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  1. I run Hankooks half the year and snow tires half the year. Best decision I ever made.
  2. Did it last night. Front pads only. The hardest part was disconnecting the brake pad sensor. And it was a ******. I ended up breaking it but luckily the pads came with a new one. Too bad there are no videos out there because it would save a lot of people from the hassle I went through. The pads themselves were simple. I opted not to change the rotors this time. My truck, my decision. And GM went through all the trouble of allowing pad change without removing the caliper. Why would they do that if they expected rotors to be changed every time with pads? The menu option to reset the brake life indicator will not work. Its there but not selectable. Stealership wants $100 to reset it with scan tool. LMAO! Its back to keeping an eye on them the old fashioned way which has never let me down. The new pads even have wear tabs and I CAN disable the pad monitor function. To sum it up the front pads are a breeze and I dont think you can get into any code trouble doing it BUT I did put my vehicle in brake service mode during the operation however I suspect that procedure is exclusively for servicing the back brakes. Ill find out some day.
  3. I keep getting emails from Chevy to upgrade the nav chip on my 2019 Silverado. $99. Is it worth the money? I dont use my map a lot. Road name here and there and lake names.
  4. Shoot. Ill have to for the new pads to fit. I can pump it back up before reconnecting battery? Im doing the fronts for sure. The rears seem more difficult but my truck says they are at 58% whereas the front are at 18% so I can put that off for quite a while. I I wish there was a video on these new trucks. I have yet to find one for this truck to change all brakes and rotors. All of them are pre 2019.
  5. I always have but things are a little different on this 2019. Pins with clips holding on the front pads. I assume bolts holding on the caliper and bracket? I plan to also replace front rotors since they pulse a little when hot. The rears look familiar with the addition of an electical wire I have to deal with or maybe not if I just do the pads? I also read I need to disconnect battery for the whole process or risk it throwing codes and possibly going into limp mode. Do I have it about right? Any words of wisdom or encouragement? Times dictate I do it myself to save on cost. 2019 Siverado 72k. I can't complain about them lasting. I'll replace with GM parts.
  6. 30 years of using Mobile 1 with no problems only to find out today it's junk. Dang my experience. I better start using one of them boutique oils! Lol
  7. I would keep the one that tows the best.
  8. 2019 Just turned 70K. Thinking about plugs soon. Might not need them but I know it will run a hair crisper with them at this mileage. Ill wait 5K more.
  9. 2019 6.2 64k. No problems other than leaking oil coolant line. (Replaced)
  10. I have used Wix for about 30 years. Hand tighten then firm up with wrench. Whatever I'm doing it must be right because I've never had a problem.
  11. I've had mine two winters now. It's happened a few times where I had to pull it. Silicone spray has worked well for me. I'm more concerned with how to get it open if the power latch fails as there is no manual override.
  12. I like my oil at the top of the hash marks. My 6.2 takes approximately 8.3 quarts to get there but mid hash marks is probably perfect. Measured hot with enough time for oil to settle.
  13. I'm still of the opinion the oil monitoring system is ridiculous. Old dog, new tricks and all. In 40 years of driving I have never had an oil related issue. But I understand why some people use it.
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