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  1. If you can see your tires sticking out in your side mirrors then they are wide enough lol.
  2. Be careful with spacers . Had some on my 19’ Silverado . 2 weeks later I was replacing 5/6 wheel studs on my drivers front wheel.
  3. Looks really good lit up. How did you light that up ?
  4. Dry ones don’t last as long Like 10,000 miles/ keep stock horsepower . Oiled ones (usually the K/N style ) usually say they last million miles / usually give you couple more horsepower/ Better gas mileage / flow better . On a previous vehicle I owned i used the oiled K/N style and shortly after started having issues with my mass airflow sensor and I took the filter out and never had more probs. The oil isn’t supposed to do that but it did in mine / heard it has in others too. Might depend how close the sensors located . This was a Ford Explorer I had years ago.
  5. Trail Boss 6” lift , 20x12’s, 35x12.5’s Nitto Trail Grapplers
  6. I had never seen a outlined set of letters like yours until now . Definitely my favorite look.
  7. I have a 19’ trail boss . Put really nice 2” spacers on at a local tire shop. Never had any shaking / just rode smooth. I have 6” lift / 35’s. With in two weeks my front drivers side wheels studs two broke and three more the threads stripped off. I had to replace 5 wheel studs . Glad I found out before my wheel fell off . Maybe it was the tire shop messed up when then installed them but odd thing is I saw thread markings inside the spacers where the studs go through . Not sure if the spacers caused it or the tire shop. just glad It didn’t end worse then it did. I’ll not take the chance again with spacers .
  8. For yours if you can clear the 18’s save some money on wheels least and if the price is the same for the 6” it’ll look better but it’s what ever your preference is. Everyone has their own preferences. I never noticed any difference with power. 355 hp / 35’s can’t tell any difference vs the stock trail boss Goodyear duratracs. I never take it easy on mine so my Gas mileage is terrible . 13 mpg but if you took it easy I’m sure you can get a lot better
  9. Threw some 20x12’s Fuel Sledges, Nitto Trail Grappler 35x12.50’s on my Silverado Custom Trail boss. 6” lift. Tall / Wide
  10. Heres a pic of mine with a 6” lift, 35’s. It’s actually loaded down in the back in this pic so really sits higher then this too normally . Me personally I’d go for a 6” lift because the price difference isn’t much and it looks a lot better . Most lifts are going to require 20” wheels or bigger to clear the knuckles btw. With a 4” lift it’s a lot of money to not get a lot of lift. As far as wheel width , a 9” zero offset is going to look tall and skinny on a lifted truck. That’ll pretty much stick out same width as fender . A positive offset definitely would look too narrow on a lifted truck unless you run 2” wheel spacers then maybe look ok but those things are hard on your truck . I’d go with least a 10” wide wheel . I’m running 20x12’s -44 offset if your going for the tall and wide . Looks more aggressive .
  11. Is the vibration coming from the back or front ? Ive got no vibrations running 35x12.50’s (Sunfull Mud Terrain) / Fuel Coupler 20x9 wheels on 2019 custom trail boss / Rancho shocks in front / rough country shocks in the back ./ 4” rough country lift with the 2” Chevy lift. Shocks wouldn’t cause vibration , just absorb bumps. Sounds like a broke belt In a tire of a bad wheel . Have you tried different set of wheels ? I didn’t read all the comments but I thought I saw you tried different tires .
  12. Looks sharp. I really like the plasti dipping the Chevrolet . One of favs so far on here. Curious how much times it take to do the Chevrolet letters , I’ve not ever seen that done in person .
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