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  1. Long tube headers

    I have their longtubes for my LS1 Camaro. Installing them was pretty easy, and they fit nicely even in that small engine compartment. I also have their true duals on there. I love it all. I can only imagine how easy they are to install in the truck. You have to think though, they do not make them with the emissions ports (i honestly don't even know if we have emissions ports on our truck manifolds, I haven't even really looked) and also how often are you going into wide open throttle in a truck. If you plan to race it a lot then by all means, go long tubes, remove the cats and do their true dual system. If you want them for the street I would go with their shorties and have a shop weld in emissions ports (if needed) so you don't have to redesign the emissions tubing and they will just bolt right up to the Cats. https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-2017-gm-trucks/exhaust/headers-y-pipes/silverado-sierra-tahoe-yukon-shorty-headers-2014-2017-4-8l-5-3l-6-0l-6-2l.html Someone inform me if our manifolds have emissions ports like my LS1 had that stupid AIR and EGR systems. Otherwise I'll just look after work lol EDIT: I just looked over lunch, doesn't appear at a quick glance to be any emissions attached to the exhaust manifolds.
  2. Easily done, just need parts that complement each other. If your doing a cam I would replace the lifters, new correct length pushrods and get the heads milled flat at the minimum. Then headers would really open up the flow. That's just me. You can for sure throw a cam in without taking off the heads but it potentially can throw off your pushrods length depending on the cam. Spend time with emailing different cam manufacturers to see what they recommend. I love working with Texas speed.
  3. Where the hell do you live? I have never had any issues with the 2 GM dealers I've bought from or the other 5 ive visited. And I live in Florida, where most people are friggin psychopaths or on meth or psychos on meth..
  4. Procharger Install on 2018 5.3L

    lol. upload video to youtube, then post the link in the thread. It should autogenerate the playable video when you post.
  5. Fixed my poor MPG?

    What was the age of the filter in your old intake? I'm wondering if your filter was clogged with debris, that much improved gas mileage from a new intake is very rare and I think there was another factor at play as well. Anyways I'm glad your saving gas. Bet it feels nice
  6. Procharger Install on 2018 5.3L

    Awesome write up. Looks awesome and I'm sure it drives niiiice. Good job. Get videos
  7. HELP - TPMS issue

    when you start the relearn process you have to follow the correct procedure. You have to do all 4, but it shouldn't be that detrimental. They are super easy to do if you already have the relearn tool ($10 off amazon). The whole process shouldn't take more than 90 seconds to do all 4. I saw above asking price for them. I've found some sets of 4 new oem sensors online for $50. Just make sure they have the number 3 on them and not 4. The 4's are for the HD trucks with tire pressures up into the 50's.
  8. Shame on gmc

    lol good observation. Not the best with grammar either.
  9. Truck bed sport tent - camping

    I have always wanted to get one of these. Right now I sleep under my tonneau cover, which is not bad and pretty comfortable with the my rubber bed mat and self inflating camping pad. but only if its colder out. But if its hot and humid, thats a no go and I sleep on the ground in the tent or with the tonneau open.
  10. I see the benefit of the front camera but to be honest, if i am uncertain about how much room I have, I just get out and look. Now I do have a front and rear facing dash cam set up that is hardwired to power. I love it and it sees a lot. I can hook it up to my cell phone wirelessly and view the live feed if I wish. Its mounted up high behind the rear view mirror so it has a pretty good angle on everything happening up front. If you can connect the camera to the OEM screen, I would for sure mount it correctly in the grille, otherwise if you have to use a secondary monitor for it, is it really worth it.
  11. Tire help

    Obviously the larger you go the more exponential the decrease in mpgs and power will be. Also if your going from a LT or Passenger tire to an all terrain is going to make a difference. I went from the OEM General tires 255s on the 17 inch wheel to 275s on a 20 inch aftermarket. I didn't really notice much power difference. The mpgs took a little hit but I can still get 24 mpgs on the highway if I'm not plowing through a massive head wind.
  12. If money isn't a problem and you can get the colors you want, powder coating is by far the superior product. If I could powder coat my entire truck I would.
  13. 100K!

    Custom bumper. This is the only good pic of the shape of the bumper when I was taking apart the long block.
  14. 100K!

    I can't not post mine too. 2002 SS (H/C/I with true duals)
  15. 100K!

    My younger days. Keep it going OP, just within reason lol.

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