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  1. My 2019 did that once when chugging through deep snow two winters ago. I cleared it by shutting off the engine. Never happened again.
  2. I've had limited luck sealing the bed. Sometimes it's hard to install without affecting tailgate closure. In my experience you wil still get dust rolling down gravel roads. It can help and you have to also seal numerous other small openings and drain holes.
  3. Ive gotten all my seat covers through cabelas. But my price point may be lower than yours. I only use them to protect the seats when my buddies and I go on hunting trips. Otherwise I dont use them. They do seem to have all levels there and the last ones I bought are like neoprene and pretty nice.
  4. Say what?! My 2019 has never turned back on by itself. I have to lift the break or tap the gas. I too turn it off every time I start. Have I really had this truck that long and not sat with it off long enough for this even to happen?
  5. I have 4x4 for snow and ice. I rarely if ever engage it outside of winter. Sometimes on an iffy boat landing or to pull through a sugar sand two track. I have gone up some ungodly steep inclines before and 4L to coast down them. I have never tried mud. Partly because I don't want to get stuck and partly because I don't want mud on my truck!
  6. I have a 2019 Silverado with ventilated seats. They do not appear to have a removable filter like the cabin filter. Can they be cleaned after inhaling dirt and dog hair for years? I cannot find anything online about them. I can clearly see the intake under each seat.
  7. Thanks. Found them and the low pitch is broken. Unfortunately I had to order the set but they are only $20. $17 for shipping though. Ouch.
  8. My horn sounds weak after having the front end replaced because of a deer strike. Like there's one horn instead of two. Maybe I'm imagining it but before digging into it can someone tell me how many horns there are on these trucks?
  9. I got this two years ago for my 2019. Works perfect. https://www.fillernecksupply.com/2017-2019-silverado-sierra-pickup-dust-cover-for-capless-gas-cap/
  10. Repaired in 13 days. Looks like new. Kudos to the repair shop.
  11. I have never removed mine. The driver door is the only one that gets used hard and I have lifted it to vacuum the edges. The top is nasty from winter. I always keep a floor mat down to cover it up anyways.
  12. The other guy is sleeping in the ditch. I thought about salvaging some venison but it was hit so hard I didn't think it would be worth trying.
  13. That truck would be perfect for dumping my pontoon this weekend since mine is in the shop after kissing bambi! lol
  14. Hit one last weekend with my beloved 2019 6.2 quad cab. Doesnt look like much from the pic does it? Over $6K due to all the broken stuff you cant see!!!!! Entire grill assembly and everything behind it, gone. Headlights holding up the repair for two weeks. They still worked but are both cracked from behind.
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