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  1. I am overly impressed with my 2019. I can say enough good things about it. Best Chevy pickup I have owed by far. I have 13K trouble free miles so far. Ill be the first to say most of my pleasure comes from the drive train. The 6.2 with 10-speed is incredible. It feels so nimble with that kind of power and always available torque. For you curmudgeons out there that have to hear something negative. The stock tires suck. I was hunting off road this weekend and they were scary in the mud. That can be easily fixed. I would like to wear the stock ones out first but we'll see how they do come winter. I wish I could burn them off but torque management wont allow. I dont care how good it is for me I HATE that feature.
  2. Power tailgate was one of the surprises with my truck. I would much rather be in full control of my tailgate opening and closing. I dont dislike it as much as I distrust it.
  3. These are unskilled workers making a damn good wage. They are lucky and they know it. They are not going to do shitty work.
  4. Come winter it will seem like Im starting a helicopter with all the buttons pushed. Push start button. Push auto-stop button. Hold in traction control button to shut off traction control and stability control.
  5. This. Much more forgiving in the snow and mud.
  6. That antenna is cool but since its aluminum and stiff I worry about catching it with something and doing damage to truck. I opted for the rubber version. I've had it on my last two trucks. 11 inch flexible antenna.
  7. What are people doing with the new model that like to protect their vehicle with mud flaps? I've always put them on, but there are those "things" that came with the vehicle. The one on the front is semi functional but I notices this weekend a lot gets past it when off pavement. The ones on the rear are simply on the wrong side of the tire so I dont know what they are supposed to do? Would it look silly to just install larger ones in front and do nothing in the rear?
  8. I havent purchased one in my life. After 33 years of buying things and new vehicles I am WAY ahead of the game. I doubt I have any risk at all of regretting not buying one for my 2019.
  9. Wimpiest paint I have ever owned. A fly landing hard can scratch it. I'm concerned about hunting season but no sense worrying about it.
  10. Sometimes it sounds a little like a Muncie Rock Crusher!!! But its inconsistent and not always detectable.
  11. I have 9k on my 6.2 10-speed. Fantastic transmission so far.
  12. I feel lucky because I love my truck inside and out. I am just bummed that I must put a topper on it. Very bummed. However its a necessity for bird hunting with friends and dogs. Ordered it last week. I know once its on, my bed will be much more user friendly. Always had them and always will. The seats are comfortable and the steering/handling is tight and right. No reason to complain at all. Of course I built mine around the drive train and the 6.2/10 is SWEET!
  13. I was all set to buy a range device mostly to keep all 8 cylinders firing however for the following reasons I have not: 1. I dont KNOW that cylinder deactivation will cause future problems and I really like the gas mileage. I have no issues with how it runs. 2. I can turn off auto stop and do every time I start the truck. 3. Afraid of possible warranty coverage issues.
  14. I love my 19 interior. Coming from a 13. Everything is right there and easily accessible. More like a cockpit. To be fair I have a 6.2 max tow with 10-speed tranny so it would be hard for me find fault as much as I enjoy the drive train which is what I built the vehicle around.
  15. My minor gripe is that my 2013 LT had backup sensors and my 2019 LTZ does not. After being used to it I'm afraid I am going to eventually back into something because it saved me from doing so a few times in the past.
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