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  1. The boost auto one kicks ass over the slow crappy stocker, about 30 minute install, I can post a video of it later on.
  2. One if the reasons for the length of the anntena is so you will know if you are about to hit your pretty truck on something to low to drive under.
  3. It's the chip shortage thingy my new ZL1 came in but only needed the heated steering wheel s a later retrofit so I am lucky I guess as where I live it won't ever see winter weather anyway,
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I am just over here on the Eastside
  5. will give it a whirl with remote start this morning, thank God my wifes 2008 Honda Element is not blocked in by my 60K plus fancy POS
  6. Have not checked the blower but everything else seems normal
  7. Mine is doing this RIGHT now it started happening a few hours ago so I disconnected the ground on the battery and let it set for a couple hours, reconnected it and started it and it quits in just a few seconds, supposed to start a cross country trip on Tuesday of course.
  8. It's all about preventative measures and causing the robber to take more time, leave yours unlocked if you wish, I will lock my shiot up and I won't leave my home addy on my registration or my SS card in my truck either. Anything can be breached of course. CHeers
  9. Gents, this was a very easy upgrade, the safe seems very secure and pretty strong overall, I believe this would take some time and a modest prybar to defeat. Bought mine as a Amazon return for a great discount AND they sent the digital one instead of the 3 digit tumbler style so I saved a BUNDLE
  10. Pretty sure Tuffy is the GM supplier here is the GM one. https://www.gmpartscheap.com/accessories/2020-chevrolet-silverado_1500-interior-storage/under_rear_seat_lockbox_with_3_digit_combination_lock_19417361.html
  11. Specs for the Tuffy lockbox for underseat 2020 Silverado one https://tuffyproducts.com/products/chevy-gmc-rear-underseat-lockbox-chevy-gmc-2019-2021-silverado-sierra-1500-19-new-body-style-2020-2021-2500hd-3500hd/?sku=352-01
  12. Factory non locking open top, I stuff it full and like it but plan on buying the Tuffy lockbox so I don't get burgled.
  13. My Ram has coil springs and my Silverado has leafs, both half ton pickups the Ram is much smoother ride but a very low tow rating. I had a 2017 Silverado LTZ crew cab that was very comfy but I think the seats were better than my 2020.........sorry not much to offer, except tow packages and as mentioned above tire sidewall can make a huge difference going from 19" to 22" tires will make a huge difference.
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