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  1. Again, I appreciate everyone's helpful comments. Elcamino...that is exactly what happened to me...mine failed at 20k miles and they only replaced one side and I'm not even sure if they replaced them with non defective parts. I have heard that if your GM vehicle was made between 9/20 and 3/21 then you may have defective lifters which are more prone to premature failure. Mine unfortunately was made in 12/20. GM will issue an extended 100k warranty but you have to have 2 reported failures.
  2. I purchased a 2021 GMC Sierra 6.2 V8 that was made in 12/20 and I had a lifter failure at 20,000 miles. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I managed to limp into the dealership and they replaced the whole right side under warranty but who knows if they will fail again or when the other side will fail. I been reading up on these lifters and the recent class action lawsuit along with the guidelines that GM follows when someone has one or more instances where their lifters fail so I am all caught up there. My question to the forum is if I install the Pulsar LT DFM Disabler will that help prevent lifter failure? I know the basics in that a DFM disabler prevents the lifters from constantly opening/closing which you would think could extend the life of the lifters. Right? Does anyone have any good or bad stories about installing a DFM Disabler for getting more life out of these cruddy lifters? Thanks.
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