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  1. Did they follow the directions to the T? Did they do the crankshaft relearn procedure? Ask them to do that one more time, I've seen where someone in here said the first time they did it it didn't fix it. 2nd time they did the relearn it fixed it
  2. Your only option is to take it to your dealer and see what they can find out. Short of that not sure what could be done.
  3. I don't understand this logic... If you disable dfm this doesn't drop the chance of failure to zero... this doesn't remove the faulty parts from the engine. The lifters are still problematic even though they're not be activated. Am I off base here?
  4. Ask your dealer to perform the latest ecm update and to do the crankshaft position sensor relearn. Fixed my shudder issues and the CEL light hasn't flashed for the misfire now in over a week. I think they finally fixed it.
  5. Can't help you with the lift but ask them to do the latest program update that fixes the shudder around 13mph. It's completely fixed my shudder at low speed stopping and at low roms while cruising 45-65mph. Make sure the do the crankshaft sensor relearn.
  6. I also wanted to say, that I too used to feel shaking driving at a constant speed. That is gone too it seems. So others that are feeling that, ask your dealers to do this update. So far it's been great.
  7. It really will depend on a couple things. Did the shop really fix it? Will the Toyota dealer order me exactly what I want? I'm not set in trading it, but these issues (along with the valve spring and lifter batch issues that my truck does fall in the window of) really have turned me off...its ruined my first year with the truck and left a bad taste in my mouth. But the stars will have to align with Toyota for me to trade it in. They're more expensive than I thought they would be but when you look at the tech I'd be getting vs my 21 gmc you can understand paying a bit more. The camera package is amazing on the new tundra which would be great for pulling my new car trailer next year. We shall see.
  8. Update: I'm thinking they fixed the truck. The latest program and crankshaft sensor relearn has definitely fixed the shudder problem when slowing down. I haven't seen a Cel light yet but it's only been 2 days. As far as a buy back goes, it actually makes more sense to trade it in as I'm getting what I paid for it and I get the tax credit for the trade in. The only question now is whether or not I can order the exact Tundra I want because I guess Toyota is being funny about these allocations to the dealers. It also seems like the third gen Tundras are a bit more expensive than I thought. We shall see in the coming days
  9. Update: GMC dealer did another update to the PCM today. This update they tell me should fix the remaining 10% of the CEL issue (after the last update its been significantly better) as well as the shudder issue around 13mph upon decel. This included the crankshaft sensor relearn. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, we shall see.
  10. I appreciate it. I'll be around for awhile, it's going to be the end of the year at best before the Tundra shows up.
  11. So it looks like my saga with the truck will come to an end. And yesterday I took the truck to the local Toyota dealer for an appraisal and they're going to give me 50K for it. So I put $500 down on a new 22 Toyota Tundra! The best thing is since the Tundras aren't out yet I get to keep driving my truck and that number is good until my new one gets ordered and delivered. It really is a shame, I've been a GM guy pretty much all my life but I refuse to keep this ticking time bomb any longer. Knowing that my truck falls into the lifter failure time frame, the valve spring failure time frame, the flashing Cel light that they can't fix, the shuttering on low speed slow down that's occurring,etc... I just decided enough was enough. And I'm sure they'll be people who'll say V6 twin-turbo haha, good luck. But I'll put my money that it's much more reliable then this new DFM V8 crap GM is building. I really did love my truck but all these issues have just ruined the fun that is having a new vehicle.
  12. Yeah I'm not super interested in points. I thought maybe it would be worth it if I could purchase an extended warranty.
  13. Here's the deal... My 21 Sierra 5.3 10 spd elevation has had an intermittent flashing CEL light since 1300 miles (truck now has 7k). The light is for P0300 general misfire. They recently did a PCM update and that has made it much better, but it still flashes about once a week. I can no longer make the truck flash the light since the update, it still flashes it the same as before (1st 1/4 mile, slow speeds, taking off from a stop) but I can't make it do it at will. Anyway, I've been dealing with GMC assistance at Corp for a couple months now and since the truck still isn't fixed she wants to try and get me 300k points (worth $1500 she says) for my troubles. My question is, if I accept this does it prevent me from lemon lawing or having gmc but back the truck a few months down the road if they don't repair it satisfactorily? Thanks, Mark
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