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  1. may do that as well. Figured see if anyone wanted to trade first.
  2. If anyone wants to trade tow hooks. I’ve got black tow hooks on a 19 LT Silverado new body style. Looking for red tow hooks or can buy them as well
  3. I have a LT 1500 Silverado and if any one with a 19-21 1500 LTZ or High country wants to swap for black window trim I’m interested in changing mine to chrome like in this pic (not my truck) . message me.
  4. I figured out how to replace the ignition start/stop switch in about 15 minutes. I made up a few pictures and instructions in case any one else needs the info down the road . My push button switch still worked but over time the button paint rubbed off and started looking bad. part number is 84513830. $27 new from GM. Dealership was going to charge me $350 to do this so I figured let see if I can figure this out first . Glad I did .
  5. Anyone know how to replace the push button ignition start/stop button in 2019 Silverado LT ?
  6. Are you Looking to change your headlights and grille on your custom Silverado to the LED HID / signature curtain daytime running lights that High Country’s come with and the bow tie grille ? Here’s how I did this to my Custom Trailboss ... how to video. Videos nothing special but it’ll give you the pics with notes /video clips that I took so you can convert yours over if your wanting to . Back when I did this conversion I couldn’t find anything online that really shows how you do this so hopefully this helps the next person do this . Takes about 3-4 hours cost is about $3k for all new oem parts . I got my headlights , wire harness through Gen5DIY.com $2400 and the bow tie grille $580 through gm parts warehouse. Both are great companies I’d fully recommend that made the process really easy . I’ll list the part numbers too if you wanna research and look for some lower prices if wanna go with used parts or shop around if you wanna that route but don’t forget you’ll still need the headlight harness which is about $250 from Gen5DIY to make all the lights work properly . After you sell your used Custom headlights and grille parts from the conversion you can get back about 1k dropping the cost involved about 2k with new parts. May ask why not just buy the LT trail boss ., well here’s why I did not .. when I researched this is what I found ., My Red Custom trail boss came with the halogen lights and the LT Trailboss has the better looking lights that are LED (not too bright though but have a good look to them still) but they are not HID LED which are way brighter unless you buy the midnight black edition trail boss or the high country which #1 I wanted the red trail boss not black , # 2 I wanted HID LED lights not just the LED lights , so I made my own custom set up for a small cost compared to getting a midnight edition Trailboss or high country part numbers LT Black Trailboss Grill with Z71 emblem 84493318 New 2019-2021 Silverado 1500 High Country HID LED head light assembly Drivers side LH. : 84621852 Passenger side RH : 84621853
  7. That’s awesome. You’ll have to keep us updated on how the power difference is after
  8. Here’s my current vs stock photo comparison of some of the mods I’ve made on my 2019 Custom Trailboss Silverado. Lovin’ it .
  9. I was doing a headlight conversion on my custom Silverado to the HID LED headlights and ran into a snag when I couldn’t figure out who to remove those pieces . In order to access the headlight I had to temporarily remove it while doing the headlight install. Once finished my headlight conversion I put it back in place .
  10. I had a vehicle I used K&N on and MASS airflow sensor has issued right after . I had to take the filter back out and clean the sensor and was all good after . That was a Ford tho but ever since I’ve not attempted k&n again. Maybe was a one off idk but I can relate
  11. I’ve had that same issue where infotainment goes black once in a while and then randomly comes back . It is annoying . Also had same thing where the radio stays playing once in a while after trucks been turned off for a long time Maybe 5-10 mins . It is really odd Maybe they have a update for this idk
  12. I changed mine as well. Makes it look so much better . I agree the yellow lights don’t look as good . Here’s mine after changing them . Easy too . Takes like 5 min
  13. Awesome video , very informative. Thank you for taking the time and putting that together
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