty. wondering if i should do both lines and thermostat.
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