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  1. Shipping Wheels and Tires

    Greyhound bus lines have shipping services
  2. Taking the kit to an exhaust shop can easily weld up some cats in line. Hell, if you wanted to reuse your OEM cats, you could probably do that for cheap.
  3. Sick truck man. out of curiosity, what fuel mileage are you seeing with the procharger? also did you change any other aspects of the intake besides necessary parts in the procharger kit?
  4. Im going to give you a brand no one mentions because they are a newer company compared to the old standards. Speed Engineering out of California makes great exhaust products for GM vehicles. I have their headers and true duals for my Camaro and they are pretty good for the cost. They are stainless steel and the fitment was great. Side note, I think most people here don't get headers or do major mods because of the factory warranty. I for one don't want to do any major mods until my warranty is up. When that happens I'm going to go with speed engineering headers.
  5. Performance upgrade

    Tune is your best bet. Unless you want to dive in to headers, cam and heads. Throttle body spacers are useless.
  6. fender flares

    Before and after
  7. fender flares

    They are slightly textured but a little but of filler primer should be enough to build a base for paint. They are advertised as paintable. The Part number is: 84007564. If you go to GMpartsdirect.com its under accessories > exterior > appearance. They are $273. can be found elsewhere as well. As for the mud flaps, any drilled flap should be used. I think the GM flaps can be adapted with minimal mods but don't hold me to that. If you want full resolution pics, PM me. Front REAR
  8. fender flares

    Just to add more Info. I have the GM flares.
  9. with my recent TPMS escapades I have concluded that there are two different sensors. There is a number 3 sensor that works for standard 1500 series trucks and there is a number 4 sensor that does not work for the standard 1500 series but HDs. The number 4 sensor is a higher pressure sensor with different frequency. The vendor that shipped out my sensors sent me 4's at first and guess what. THEY DID NOT WORK on my 1500. I had to go back and take them out to replace them with the number 3's. Thankfully my buddy that works at acura helped me squeeze them out of there for cheap if I helped him do it on the install machine. Basically any sensors for a non HD 1500 truck will transfer over to a non HD 1500 truck and any HD truck will do the same. All you need is the reset tool.
  10. I'm going to go buy a roll of skateboard grip tape and cut my own
  11. Need to replace my front bumper

    GM parts direct
  12. My LT has all black lower valence. If OP wants to trade I'll be down
  13. I would at least call the salesman you bought it from and see if they can offer you some kind of coupon code for GM parts or something. It won't hurt to ask and explain what you found. Not every salesman and manager is a complete dick. Some of them are decent and will foot the bill to make their customers happy.
  14. My dealer somewhat fixed a etched bird poop on my hood from sitting on the lot before I bought it. I know where it is so I can tell but it's a pretty good job. They hire a mobile touch up guy. I would assume your dealer would be more than happy to fix it if you contact them asap.
  15. mine are 20x9s with a +18 offset. It barely clears the rotors with the convex format of the wheels. i used tire rack specifically for a fitment verification BTW your probably going to need new lugnuts. the OE nuts are too thick for the skinny lug holes on aftermarket wheels

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