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  1. Trimmed some metal behind the carpet and pushed the carpet back to cover where trimmed. It looks good and hasn’t rubbed a bit.
  2. Thank you, I agree. Definitely had to trim a bit but still no rubbing.
  3. 305/70R17 Toyo AT2's Method NV 17x8.5, 0 offset
  4. Night and day difference over the stock Ranchos. Well worth it IMO. And I still have just shy of an inch of rake at max height with the factory rear block.
  5. Front: Rear: Did those quickly but looks like just shy of an inch of rake still.
  6. I had Toyo MT’s on my last Raptor and loved them but they are HEAVY. Had Duratracs on my Midnight Edition when i bought new and liked them well enough. Mildly obsessed over over my next tires basically since buying my truck new and finally settled on Toyo AT2s. I’m running 305/70R17, which are an Xtreme size and come with an even more aggressive sidewall. Love them so far. Lighter than the MT’s, quiet, aggressive looking, 50k mile warranty and are M+S rated. Priced right too.
  7. Thanks man, I’ve borderline obsessed and changed my mind several times along the way. I snatched up the Bilsteins and Methods on sale after Christmas from 4WP. Tires and installation were done by Trails West here in Columbus. Owned by a friend of a friend. They do great work and made sure everything fits. Still no rubbing and I’ve cranked it full lock in both directions.
  8. Bilstein 5100's front and rear - max height Method NV 17x8.5 Toyo AT2 XT 305/70R17 $59 muffler/resonator delete Range AFM disabler device
  9. That picture is a little deceiving due to the shadow in the rear. It looks nose high there but it sits level, if not retaining a very small amount of rake.
  10. After months and months of reading endless topics on everything from levels to coilovers to lifts and everything in-between, I finally pulled the trigger on my new setup. Went with Bilstein 5100's all around, fronts set at max height and crammed 305/70R17 Toyo AT2's (34x12) in there on Method NV 17x8.5. They took my front mudflaps off and did some trimming but covered the trimming back up with the carpet liner and I have zero rubbing. Loving the setup so far. Looks awesome and the Bilsteins ride so much better than the factory Ranchos, even at max height. Truck's look/stance is completely changed with these wheels/tires. Pictures to come whenever I can get some taken and uploaded.
  11. Exactly. I left the resonator in place and these trucks actually have 3 cats. The 3rd cat being California emissions specific and has no O2 sensors going to it. Some guys are deleting the 3rd Cat as well. I left them all. Everyone has been shocked at how good it sounds. It is not obnoxiously loud, just gives a nice rumble and sounds like a V8 should. No drone but it will make the chopper sound when going into V4 mode. I knew that going in but it is not nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Can hardly hear it over the radio. Knew I was going to get a Range device when I deleted the flapper though. Call a few other muffler shops. This shop in Columbus is a non-chain local shop that my mechanic recommended. I definitely wouldn't go to Midas or somewhere like that.
  12. The other poster was correct. I would let a muffler shop do it. They cut out the muffler/flapper and welded in pipe that did have a slight bend to it. It took them all of 20 min and cost me $59 out the door. Sounds awesome. Not sure about the tow mode/eco mode. The only thing I know of that will keep it in V8 is driving in M5, which is only suitable up to about 55mph or so. I've had my range device for about a week and it has thrown a Check Engine Light but I never experienced any power loss as some others have noted. One time I unplugged it and drove in M5 around town and it went away after a few driving cycles as Range notes in their FAQ section and this last time, the CEL went away on its own without me even unplugging the Range. The truck seems to drive much better to me in V8 mode and my MPG has not suffered much, if any. Driving 8 hours to Charlotte this weekend so this will be a better test for the Range.
  13. Muffler/flapper delete - Should be about $60 if you have a good muffler shop. My personal opinion is that it sounds just as good as a catback for a fraction of the price. Range device - $180ish. Keeps the truck in V8 mode and doesn't mess with the flash counter like a tune does for warranty concerns.

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