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  1. I got the truck back yesterday, they performed the 5th recall and looked at my concern on the infotainment which they were able to duplicate. They state that they performed a "USB" file transfer of a new software download and afterward could not duplicate the problem and the radio turns off immediately upon opening the door, time will tell if that solved the blanking out of the screen randomly as well. As for the Auto Start/Stop not working, they did a re-calibration of the feature and stated it was working. I picked the truck in the morning and at the 2nd stoplight it worked! Then I drove the 13 miles home and upon getting off the freeway, it WORKED at the 3 signal lights to my house. That is the first time it worked 4 times in a row!! They felt the need to supply me with an instruction sheet from GM (Stop/Start System Description and Operation (KL9)). Now after 6 key cycles, it has stopped working again.
  2. Well, I made an appointment to have it "fixed" once again. I will have the center seat recall done as well. I have been experiencing a fan squeak when the fan is anything above a whisper and the transmission is hesitating then slamming into gear when it's cold...and the list grows and grows.
  3. I tried all sorts of pressure, harder braking, etc., still didn't work.
  4. That might be true for you, but would you take your air conditioner out because of the additional wear and tear on your cooling system? The auto start/stop is a feature that when the vehicle is purchased was an added cost to the base price. As you stated, it can be turned off, but for a brand new vehicle EVERYTHING should work whether I want to use it or not. The liabilities or benefits of a feature should be MY choice, not GM's.
  5. I am going to try that today and see if it works.
  6. When I took my truck in for service in December, the dealership performed an update that seemed to help with the "No Content Available" error, and I had read there GM released a f/w update late last year. I am pretty sure that will help you with your issue, but it sounds like you have the same blanking out issue that I do after having mine updated. Mine JUST STARTED the radio playing on after open ing the driver side door, to which I will have them look at the next time I take it in. Never had so many issues with a single Chevy in my life. I am so glad my '57 Chevy is low tech...
  7. Other than the infotainment issues and the auto stop, I have not had many other issues except for the 5 recalls. I have less than 2K miles on the truck, and I expect more from GM. I could take it to Fremont Chevrolet, but they are owned by the same people that own the dealership where I bought mine. I guess I could try Capitol Chevrolet but that is a farther out drive as I live right next to Milpitas. As I posted to the other reply, they have replaced the battery sensor module twice without success.
  8. They have replaced the battery verified that all is OK, and every time I take it is they change the battery sensor module claiming that is the problem. I am on the 3rd sensor and the problem still exists.
  9. I agree, it might save a cup of gas per 100 miles, but the fact that they can't fix it is the frustrating part and the infotainment issue just compounds it.
  10. Thanks, I really do love the trucks looks and handleability (especially in Sport mode). With the latest recall notice I just got, I will give them one more chance to fix it, but I don't hold out much hope.
  11. I can buy this to a degree. I made sure that all of the mentioned criteria is met, engine at operating temp, no AC on (I turn the climate to off), no accessories running, etc. and it won't work. When I dropped it off once at the dealership I got a courtesy shuttle ride home in a Traverse, the auto stop worked every time the driver stopped and he had that AC on high, radio on, etc. so this particular truck just don't get it. Every time I take it in, the service department validates that the problem exists and they have contacted GM for help and they are stumped as well.
  12. I appreciate your response, but I had a 2017 2500HD before I got the 2019 1500, and the 2500 was fully loaded and I never had a mechanical issue. Granted I sold it with 16K miles on it (hardly anything), and I only sold it because I couldn't get better that 10 mpg on gas whether I was pulling my travel trailer or not. When I sold my trailer I really had little use for such a big truck. My frustration with this one is that even the factory engineers can't help.
  13. Well, I have posted before about the ever present issue of the auto stop feature not working, I know many here don't care for the feature, but with our gasoline over $4 a gallon now, it's important to me). The last time it was in the dealership was on the phone with the factory, and once again I was told it was fixed.....I drove home (12 miles) from the dealership, took the freeway to get it good and warm, turned off all the climate controls (even though I think I should be able to use them) went to a stop light and....nothing! This was the 4th time I had it in to get this feature fixed, each time they tell it's fixed and the first opportunity to use it nothing happens. I also had an issue with my infotainment screen going blank and popping up with a "No Content Found" error, they did a firmware update and it worked fine until last week when I noticed that when I opened the driver side door after shutting the engine down, the radio would keep on playing for several seconds and then it would shut down. It never did that before it used to stop as soon as I would open the door. Then on Friday I was stopped at a light and the infotainment system went blank, no sound no display it lasted about 15 seconds then came back on. Anyhow, I have decided to pursue the lemon law on this truck (I have contacted a lemon law attorney), as this is absolutely ridiculous for a truck with still under 2000 miles on the odometer. I don't know if the problems are as a result of the trucks being built in Mexico, but I am tired of it being in the service department for weeks at a time and the problems don't get fixed.
  14. I went to the hardware store yesterday and when I started my truck at the store the infotainment center is blank and says "No Content Available". I push the home button and it flashes to the home screen then just flashes the same error. Anybody else have this problem? And it turns out my AUTO-STOP has stopped working AGAIN, this will be the 3rd time I take it in for that (how many times till I invoke the lemon law?), I am so frustrated with truck it defies words.
  15. I went and picked mine up this morning and the repair order says that the "Battery Sensor Module" was inoperative, that is what they think was causing the problem. I noticed on the way home that the Auto Stop/Start feature worked only if the AC was off. I am going to have to assume that this is the proper state the climate control must be in for the feature to work. The owners manual doesn't specify that and I have seen that it should only not work if the AC system was on MAX. Well, I will keep any eye on it and if it stops working in the future the truck will be back at the dealer.
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