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  1. Same here and I easily get a year out of them. Probably because my vehicle is so often garaged.
  2. Common denominator appears to be AC Delco filter. I've used nothing but Wix on all my GM trucks and never seen that happen.
  3. Wait 10 min after shutting off warm engine to check dipstick. That will be your true running oil level. Once you have that reading you can see where it's at once it's cold to know where it should be then.
  4. I'll get 3 more opportunities to use it this weekend. Supposed to be -20's sat, sun and mon morning at the cabin. I'll just plug it in later in the evening until I crank it the next morning.
  5. -25 this morning and I was pleased with the block heater. Fired right up nice like I would expect. Made the normal noises I would expect from the belt assembly but the motor moved and sounded normal.
  6. I agree. My last two trucks have had this abysmal system. Before that I was in control of the block heater like it should be. Now it doesn't activate when it should and you can get hard starts and lots of noise. It wouldn't suprise me if it doesn't start one day due to the ridiculous design. Ive read that bypassing the cord thermostat will cause big problems due to the trucks programming. GM should be ashamed for forcing this unreliable and subpar system on cold weather owners. Kudos to the guy that installed his own heaters. The remote start hasn't worked on my last two trucks around -20 either.
  7. Redline it at least once every day for a week. It won't fix your problem but it's fun as hell! Lol
  8. I would love to disable that dash button. I occasionally hit it accidentally and it is hard on my topper door. I see no need for it whatsoever.
  9. I'm at 2 years with my 2019 6.2 and 40k miles. No problems and still the funnest truck I have ever owned. I still look forward to every drive I take.
  10. 2019 with updates. My radio comes on often when I start it after being off before. Happened this morning. Otherwise 40k fun miles thus far.
  11. My advice is to put your mind into saving up the cost of snow tires for winter use . You'll get an extra year or two out of your other set. I'm 55 and deeply regret not doing it years ago. I just started last year and the difference on snow is nothing short of spectacular. I may only get two winters out of my Blizzak's because I drive so much but it's more than worth it. If I made more money I would put a brand new set on every winter. Like all tires they truly shine when new.
  12. I installed a can recommended by this site on my driver side. Does this create a problem on the passenger side? Do I need a can there or are the sides connected somehow? Thank yoo.
  13. 2019 6.2 10-speed 37k miles. Still my favorite. Fun to drive. Only time back to dealer was for all the recalls. Waited till they had it all figured out thanks to this forum!
  14. When the filter is changed a quart is lost and must be added back.....
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