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  1. When the filter is changed a quart is lost and must be added back.....
  2. Mobile 1 and wix filters. At around 5000 miles I change the filter and add a quart then run it another 2000 miles or so. I have done that on my last 5 vehicles with no problems. I trust my own experience over anything I read that says it should be done more frequently.
  3. We would own a 4 runner right now if they weren't so gut wrenchingly under powered. My wife and I made it a block on our test drive then turned around discusted. She wanted a real 4x4 bad to replace her last one but ended up with a Murano.
  4. I have the slamming tranny. It has done it about 6 times. Always when slowing to take a right turn. Scares the crap out of me. The engine is so quiet I don't realize it's reving then bam. I immediately called the dealer the first 4 times so it was on record. This over 16 months. My 10 speed isn't as smooth after 30k miles but it hasn't been back to the dealer once. Finally getting all the recalls next week.
  5. 30k on my 19 6.2L. Has not been to the dealer once since picking it up over a year ago. They keep pestering me to get the recalls done. It's been a great vehicle so far.
  6. Mobile 1 and wix filter. The filter is also branded as Napa Gold. I change the oil filter and add a quart at 5000 miles then run it another 2-3k. I have done this to multiple GM trucks and Jeeps for over 25 years with perfect results.
  7. Im sure its just a coincidence but I had to add oil to my 2019 6.2 recently after adding catch can. Before that I dont recall it being low. This would be the first vehicle I have owned in my 55 yo life that used oil. I am disappointed.
  8. Nothing but 91 non-oxy by me which is fine but I filled with 92 at a distant Marathon station last week and I could feel the difference. I liked it.
  9. Just received my JLT can. The directions dont match my 6.2 My hose appears to be right up front. It couldnt be any easier. Is that the correct hose? pic attached.
  10. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. And no I dont think any member of my family, including me, is more important than our country. That would be exceptionally selfish.
  11. Part of me thinks this because the fatality numbers don't justify what is being done to our economy and way of life. Maybe this is the economic reset the market has been hoping for all along? Love my Silverado!
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