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  1. I wish their cameras and monitors worked better. They should be crystal clear but they are pixelated like old tech. My wifes 2015 Nissan has a way better screen than my 2019 Chevy.
  2. Fuel injector? Mine makes noises too. I consider them all normal so far. They are more prominent with the quiet exhaust.
  3. I prefer spray in with a Dee Zee rubber mat.
  4. I still can't believe backup sensors didn't come with my LTZ when they were on my last two LT's. I wish i would have paid more attention when ordering. I miss that feature.
  5. I just installed dedicated winter tires today. I was going to wait for more drive time before reporting but since I was able to immediately compare to stock tires with the weather we just received I decided to mention it right away. Also in case anyone was considering them the time to buy them is just beginning. In a word, incredible. Where the stock tires instantly road on top of the deep slush these cut right through maintaining contact with the road. Traction on the hard pack was night and day different. I can’t wait to use them in all kinds of winter conditions. Also they drive better on pavement than the oem tires that came with my truck. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. 2019 Silverado. I wish I hadn’t waited so many years before trying.
  6. I just got my ARE Topper installed. 2019 Silverado Crew Cab. The door overlaps the tailgate so I am worried about what will happen when (not if) the tailgate button gets pushed in the cab. I cannot find any way to disable that button. Something will have to give. Either the bottom of the topper door flexes, breaks or has enough holding force so the tailgate aborts going down. Any ideas or experience with this scenario? I didn't like the auto tailgate before. Now I really hate having it.
  7. My ARE order took 2 months. Went to have it installed last week and the color was off!! They had to send my gas cover to ARE to match. Right now Im driving a brand new truck without a gas cover. Looks ridiculous. It *ucked up a lot of plans this fall too!
  8. The ones in town coasting the last mile to a stoplight or take a mile to get up to speed limit are the ones that bother me the most. Situations where I cannot get past them.
  9. To all hypermilers-get the hell out of my way. You are a hindrance on the road.
  10. I am overly impressed with my 2019. I can say enough good things about it. Best Chevy pickup I have owed by far. I have 13K trouble free miles so far. Ill be the first to say most of my pleasure comes from the drive train. The 6.2 with 10-speed is incredible. It feels so nimble with that kind of power and always available torque. For you curmudgeons out there that have to hear something negative. The stock tires suck. I was hunting off road this weekend and they were scary in the mud. That can be easily fixed. I would like to wear the stock ones out first but we'll see how they do come winter. I wish I could burn them off but torque management wont allow. I dont care how good it is for me I HATE that feature.
  11. Power tailgate was one of the surprises with my truck. I would much rather be in full control of my tailgate opening and closing. I dont dislike it as much as I distrust it.
  12. These are unskilled workers making a damn good wage. They are lucky and they know it. They are not going to do shitty work.
  13. Come winter it will seem like Im starting a helicopter with all the buttons pushed. Push start button. Push auto-stop button. Hold in traction control button to shut off traction control and stability control.
  14. This. Much more forgiving in the snow and mud.
  15. That antenna is cool but since its aluminum and stiff I worry about catching it with something and doing damage to truck. I opted for the rubber version. I've had it on my last two trucks. 11 inch flexible antenna.
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