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  1. TPMS reset issues

    Nowhere near the old tires. Been reason quad dashes on the DIC
  2. TPMS reset issues

    Ok gotcha. I have the truck going in for warranty and have the dealership do that for me I guess. I was worried they shipped the wrong sensors or something. Last thing I want to do is take the tires off.
  3. TPMS reset issues

    I used the same procedure on the new wheels that I used with my OEM wheels and it works with my OEM wheels. Put truck in relearn mode then used the relearn tool. Got a honk with OEM wheels, got none with new wheels. Do I need to increase or decrease the PSI to activate the new sensors?
  4. I've read a few articles on this site about TPMS sensors so please bear with me as I haven't seen anything like this mentioned. I have the correct sensors, the correct reset tool but I can't get my new wheels with the sensors in them to get recognized. I tested the sensor relearn tool on my OEM tires and it worked fine. Is there something I'm supposed to do to activate the sensors? I find it hard to imagine that I was sent 4 malfunctioning sensors.
  5. I know. Already have a tuner I go to for all my rides. He's already talked to me about the 6 speed the first week he saw I got the truck on Facebook lol
  6. 2017 5.3 stock everything except the wheels
  7. I just bought Ultra Hunter 203 20x9s and sumitomo encounter ATs 275/55/20. Bought them off eBay for cheap with their 15% off sales a few weeks apart. I love them. Gas mileage took a little hit and I can tell there's more rolling resistance but I love them.
  8. I have yet to figure it out. When I have heard is it needs to be a jump drive and the file needs to be .mp4 but I've never gotten it to work.
  9. Yea just reviewed it and saw that.
  10. $1000 obo Jacksonville, Fl Four 17 inch wheels Comes with tires less than 4000 miles. Has plenty of tread Comes with TPMS sensors and lug nuts. I cannot ship. Local pickup or delivery within 100 miles or so.
  11. AVS Bugflector 2 model # 25570
  12. Mine attaches to the underside of the hood using the hood weatherstripping push pin holes. No drilling or tape
  13. I would suggest getting a hood air deflector. I had the dealer fix a few on mine and I bought a AVS Bugflector 2 and haven't seen a new chip since.
  14. Also what is new GM part number for TPMS sensor? Which tpms relearn do you guys have?

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