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  1. If anyone is interested in trading their black headlights and grille for my chrome ones let me know. Maybe like to trade bumper too.
  2. Cargo solutions

    I bought a plastic bin and a shower curtain rod.
  3. Deal of the century?

    When I traded in my Colorado in May, they wanted to give me 21k. A day later they texted me back and I told them I had a private sale for the Colorado for 27k. An hour later they offered me 26k for my trade in. An hour after that I was there signing the contract for my 2017 5.3 double cab with 180 miles for 32k out the door after my trade, tax, tag and title. Play the game and you'll probably get a better trade in offer, don't be afraid to leave if you can't afford what they offer the first time.
  4. Shouldn't be a big issue on the newer models, besides you have a 5 year/60,000 mile power train warranty. I had no problem getting my 2017. This is my second Chevy truck in the last 3 years (upgraded from Colorado) and I've never had any problems getting warranty issues fixed.
  5. What's this part called?

    And thanks. Skid plate it is even if it's worthless as a skid plate
  6. What's this part called?

    Lol I like the mustache.
  7. What's this chrome piece called that's integrated into the air dam?
  8. I bought my 2017 about a month ago off a dealer over stock. Needless to say it was apparent that it was washed a number of times incorrectly and The black paint is swirled to hell with holograms and a ton of grit lodged in the paint. I got a quote for a full exterior paint correction and dual layer 5 year certain coating for about $1500. Just wondering what others have paid for this kind of service. I'm aware of all the work needed to be performed and it seems like a fair price but just curious.
  9. Lol the first thing I did when I bought my truck last week was see where the governor was. Unfortunately I found out 99 or 100 was the limit. It got there surprisingly fast too considering the size of the double cab.
  10. I came from driving a v6 Colorado and I just bought 17 5.3. I love it. It's great in traffic and fun to drive. I tested a v6 and it just didn't have the pep I was looking for on the hwy or city. Your just going to have to test drive both and see if you can tolerate the v6 vs the V8 or not.
  11. Tonno Pro hard covers have a vinyl top over the aluminum frame and paneling so theres no leaking to worry about except at the edges which look like they have pretty good seals. I think I am going to go that route because it seems like a pretty good cover that doesn't use some kind of bed rail system and covers the entire bed. They also come with tail gate weather stripping to decrease dust entering from the tail gate.
  12. New User looking to upgrade

    Well I couldn't pass up the deal I got from the dealer in my trade in. Thanks for everyone's comments and I am here with a new 2017 LT
  13. I am trading in my 2015 Colorado and want to get a New 2017 Silverado 5.3 that is on sale. Does anyone have any complaints or things they wish they knew before buying the newer generation truck. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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