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  1. All depends on the body color. Chrome on dark body colors is ok with me. Chrome on white or silver is an absolute no go. You have to have contrast to be visually appealing
  2. Moto Metal 20x9 +01 mm offset (part number MO80629068300) sumitomo encounter AT 275.60.20 gm tpms sensors 13533166 these wheels need a hub centric ring 78.1 to 106.1
  3. Interesting. Would it be possible for a TPMS sensor to work through this auto learn even if it doesn't react when using the reset tool? All I know is it would suck to install TPMS sensors and have them not work. That's why I always test with the reset tool before I get them installed.
  4. Not exactly sure what your saying but my reset tool worked for me and the sensors I referenced. If other options work, great. I just wanted to contribute what I know will work on this refresh
  5. New wheels and tires finally on. Moto Metal 20x9 +01 mm offset (part number MO80629068300) sumitomo encounter AT 275.60.20 gm tpms sensors 13533166 these wheels need a hub centric ring 78.1 to 106.1
  6. I found out any 433mhz sensor wouldn't work. 13528563 didn't work with my refresh, that was the first PN I tried. Must have had a different protocol. Wouldn't pair with my tool
  7. Just for the benefit of others since I couldn't find the exact part number on the forum and one part number I did find here were sensors that didn't work. The correct TPMS Sensors for the refreshed 1500 is gm 31533166.
  8. First thing I would do is get under there and put a socket on all the hardware and make sure everything is tight and nothing came slightly loose.
  9. assuming 4wd? any additional lift besides the stock AT4 lift? maybe a CV axle issue? CV axle nut not tight?
  10. The GM round ones are my favorite. I've had them on all my trucks. It's not not that they look good but they do a good job of protecting the bottom side of the truck from tire sling.
  11. Wheel size could be part of the it. My 17 LT RWD had 17x8 wheels (and tiny 31 inch tires 255/55/17). I remember the big tire from factory for the k series was a 32 (275/55/20). 22 RST has 20x9 wheels (33s 275/60/20).
  12. I would check to see what signal your hotspot is transmitting on. My guess is the refresh infotainment will only recognize 5 gHz transmissions and not the old 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi signal
  13. Your best bet is going to be trying to get the condition documented on camera and note the environmental conditions present and leading up to when it occurs.
  14. It would be an immediate think when you first try to move the vehicle. If it occurs after the fact then thats not it, although the water spraying on the area may still play a role. Its a 4x4 correct? maybe water leaking into the CV boot or just a bad CV joint. Any lift kits or aftermarket suspension parts?
  15. Use this video for some guidance. I modified his steps a little but the concepts were the same. - unbolted and disconnected the electrical connections then reinserted the taillights onto the bed, basically to make removing the tail lights when I get the first plane adhered well. - clean the tail light and surrounding area with alcohol. - prepared the area, used tailgate as supply table basically. - began applying, used some heat on the entire sheet, started applying on the rear most section of the tail light and squeegeed it down while letting the loose bit just lay casually on the sides of the tail light. - removed the tail light and did the rest of the stretching, heating and squeegeeing on the tailgate - heating, pressing and stretching small sections at a time, cutting relief cuts helps. - its key to use heat and stretch the vinyl in all directions when pulling across corners to prevent wrinkles. Outside of that it just takes practice.
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