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  1. Oh almost forgot, we used a bottle jack to push the bottom of the strut up to sneak it back into the A arm mount on the reinstall. We couldn't compress the springs enough to freely pass the a arm. It's a ******.
  2. The install sucks. I did my 21 Elevation and it took me and a master mechanic to do it. Spring compressors while strut still in the truck, Big pry bars and ALOT of ass even after removing the ball joint nut to get enough room to get the strut assembly out. Once you do the first one the 2nd obviously goes better but expect about 4hrs start to finish. And take your time when setting up the new strut in the assembly. I forgot to put the lift clip on the strut on the 2nd one and ended up doing the passenger side again when I saw the clip on the floor after putting it all back together. No videos yet that I saw back in November when I did mine. Good luck
  3. I did the MVI version which is the same thing. I run a wireless camera on the back of my enclosed car trailer. I did not do the kicker subwoofer, I replaced the entire system so my sub just plugs into the amp behind the rear seat. It might be a bit crowded but there enough room to maneuver things around and make it work.
  4. Auto is absolutely awesome as soon as your tires get a bit of wear and start slipping when making turns from a stop in the rain. I use it Alot in that scenario. In the dry, I turn it off.
  5. They are great, such an improvement when hauling my enclosed car trailer! Just did the fronts this past weekend, hardest strut change I've ever done. 2 guys, Huge pry bar and a bottle jack to get them back in, even after dropping the ball joint. But they're done now and I'm tempted to go load my car up to test out the towing feel.... But I'll probably wait till the spring.
  6. So I have this camera system for my enclosed 24' car trailer, I have a 21 Elevation. Minimal install, unit goes under the glove box, camera extension antenna goes down the passenger side door floor and antenna mounted on inside of back window. Then camera mounted to back of trailer, and I have about 32ft of cable running to the camera antenna mounted on the front of the trailer. Works great vision wise. It's a little clunky pulling up the camera on the stereo display.... You push the disconnect call on the wheel twice in a row to pop the camera up on the display and then twice again to go back to the radio/android auto/car play screens or you can push the home button to get off the camera view. But when you push the phone disconnect button it mutes the stereo, and sometimes you have to push it a 3rd time if you don't do it quite right timing wise. But it's still way better than having an external screen somewhere on your dash. https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/2019-and-up-chevy-silverado-and-gmc-sierra-camera-module/
  7. Mine was fixed by a CPU update back in 10/21. Hasn't done it since. Make sure they follow the directions to the T provided in the bulletin.
  8. I think you can turn it off in the settings. I don't recall exactly, try searching thru the menu settings and you should find it.
  9. It's not even compatible with a 21 with the 10spd. Would have bought it a while ago if so. Two birds, one stone.
  10. I'm towing a 24' enclosed car hauler with a combined weight of 8k when my Camaro is loaded. I run a 21 Elevation with a 5.3 and 10spd and a 9300 rated tow capacity. I run a Blue Ox WDH on link 9. It tows it pretty well. I got 10.3mpg the other day on a 220 mile round trip to New Jersey Motorsports Park. I pretty much stay in the right lane as much as possible and keep it around 65-70mph. Do I feel it? Yes. Is it unsafe? No. You have to be careful pulling something that's pretty much a box on wheels, but if you take your time and don't put yourself in dumb situations it's perfectly adequate. These new T1 trucks are plenty capable.
  11. Just pulled my 18 camaro SS 1LE (3650) in my new 24ft enclosed trailer (4300lbs) about 120 miles each way to the race track yesterday in my 21 Elevation 5.3 10spd. Tried to stay between 65-70mph on the 70mph highways and mostly in the right lane (10.3mpg). Occasionally I'd have to pass a truck that was just running too slow but the key is, don't be in a hurry (still learning that). Trans maybe hit 175F in 75 degree ambient temps. Truck pulls it pretty damn well, truck is rated for 9300lbs. Oh FYI, I use a Blue Ox weight distribution hitch. Definetely need one of those pulling this trailer.
  12. I don't recall the exact update but I do know it came out in late Sept 2021.
  13. I had issues that sound very much like yours but without the drivability issues back from 2/21 till almost 11/21. They finally fixed it with an updated tune but it took a long time to get to that point. But the drivability issues you're mentioning are definetely something different. May be a lifter intermittently going out but everytime I read of someone with that it's a permanent issue, not sporadic.
  14. Oh and spend the money on treating the doors. The mid bass in my truck is amazing with the sound skins treatment and roadkill surrounds. It's probably the most impressive thing about the truck, but the AF tweets are damn good too.
  15. I ran the sub off channel 5&6 because I thought it was ample power for the sub and I didn't want to waste the quality AC channels on a set of rear fill speakers. I was wrong, the AC bridged channels were decent but lacking a bit of power for my sub considering the active stage in front. So I pulled the Infiniti amp and replaced it with a pioneer mono block 800 watt amp. Now my sub has plenty of power and the rear fill resides on the AC channels 5&6. Also ended up buying AF tweets and replaced the Hertz tweets on the dash. They were just a bit bright and didn't care for them, the AF's are damn impressive. The AC DSP amps are good but the software is buggy and the tuning aspect of the software is not very friendly. If I was starting over I probably would've went a different route but it was too late in the game to change. As for accubass, it works but with a remote bass knob you'll find that it's not needed. I set my amp to turn on the bass level to a reasonable level, actually a bit low. Then when I get in my truck and drive if Im not in a jamming mode I don't find myself having to mess with the knob. If I want to rock some tunes, then I dial it in on each song. Works well. So I've switched accubass off. As for a good signal, you'll be fine. The stock head unit isn't too bad. Basically I don't exceed 3/4 volume and everything sounds clean. I could see some clipping after 3/4.
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