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  1. Airaid Modular Intake Tube - 2014-18, 1500

    Still available?
  2. Radar detectors

    I've gotten more tickets with a radar detector (4) than without (0). They're bad juju.
  3. When I did mine I used the trim tool and fed the wires into the headliner edges. You will need to remove the a pillar, door sills and see other trim pieces. My rear cameras cable is fed from the rear headliner, down the driver's side rear seat trim, you'll have to feed the cable through a maze of components behind the rear driver's trim and between the seat belt mechanism down to the rear door door will. Then you'll have to feed it through the middle trim at the floor and through the driver's front door sills. All the way up through the dash to the a-pillar and finally too the front cam.
  4. Post Your Transformation

    Drove it home on my birthday last year. Just finished color matching yesterday.
  5. Powder coated the bumper, bought the grille with the "Chevrolet" script and bought paintable headlight bezels and had them painted. Then covered all the new stuff in paint protection film.
  6. Powder coated the bumper, bought the grille with the "Chevrolet" script and bought paintable headlight bezels and had them painted. Then covered all the new stuff in paint protection film.
  7. Just finished color matching my front end. I love it. Just sharing.
  8. New Silverado Owner

    Congrats. Post a pic
  9. I've been driving around without a bumper and the plastic chin while I get everything color matched. Right now I see about 2mpgs difference. Without the most bottom part of the plastic I wouldn't anticipate more than a 1/2 mpg difference. If I was going on a long cross country trip I'd put it back on for the minimal gains.
  10. Find another powder coater. I just paid my guy $200 to blast all the chrome off and powder my bumper. I'm in the same process as you. Basic gloss black powder coat is really cheap. No reason it should cost more than 400 bucks anywhere across the country. The grille I bought was about $350 after tax. Last step is to find someone to strip my bezels of the chrome plate or buy new bezels.
  11. 2018 Silverado Paint

    Invisiblemask.com After you get it fixed they make precut 3m Scotchgard pro paint protection film. I'm in the process of body color matching my front end and I'm waiting to get all the pieces finished and the film out on before I install everything. I had my bumper powder coated but every bit of protection from rocks chips is needed. Soft paint on hard metal leads to chips.
  12. I don't think your going to find any GMC style flares for a Chevy. The fender for the GMCs is molded at the wheel wells completely different than the Chevy's.
  13. Go with the GM. I love mine. I feel like you need a beefier tire though
  14. Long tube headers

    I have their longtubes for my LS1 Camaro. Installing them was pretty easy, and they fit nicely even in that small engine compartment. I also have their true duals on there. I love it all. I can only imagine how easy they are to install in the truck. You have to think though, they do not make them with the emissions ports (i honestly don't even know if we have emissions ports on our truck manifolds, I haven't even really looked) and also how often are you going into wide open throttle in a truck. If you plan to race it a lot then by all means, go long tubes, remove the cats and do their true dual system. If you want them for the street I would go with their shorties and have a shop weld in emissions ports (if needed) so you don't have to redesign the emissions tubing and they will just bolt right up to the Cats. https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-2017-gm-trucks/exhaust/headers-y-pipes/silverado-sierra-tahoe-yukon-shorty-headers-2014-2017-4-8l-5-3l-6-0l-6-2l.html Someone inform me if our manifolds have emissions ports like my LS1 had that stupid AIR and EGR systems. Otherwise I'll just look after work lol EDIT: I just looked over lunch, doesn't appear at a quick glance to be any emissions attached to the exhaust manifolds.

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