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  1. I talked to my GMC service advisor yesterday and he said that you cannot lock your keys in the vehicle if you add the wireless keypad. He said that one guy is able to do it and they're not sure how but other people have added them thinking they will be able to lock their keys in their vehicle like with Fords but cannot.
  2. I just saw on another forum that the batteries are not replaceable. The whole unit will have to be replaced which is kind of crappy. $140 isn't something I want to spend once knowing a few years I'll have to do it again.
  3. That F250 with the 7.3 Godzilla is one BAD MFer. If I was needing to buy a truck right now I would be seriously looking at one of those. I have a friend that got one with the Tremor package and it has a crazy amount of power for a 3/4 ton truck and V8.
  4. Has anyone added the keyless entry keypad to their truck? I just saw it on the accessories website and its $145 and says its wireless and just sticks to the side of the truck. I've been a Ford guy up until 2020 when I bought my GMC and the keyless entry is one of the things I missed most from my Fords. Does the adhesive hold up well? I'd like to look at adding this on my next service visit but if its not worth the extra cash I'll just have to continue to make sure I have my keys on me every time I need to grab something from my truck.
  5. I have the Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2020. They are aggressive enough that most think its a mud terrain tire. They have a little bit of noise but can't even hear them at highway speeds. Performance is A+.
  6. I wish there was a way to turn off the screen but still have radio playing. My F150 had a button to turn off the screen and I love it when driving at night because the screen is so bright but you can't dim the screen without dimming the instrument cluster as well.
  7. I haven't had this issue but I have noticed if I leave the unit plugged in and after a few trips I'll come to a stop and the auto start/stop will be activated. I just unplug the unit and plug it back in and its fixed.
  8. Does anyone know of a good product for iPhone and apple car play? I've seen this android product on here a few times so just curious if anyone knows of something from the apple folks.
  9. After getting up to temp and highway cruising mine gets around 140 degrees.
  10. This may be a little off topic so I'm not trying to hijack the thread but I am curious about the wifi speed. I had the 3 month trial with the onstar wifi but I never had it cancelled after 3 months because I never used it. Now I am travelling a good bit for work and sometimes need to pull over at an exit off the interstate to respond to an email or do something from my laptop. Sometimes the hotspot on my phone is very weak and makes it nearly impossible to send an email. Is the wifi strong enough to do some work on a laptop or use the wifi for carplay to use google maps or Waze? I use Waze almost everytime I'm on the interstate and its using a ton of my data. Would it be worth it to me to get the onstar wifi back?
  11. My volume controls are working fine but my iPhone just did the IOS update and now my left hand controls don't work when I am plugged into Apple car play. The left hand controls work fine for changing stations on Sirius XM when not using car play.
  12. I'm around 40k miles. It shifts better in sport mode but usually once I shut the truck off and back on its back to shifting normally. I haven't taken it to the dealer because I can't make it bang into 2nd or 1st when downshifting but it really frustrating sometimes.
  13. When I am going say around 30-40mph and I start to use the brakes to slow down the downshifting is rough but the worst is shifting into 2nd gear its almost like it pulls the truck back, RPM's raise and with a bang it goes into 2nd. It did this a few months back and I dropped it off at my GMC dealer and they said that they drove the truck and couldn't reproduce the same thing I was experiencing. I am going to take it back today or tomorrow but want to see if anyone else is having similar issues out of the 10 speed?
  14. The new interiors are amazing. I wish I could have waiting two years to buy but I'll enjoy my 2020 for another 4-5 years.
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