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  1. I put 2019 Denali 22's on my 2020 RST that came with 20's no rub no issue.
  2. I wonder percentage wise what this looks like? 5.3 vs 6.2 etc blah blah is it REALLY that many or are they all congregating here? Thus far no issue with mine although I think mine was one of the "high idle for a few hours before selling" ones as my hour meter showed hrs and I had like 2 miles on it when I bought it.
  3. Kyle this is the EXACT method I used with great success 5 times now, once (first time) on my own one owner babied since new 2013 5.3 Silverado. I watched quite a few videos on the subject and even though this guys shop was a bit messy and he seemed unorthodox he really DOES know what he is doing and gives the best detailed tutorial that I could find on the subject. I did buy his tool and used the AFM delete tuner that he recommended. He has a lot of good info on his channel. No affiliation etc, it just really helped me. Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP7I5
  4. I really like the "flying out an engineer" part..........did you buy the space shuttle? The dumbasses what is an engineer going to do? Should be simple enough to diagnose and take it from there. Sorry for your troubles.
  5. Look at these https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=2021+gmc+sierra+elevation+grill+removal
  6. I fixed mine in my driveway same cylinder it was easy there is even a tutorial I could link you too. AFM delete in the ECM after fixing the dead lifter which went very quick as well. New valve cover and intake gasket and good to go, I would never consider getting rid if it in todays market especially with a mechanical issue that will kill the value of it. Stop driving and order a torque wrench and a few parts you will be delighted that you did. There may be a person in your area that specializes in this quick and easy fix I have done a few myself after my own was soooo easy
  7. Go to autozone and borrow their scanner to see what the code is, many times it is very simple and 1000 things can cause it to turn on. Get the code come back on here and tell us what it is. Don't start throwing parts at it.
  8. https://www.americantrucks.com/afe-silverado1500-apollo-gt-series-muffler-delete-pipe-49c44114nm.html A link to the AFE muffler delete pipe, another major brand has one but it is more$$$ No affiliation etc, look it up on youtube lonestar hawaiian I believe did the swap.
  9. Its called reading the flow of traffic and those guys DO indeed where very large shoes and red bulbous noses.
  10. I guess I am just not getting it...................if you live where people drive at WIDE OPEN THROTTLE all the time then kudos to you as it sounds like a fun place. Enjoy the fast track my friend.
  11. Check the spark at the coil pack for #7 also check all coil packs plugged in all the way and no wires are touching the new headers etc. The miss needs to be diagnosed as to if it is electrical or mechanical. I myself would not drive it 40 miles if it is mechanical as if it is a lifter failure that could cause camshaft damage. Check the coil spark and let us know. This is the reason I don't let anyone touch my cars or trucks most mechanics are idiots with a monkey wrench and have no idea what a torque wrench even is. You can also use a auto stethoscope for like 10 buc
  12. I must FULLY disagree that "MOST" seem to drive with constant wot....lol When I ever get the opportunity for wot with my 6.2 it is for a few seconds only unless I am out in the country and then it is for maybe a few extra seconds and then you are into triple digits. My bet is 95% will never see an issue in the time they own their trucks, I did a AFM delete and lifter fix on my gorgeous one owner babied since birth 2013 in my driveway on a sunny afternoon. Had to wait for ECU to be returned to me but whole thing was a cakewalk anyway.
  13. I just unplugged and replugged in the factory connections, never unhooked battery etc never had any issue whatsoever it HAS been to the dealer for an oil change since install/ uninstall.
  14. No issues for me as of yet but only 6500 miles, I heard that they were running em at the dealership on high idle for x amount of time and then selling em if they passed the pre-run I think it was in here as a TSB? Anyway with a 60k warranty I am not that worried for a long while.
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