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  1. I went and picked mine up this morning and the repair order says that the "Battery Sensor Module" was inoperative, that is what they think was causing the problem. I noticed on the way home that the Auto Stop/Start feature worked only if the AC was off. I am going to have to assume that this is the proper state the climate control must be in for the feature to work. The owners manual doesn't specify that and I have seen that it should only not work if the AC system was on MAX. Well, I will keep any eye on it and if it stops working in the future the truck will be back at the dealer.
  2. Sorry to hear that Steve. I truly believe that this is a big issue that GM is trying to fix. I got call from the dealer today saying that have installed the "part" that GM has told them to and that they will program the "device" overnight and then they will check the fix in the morning and let me know. I don't know at this point what the part was (ECM?) but if it is fixed I will find out tomorrow. There was a post from a GM Representative on a previous page and what we (and GM) needs is for everyone with this issue to get it to the dealership so that they can get as much information related to this as they can get. I hope that GM has been working on a real and permanent fix for this feature that we paid for and should have the benefit of it if we choose to use it.
  3. I have my dashcam hardwired into the passenger side fuse panel, but my camera has an auto power off function so it doesn't draw much power before the shut-off. I never tried the 4WD to 2WD switching, but if the truck is sold with a feature, it should work....I am sure there were $ on the price when I bought the truck to have these "features". Looks like the Dealer and GM are fighting it out.....I should hear something tomorrow.
  4. My 2019 Silverado 1500 is back in the shop again. It has had 4 recalls on it and last week the information center started flashing Service ESC, Service Parking Brake, Service Traction Control, and it had 4 check engine codes mostly P25A2. I had a couple of other things that needed to looked at as well (Service Back-up camera, the mute button on the radio worked sometimes, but mostly the Auto Start/Stop quit working after a week of having the truck), so I figured it was a great time to get that looked at as well. They told me that the battery failed and that was the reason for all of my troubles. I was told that the factory is using reconditioned batteries now days to save $, and that because my truck on their lot for 5 months it may have been a "lot queen" which is the vehicle used to jump start others on the lot. I picked the truck up on Wednesday and the repair order said all was fixed. On the way home I wanted to check the Auto start/stop, and just as I had thought it still didn't work so on Thursday it was taken back to the dealer. I checked into the status today and was told that the dealer has a case now pending with GM and they are waiting for GM to respond. Will this issue open the road to a "lemon law" claim? VERY frustrated.
  5. Let us know if that fixes the auto stop issue.
  6. My Android phone uses standard USB so the USB-C is of little to no use for me. I will look into an adapter as Flat350 suggested.
  7. I did notice that my climate control blows full force sometimes, it is a little annoying. I have noticed that my infotainment won't mute and I get an intermittent message on the screen telling me that my rear camera needs servicing. I am convinced that if this truck was built in the US instead of Mexico I wouldn't have all these problems.
  8. I took my truck in for the 3 recalls a couple of weeks back. The Service writer said that the ABS fix might correct the Auto Stop not working. I got the truck back and after a good run to get everything up to operating temperature, but alas it still does NOT auto stop. I will take it in after the Shelter In Place is lifted and have that fixed. I am certain all they will do is reflash the ECM and it will work for a little while afterward anyhow.
  9. Thanks so much....I don't have anything that uses USB-C so it was foreign to me for sure.
  10. I was wondering what the USB input is on the left side? It looks like an apple type input, but I have never seen a cable with this style connector on it at the input end. The owners manual just says there is a USB input but no farther definition. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I wasn't sure if I posted it yet or not (I couldn't find it). It was listed as a 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country edition, but the truck was not branded as such like others I have looked at. The salesman no doubt lied through his teeth, but the edition was listed on the window sticker. Anyhow, this is it haven't done much to it since I bought it last October except for adding the chrome letters to the tailgate.
  12. I have the same problem on my 2019......frustrating!!
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