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  1. 30 years of using Mobile 1 with no problems only to find out today it's junk. Dang my experience. I better start using one of them boutique oils! Lol
  2. I would keep the one that tows the best.
  3. 2019 Just turned 70K. Thinking about plugs soon. Might not need them but I know it will run a hair crisper with them at this mileage. Ill wait 5K more.
  4. 2019 6.2 64k. No problems other than leaking oil coolant line. (Replaced)
  5. I have used Wix for about 30 years. Hand tighten then firm up with wrench. Whatever I'm doing it must be right because I've never had a problem.
  6. I've had mine two winters now. It's happened a few times where I had to pull it. Silicone spray has worked well for me. I'm more concerned with how to get it open if the power latch fails as there is no manual override.
  7. I like my oil at the top of the hash marks. My 6.2 takes approximately 8.3 quarts to get there but mid hash marks is probably perfect. Measured hot with enough time for oil to settle.
  8. I'm still of the opinion the oil monitoring system is ridiculous. Old dog, new tricks and all. In 40 years of driving I have never had an oil related issue. But I understand why some people use it.
  9. My dealer sold me an extended warranty AFTER I was past the mileage. Just used it to have leaking oil coolant lines replaced.
  10. 67k on my 2019 6.2 and my oil line just starting leaking. Lower fitting just like the pics above.
  11. My 2019 did that once when chugging through deep snow two winters ago. I cleared it by shutting off the engine. Never happened again.
  12. I've had limited luck sealing the bed. Sometimes it's hard to install without affecting tailgate closure. In my experience you wil still get dust rolling down gravel roads. It can help and you have to also seal numerous other small openings and drain holes.
  13. Ive gotten all my seat covers through cabelas. But my price point may be lower than yours. I only use them to protect the seats when my buddies and I go on hunting trips. Otherwise I dont use them. They do seem to have all levels there and the last ones I bought are like neoprene and pretty nice.
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