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  1. I’ve been searching throughout this forum and there seems to be limited information on suggested tire sizes to run on the new model GMC Sierras. My local dealership is doing 2” leveling kits that do not void factory warranty but people buy tires elsewhere (cheaper) so the dealership doesn’t have much input about what tire size to run after installing a level. Ive got a 2020 Sierra SLT x31 and it came with factory 275/60/20 Wrangler AT’s. Does anyone have input on running these tire sizes with a 2” level? 285/60/20 295/60/20 275/65/20
  2. I just got the notification yesterday. My truck started acting funny right before it came through. The radio wouldn't turn off once I shut the truck off and opened the door but would go off in a few mins. Also door didn't automatically lock like I have them set. I did the update when I got home last night and everything SEEMS fine for now.
  3. I have a 2020 5.3L 10spd and I sent an email to them a few weeks back asking about them and they said they are not compatible with 10 spds. They said they were still working on bugs. But I just went to their website and it now says it’s compatible with 5.3L and 10 spd. Looks like I’m ordering one.
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