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  1. Nothing but 91 non-oxy by me which is fine but I filled with 92 at a distant Marathon station last week and I could feel the difference. I liked it.
  2. Just received my JLT can. The directions dont match my 6.2 My hose appears to be right up front. It couldnt be any easier. Is that the correct hose? pic attached.
  3. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. And no I dont think any member of my family, including me, is more important than our country. That would be exceptionally selfish.
  4. Part of me thinks this because the fatality numbers don't justify what is being done to our economy and way of life. Maybe this is the economic reset the market has been hoping for all along? Love my Silverado!
  5. I feel the hood cuts off the top of the light, drastically cutting distance. Easy to overdrive your lights no matter how bright they are up close.
  6. Thanks. Ordered a packet of them.
  7. Just finished my third oil change and noticed the rubber oil plug gasket came off. Luckily I noticed and it stuck to the pan. I've never had an auto where the plug gasket was seperate. Atv's yes. So do I buy extra rubber gaskets to have on hand or is there a replacement plug with it built in like they used to be? My 2013 had 130k with original plug!
  8. I agree with above post. If constantly slippery, I will use 4H. If intermittently slippery I use Auto. And by slippery I am talking snow/ice.
  9. A tailgate button in the cab is ridiculous, useless and without merit. It shouldn't be there. The only thing worse is an electronic tailgate in the first place. I have one and it's dumb.
  10. JUST got my brake recall notice yesterday. I have 20K miles with no issues so far. I am NOT taking it in for this. Ill take my chances.
  11. N192273510 B+ battery cable to alternator loosen over time due to glue contamination. Parts currently on back order. I'm not taking it in for this and have them ruin something else. 20K and no issues.
  12. 2019 6.2 Silverado. I've had service ESC once while chugging through deep snow. Cleared when I restarted. I've never taken my vehicle back to dealer since new so no reflashes. 19k miles. One thing that has happened 4 times is while making a right turn the transmission disengages then slams violently back into gear. So bad it feels like someone hit me. I have called the dealer immediately each time and they logged on my record. It happened yesterday for the first time sine June.
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