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  1. So it's been a year+ since this post. Are you still happy with your cutouts, and what brand and style did you use? Awesome truck!
  2. My 2021 Silverado HC has the 6.2L / 10spd combo and no AFM and no stop/start. Coming from a 2014 Sierra Denali with 5.3L 6spd, with AFM. This new one is incredible. Instant power and the drivetrain feels so much more solid and stable. When looking at the new ones, the 6.2 window sticker shows better fuel economy than the 5.3... but I am definitely getting a little worse than the old truck did. Not much worse, but a little. I'm pretty sure it's because my new shoes are heavier than before... I can't seem to stay off that gas pedal.
  3. Just thought this was hilarious so I wanted to share. I stumbled across this picture on the Columbus Reddit page.
  4. I too have the Zone 6.5" and kept my factory Denali wheels. I went with 35" x 12.5" Duratracs and I have plenty of clearance. Never rubbed once in 10K miles. I kinda wish I'd test fitted something taller to see if I could've gone bigger. I've got a solid 2" of clearance to any contact point.
  5. Did you end up getting this? Is it crazy bright like they make it out to be?
  6. That's nuts! Not how it should be. If someone is beating down your door, you should have full authority to do whatever it takes to stop them!
  7. I feel you... in Ohio you aren't allowed to shoot someone in defense of property, but you'd better believe that if I can catch them in the act, they're going to get warning shots until they stop moving, then my bat is going to get some action.
  8. I've thought about the dash cam thing, too, but I also have dark tint. Probably wouldn't pick anything up. Also, I figure if the thief can see the dashcam, they would be more likely to smash the window and take it. The bigger garage is coming... my pole barn is getting build next month.
  9. Haha, I wish it were that simple... I'd have it covered. I just can't figure out how to stay awake and watch it all night for months at a time...
  10. So I think someone is trying to steal my truck. For the second time in a couple of months, I've discovered my window trim pulled up out of the channel right above the door handle. Unfortunately, my truck won't fit inside my garage since I added the lift. Is there any way I can prevent them from using such a tool to open my door?
  11. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? YES YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? Quality is first priority. Price is second. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? No, I heavily weigh reviews and opinions of those experienced with products. Especially if the review is from someone I know. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? Absolutely not! Especially when it comes to my vehicle. It's functional, or it's not going on my vehicle.
  12. Which ones did you go with? I want to upgrade my bulbs and can't decide which to use...
  13. I've got the Zone 6.5" kit on my '14 Denali and I stuck 35" Duratracs on with factory wheels and no rub ANYWHERE. I honestly think I might've been able to fit 37" tires in there. I want to second what @a_salazar08 said, though. I would NOT recommend going bigger. I did the Add-A-Leaf extra because I hate the Cali-lean nose in the air look. I don't know how much the tires you're considering weigh, but with these Duratracs my truck now feels like I've got the bed loaded full all the time. I've lost 4-5mpg easy. Still worth it with how sweet it looks, but damn she feels like a dog sometimes. I am saving my pennies for a tune and possibly other power adders now. I can't imagine what 37s would have done. Just food for thought.
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