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  1. I agree with above post. If constantly slippery, I will use 4H. If intermittently slippery I use Auto. And by slippery I am talking snow/ice.
  2. A tailgate button in the cab is ridiculous, useless and without merit. It shouldn't be there. The only thing worse is an electronic tailgate in the first place. I have one and it's dumb.
  3. JUST got my brake recall notice yesterday. I have 20K miles with no issues so far. I am NOT taking it in for this. Ill take my chances.
  4. N192273510 B+ battery cable to alternator loosen over time due to glue contamination. Parts currently on back order. I'm not taking it in for this and have them ruin something else. 20K and no issues.
  5. 2019 6.2 Silverado. I've had service ESC once while chugging through deep snow. Cleared when I restarted. I've never taken my vehicle back to dealer since new so no reflashes. 19k miles. One thing that has happened 4 times is while making a right turn the transmission disengages then slams violently back into gear. So bad it feels like someone hit me. I have called the dealer immediately each time and they logged on my record. It happened yesterday for the first time sine June.
  6. Is there a chance they will never leak? Mine built April 2019 hasn't yet.
  7. Anything special about jacking these up for tire rotation? 2019 Silverado. My current snows are directional so I just need to swap front to back same side. Can I lift the whole side from middle of frame or do I need to use jack stands on the frame on both ends? I see indentation's that appears to be a jacking points on the frame but I need to jack it up from one point then place the stand on another. On my 2013 I was able to jack it up and stand it very near the front wheel assembly and then the whole back end from the rear diff. Thanks.
  8. Maybe once mine is clean Ill post a pic so you know how to "grampa-tize" one by adding a topper.....
  9. I think that other cam is the trailer hitch view. At least is is on mine. Do you have that option on the screen when in reverse? Mine shows that fish-eye view occasionally but I just assumed a camera malfunction.
  10. 2019 The fronts are minimal but work. The rear has none. But they have that stub "in front" of the tires that does nothing. Adding a flap to the other side might look weird with both on the truck.
  11. Pretty seemless for me too. Does not trip my irritable alarm one single bit. 6.2 10-speed
  12. I miss the old days when you could plug it in and hear it. Im never sure if its on or not. My 2013 said -10 on the cord but I had hard starts at 20-30 below where it would start stall many times before staying running. I havent used it yet on my 2019 but soon will. On my previous trucks with the manual block heater it would start like it was warm after being plugged in all night in -20 and below temps.
  13. I just got an ARE. Z-Series. It works well but Im not a huge fan of the appearance. Because of that slight dip on the back of the truck roof they they are not level with most of the cab. My 2013 with ARE topper is level with the whole roof and looks better IMO. Still a quality product and I like all the protected space it provides. Now I tell my wife I love my truck from the inside out because she keep calling it a grampa truck! LOL
  14. I realized what I posted right away and deleted it. Odd that you were able to see and quote it. Must have been that tiny window it was there.
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