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  1. Totally agree. Do that to all my vehicles, can't hurt but hope it IS the solution.
  2. OK, I just kicked over 8k miles on my '21. I was purposely waiting until then to disable DFM to make sure I didn't have the lifter failure, as the original TSB was for 8k to replace both banks if they fail, now its up to 16k miles. Anyhow, I am thinking of the Pulsar LT to prevent the switching on/off all the time and minimize the opportunities for failure. Also, I can hear and slightly feel the DFM kicking in on highway even with stock exhaust. I want 10th gear back on the highway and not have to run L9! With all that said, has anyone had the Pulsar on to disable DFM for extended mileage WITHOUT lifter failures. Looking for some good evidence to support purchasing one other than just getting rid of the nuisance of it. Also, I did run an '07 up to 130k+ miles with AFM and no failures, and had a '16 with DFM that went to 28k OK, but want to keep this truck well into the 100k+ mileage range
  3. Right, it's the Pulsar LT from Range. I would have gotten one too if you didn't need to buy the Pulsar for $500 - all I need is the DFM deactivation since mine wasn't built with auto start/stop. Hard to justify the cost for just that. What's ironic is that for '22 models not build with DFM you get a $50 credit from GM. Heck, I would have PAID $50 to have it disabled!!!
  4. You don't need to, but most likely will want a Range LT Pulsar to disable the DFM. That is currently what is holding me off on upgrading exhaust. I can definitely hear the DFM and feel very slight engine vibration when it activates on highway and smooth roads with stock exhaust. Will definitely be amplified by aftermarket exhaust. Go search youtube for videos, there are quite a few out there doing before/after comparisons with DFM active and not with aftermarket exhasust - Donslife and LMFScrew.
  5. https://gm-techlink.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/TAC-Dealer-Monthly-Tips-and-New-Information-May-2022v3.pdf
  6. FYI...Looks like they are taking the mileage up to 16k now....
  7. Thanks for info. Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be out of the realm if the window sticker was wrong. Heck, they built my truck with the wrong back window (no tint at all!!), had to have that replaced. If you do find out for sure what "A" plant is I would like to know, just because of my curious nature if nothing else. Thanks again!
  8. Yeah I get that, but according to Firehawk99, my engine was built in mexico even thought the window sticker says US.
  9. Thanks! That's funny because the window sticker says engine country of origin: United States. Ugh.
  10. Just curious - what was your build date? If it were me I'd be sending this one down the road. Wouldn't feel comfortable with only 1/2 of the lifters replaced as they all obviously came from the same batch.
  11. Have you confirmed with RANGE that is how the Pulsar is supposed to function - no engine braking?
  12. My 2016 Sierra with the 5.3/8 speed was like that - part of the reason I got rid of it, crappy 8-speed! My 5.3/10-speed hasn't exhibited that sort of behavior. Pretty smooth so far with 1700 miles on it. How many miles on your truck? I believe there is some "adaptive strategy" that causes the transmission to learn/change shift manners - someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Anyone……What engine plant is “A”? Just picked up my 21 Trail Boss 5.3 that was built on 8/31/21 so hopefully out of the woods! Thanks!
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