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  1. Is this the noise I'm hearing from under the rear of the truck whenever I hit a bump in the road? Just noticing it because the weather is turning and windows have been going down. I own a 2021 elevation 5.3
  2. Just had this a couple weeks ago. I called onstar several times and they kept telling me the that they sent a signal to it and it would go away next time I started the truck. It never did. Finally I went back to a dealer and they said they called onstar and found out when I originally bought the truck that I didn't do the initial phone call or didn't agree to the terms and conditions. So I called them back and told them and they gave me another free trial and this time I got an email and agreed to the T&C. Everything is working normal now. So I'd call them and tell them you're having an issue with your trial. They should get you straightened out.
  3. Please make sure you post here once you have the truck looked at.
  4. That sounds like a solid plan B. I just don't know exactly how we'd figure it out without chopping a dash speaker connector off the truck and sending it to you?
  5. Yes, that's my plan but it would be nicer to find a connector. Just seems strange that the connectors would be available for the doors but not for the dash.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QM5DJ27/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_SA3YM448J926ZQ537MG1 American intl
  7. I'm waiting on door harnesses. I'm wondering if the dash speaker connector is the same as the door connectors? I'd rather not cut any wiring when I install my system.
  8. Excellent, have you had the door speakers out yet? Any chance they're the same? I'm still waiting on my harnesses to show up so I have nothing to compare these to. I don't see any pics of the connectors....
  9. I don't see any pics of the connectors.... Did they unplug as one or did each wire unplug separately?
  10. I see. I was going to say when I left the dealer my truck radio was still in demo mode and everything I would turn the truck off it would erase any settings and revert back to am radio. Doesn't sound like the issue though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Good luck!
  11. Does the radio stay on the same station when you restart the truck? Or just the sound settings revert?
  12. Another question for the masses, obviously you can't really use a DMM to set the gains on the amp because we have no idea what the factory RMS rating is on the Bose amp. So my plan is to use an o-scope to verify at what volume level the signal starts to clip. Unless someone already knows this?
  13. Ok, I'll let you know if I need some help. I have two sets of connectors on order so I'll see what the difference is at some point.
  14. John, do you know how to get a hold of a set of harnesses for the front dash speakers? I'd rather not cut them. I have 2 sets coming for the front and rear doors.
  15. From what John told me with the bose system the tweeters have their own channels. So that makes doing an active component system easy peasy. I just don't want to cut the dash harnesses if I can help it.
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