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  1. Previous 2010s GM vehicles I have had have been notorious for mildew/mold buildup on the condenser and putting out a foul smell when you start the truck the next day if you didn't run the heater to dry it out before turning the truck off. I had to go get the dealer to activate the afterblower function to dry out the condenser after parking. These newer trucks probably do all these things partly to help dry out the condenser to prevent the smell.
  2. yes it works with hotspot but uses tons a data. if you have unlimited data then not a big deal but even so I use android auto on mine when traveling, its so much easier than worrying about hotspot and you phone heating up.
  3. that seatbelt thing is a setting you can change
  4. The is the only thing I ever use, your not going to save the filter so I will squeeze the ****** out of the gripping point and form indentations that the teeth dig into. I have yet to have a need for any other filter wrench on my 10+ vehicles I have had in the last decade.
  5. If you look at the GM accessories Trail Boss kit for non-trail boss trucks, it comes with different CV axles. Last I looked that kit was about $1200 and comes with a warranty ("The greater of either the balance of the vehicle's bumper to bumper warranty or 12 months / 12,000 miles"). Also comes with new dampeners, hardware and a taller emergency jack. I look at that as GM saying that you need CV axles for anything lift and probably UCAs for anything over the 2 inch trail boss lift.
  6. Unfortunately, all it takes is one dealer to not want to do warranty work, see an aftermarket part and put a lock on your warranty with GM. Although the law says that the dealer would have to prove that your modification caused any issues, in practically that's not how it works. If it gets too a point where you are fighting with manufacturer on warranty in court. You are going to have to prove that the part didn't cause the defect because all the dealer/manufacturer has to say in their defense is "this modification caused undue strain on an engineered part." Then you and your lawyer has educate and convince a judge they are wrong. It always helps to talk with techs and service managers are the dealer you plan to work with in the future what their thoughts are on mods that may be in the warranty grey area.
  7. That is strange. Does the knock change frequency with increase in RPMs? Side note, you may want to consider buying a cheap pair of mechanics stethoscope, it'll really help isolate sounds.
  8. Take this for what it is worth but I wouldn't let walmart touch my vehicle. I've witnessed first hand a tire fall off a car before leaving the lot from just hand tightened lugs and once witness a tech back up a suv into the tire rack sitting outside denting the hell out the rear fender. What you could do if you have a second vehicle is remove your wheels and tires at the house and take the set up to walmart and let them mount the tires on the wheels to avoid them being anywhere near your vehicle.
  9. I never hear any buffeting on my 22 Silverado sunroof. Been on the highway doing 80+ and still nothing.
  10. Sumitomo Encounter ATs. they are my go to tire for the last 5 years and have excellent dry, wet and snow ratings (triple peak rated). They are comfortable, good handling, and low noise and fantastic treadlife. My first set had 30k miles on them before I sold that truck and there was probably a little more than 50% tread left to the wear indicators. I will never buy another truck tire as long as they are making it.
  11. go on to rock auto or gmpartsdirect or the gm parts site (https://parts.chevrolet.com/?evar25=ch_global-nav_accessories-and-parts) and find the correct part number for your truck. then search that part number on ebay. I consistently find 4 packs of tpms sensors I need (GM or ACDelco brand) for less that $100 bucks.
  12. Probably because those with drone just cut the pipe off at the muffler and did a turndown, therefore tremendous drone. I don't have any at all since my pipes continue out through the rear OEM pipes with the mesh "resonators".
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