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  1. Just curious - what was your build date? If it were me I'd be sending this one down the road. Wouldn't feel comfortable with only 1/2 of the lifters replaced as they all obviously came from the same batch.
  2. Have you confirmed with RANGE that is how the Pulsar is supposed to function - no engine braking?
  3. My 2016 Sierra with the 5.3/8 speed was like that - part of the reason I got rid of it, crappy 8-speed! My 5.3/10-speed hasn't exhibited that sort of behavior. Pretty smooth so far with 1700 miles on it. How many miles on your truck? I believe there is some "adaptive strategy" that causes the transmission to learn/change shift manners - someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Anyone……What engine plant is “A”? Just picked up my 21 Trail Boss 5.3 that was built on 8/31/21 so hopefully out of the woods! Thanks!
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