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  1. I have 50k on my 2020 and the brake pad life screen was blank for the front and showing 60% on the rear. I had the dealer look at it and he said there was a bad sensor for the front pads so they replaced. They said I'm still in the green on brake pad life so we didn't change the pads. Now by brakes are squealing so freaking loud.
  2. Now I have to have those quad tips on my Sierra. Is it possible to just order the tips? I'm not wanting to do a full system.
  3. How will you delete the DFM? I've been looking for a way to do this and haven't seen anything. I assume it would be an engine rebuild and that doesn't scare me because I am willing to pay it if I know my truck will not have any DFM related issues down the road. My goal is to drive this truck to minimum 250k.
  4. Wow I was looking at the 18inch AT4 rims a few months back but couldn't find any so I just bought Nitto Ridge Grapplers for my 20's. I'll check back in a couple years and see if you're still looking to trade LOL.
  5. I have a 2020 5.3 with 10 speed and I have been pleasantly surprised with how peppy it is. It holds torque at low RPM's well and really breaks loose at high RPM's. I have DFM disabled and that makes a HUGE difference. I have Nitto Ridge Grapplers and I can spin the tires.
  6. I work in lighting (not automotive) but I can tell you that the reason for the color shift in the LED's is the degradation of the phosphorus over the LED chip. An LED emits royal blue light and they use phosphorus to shift the color to white. When it begins to degrade it shifts the color to a blueish/purple.
  7. I rarely use maps but if I'm around town I'll use Waze through CarPlay but on longer road trips I use the GM Navigation so I'm not using my phone data. The factory nav has gotten me around in Atlanta and Charleston fine though and I haven't updated mine since I bought it in 2020.
  8. Not filing taxes from 2015 to 2019 is what caused them to audit him and when going through his books and seeing purchase orders they were able to see what services he provided.
  9. My previous truck was a 2012 F150 3.5L Ecoboost. From 60k miles to 195k I only ever had to replace the water pump but I never had the cam phaser tick or any other common issues. The truck had plenty of power and when the turbos kicked in it would fly but gas milage was HORRENDOUS. I averaged 11-13 around town with average driving habits. I wanted a V8 and went the GMC route and got the 5.3 and I'm loving it.
  10. I talked to my GMC service advisor yesterday and he said that you cannot lock your keys in the vehicle if you add the wireless keypad. He said that one guy is able to do it and they're not sure how but other people have added them thinking they will be able to lock their keys in their vehicle like with Fords but cannot.
  11. I just saw on another forum that the batteries are not replaceable. The whole unit will have to be replaced which is kind of crappy. $140 isn't something I want to spend once knowing a few years I'll have to do it again.
  12. That F250 with the 7.3 Godzilla is one BAD MFer. If I was needing to buy a truck right now I would be seriously looking at one of those. I have a friend that got one with the Tremor package and it has a crazy amount of power for a 3/4 ton truck and V8.
  13. Has anyone added the keyless entry keypad to their truck? I just saw it on the accessories website and its $145 and says its wireless and just sticks to the side of the truck. I've been a Ford guy up until 2020 when I bought my GMC and the keyless entry is one of the things I missed most from my Fords. Does the adhesive hold up well? I'd like to look at adding this on my next service visit but if its not worth the extra cash I'll just have to continue to make sure I have my keys on me every time I need to grab something from my truck.
  14. I have the Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2020. They are aggressive enough that most think its a mud terrain tire. They have a little bit of noise but can't even hear them at highway speeds. Performance is A+.
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