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  1. Brush guard, good or bad???

    I had one of these on my first truck in high school. Never again for the reason you just experienced. If that thing is not welded to the frame it's just going to bend into the entire front end of your truck and cause more damage than just some front bumper damage and possibly grille and headlights. Good luck recovering from this event, I'd ditch the brush guard though.
  2. Custom GMC Grill Emblem??

    Email Roger at emblempros.
  3. intake, exhaust, & tune tips

    I have that magnaflow system. With the flapper clamped open. It drones baaaaad on the highway. With the flapper operable it whistles like crazy. I'm going to cut that flapper out and see if it still drones.
  4. So I unclamped my flapper valve just to see if the drone was effected. Sure enough the drone went away with the valve unclamped but the whistling noise was back. I just gotta cut that thing out of there and remove that from the equation.
  5. Any recommendations on a resonator for 3 inch piping?
  6. Well that sucks. Can you call pop a lock and see if they can work on a tailgate? Maybe they can release the actually latching mechanism.
  7. New Guy in Florida

    Awesome truck. Your dog looks pretty happy as well. 👍
  8. Stabilitrak

    Sexy Ass Bitch?
  9. Tuners

    I second HP tuners. My home boy that does my tunes is top notch. But as said before they're is a steep learning curve, but if your the type of person that loves to figure shit out it can be rewarding experience. I want to learn one day and will probably buy my own set up sometime this year.
  10. Well since this post has been brought back from a 4 month hiatus, for those interested in the OP's question about the 15267 exhaust. After install and driving it at first, the flapper valve would cause a whistling sound, as a result I clamped the valve open. However, on the highway there is a moderate drone now between 1600 and 2000 RPMs which is right where my truck wants to hover at highway speeds. I am going to unclamp the flapper and just see whether the drone remains or not. Eventually I'm cutting the flapper off since I have the v4 blocked but I have to find something for the drone, hopefully a small resonator in its place will do the trick.
  11. Loading Ramp Suggestions

    i would find something that attaches securely to the tailgate. Ive seen far to many people have the ramps slide out from under whatever they are loading. Its funny for me to watch but not so funny for the person it happens too.
  12. open or closed CAI?

    Either is going to be about the same.
  13. Thats pretty neat. I usually wear a headlamp.
  14. Stabilitrak

    gotcha, I live in FL so i never have to disable it unless in trying to play in the rain. Thanks for the info.
  15. Stabilitrak

    Is everyone talking about the stabilitrak you can disable by holding down the traction control button after you disable traction control? Literally you press the button once, it disabled traction control. then you hold the button for 3-5 seconds and it disables stabilitrak. At least it does in my truck.

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