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  1. I have just bought some used GM round running boards and want to strip the chrome and get them powder coated black. I got them for $180, which was too good of a deal to pass up for $700 new running boards. How do you remove the plastic inserted step pads without damaging them so I can drop them off at my powder coater and reinstall after?
  2. Good luck, I've tried this before. No one wants the chrome pieces, everyone loves their black front ends. I'm jealous. Outside of vinyl wrapping the chrome black, buying the parts is just not practical. If you've never heard of bumpershellz, look them up, it's a good option for the bumper but has a pretty obvious overlap of the pieces.
  3. Glove boxes, extra straws and napkins. Little compartment under the radio (no center console) I keep a microfiber cloth for potential spills or wiping the rain off me and my door panels if needed. I keep all the essentials in my bed under the tonneau cover. Back there I have a large plastic container where I have my jumpers, tools, straps (tow and cargo), emergency kit, dogs leash and treats, moving blankets, etc. I also have a aluminum truck box where I put scrap metals until I collect enough to drop them off.
  4. I guarantee you somewhere down the line they would have figured it out. They would get their money back eventually once they found their mistake.
  5. Is this normal?

    My 15 Colorado had it and I could replicate it pretty consistently. My 17 Silverado only has about 6k but it only happens once every thousand miles or so. Mine seems like a bad low rpm downshift.
  6. I love acar. Take a guess when I put the 20s on the truck. I'm saving my 17s so when I go on a long road trip I can put them on for the trip.
  7. Oh the humanity!

    I agree its still bad. If they removed that whole Chevrolet bar and just put a bowtie in the middle it would be better. Still designers must be some dummys.
  8. Oh the humanity!

    What y'all think about this Photoshop?
  9. Oh the humanity!

    i think were all pretty clear that the silverado is just an abomination.
  10. Oh the humanity!

    i severely dislike the grille extending into the headlight area of the GMC. they should have stopped that opening with the rest of the grille and it would look pretty damn good.
  11. People need to be stating which wheels they have. On my OEM 17s I was getting 16-18 in the city. With the 20s im in the 14-16 range more often than not.
  12. Oh the humanity!

    I am so glad I got the 17. 16-18 trucks look so good. They have hired some **** tard designers and they don't want to listen to their customers.
  13. I get this sometimes if I have the ac on full blast on a humid day. The next day I go to start the vents smell stale. Next time try turning the heat on full blast for a few minutes before you shut the truck off. If it doesn't smell the next morning it's condensation on the condenser in the dash. Should be an easy way to rule out something dead.

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