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  1. I had something like this happening in my old 2009. I put a piece of stick on ‘soft’ velcro under the metal piece and the noise vanished.
  2. Update: Had to replace battery and had everything disconnected for a day. After new battery went in I had a message to ‘Put driver’s window down and up’ on the DIC. Auto appears to be working now like it should (fingers crossed). I think that was the relearning that was mentioned. Thanks everyone for the help.
  3. Hit the auto up on the driver’s side and it will go all the way up and then roll itself all the way back down or down a couple inches. About the only way to keep it in the up position is to stop it before all the way up and hold the button or other weird stuff like turning the truck off and opening the door real quick. Anyone experienced this? Can I replace the motor for a fix or is it a programming issue? Thanks in advance!
  4. I really like the way the Denali looks on the outside. I wish they would have kept some features from the K2, such as the leather wrapped shifter.
  5. I am thinking the K2’s have the auto folding feature? Maybe I am mistaken.
  6. These features appear to have been eliminated in the new 2019 truck: Adjustable pedals Adjustable seat belts over the door grab handles (all 4) Side mirror turn signals Inside door handle lights Console sunglass holder Rear door sill metal inserts (Denali, AT4) Bose speaker chrome trim (front) Leather wrapped gear shift (Denali) Aluminum trim on dash ends Maybe some others? I would really like that HUD out of the T1 though.
  7. Intellibeam is a great option IMO. I have it on my 2016 and it works very well.
  8. Denali features not found on SLT: Color matched bumpers Chrome lower bumper plate Chrome mesh grille Large digital dash cluster Denali steering wheel horn cover Denali stitched front head rests Leather wrapped shift lever Leather seating surfaces with unique stitching Darker aluminum dash trim Chrome center console lid handle Door sill plates with aluminum inserts Darker wood look trim pieces Magnaride suspension Denali specific wheels Denali exterior badging Is that enough to justify the price diff? One has to make the call.
  9. Weathertech No Drill Splash Guards / Mudflaps http://www.weathertech.com/chevrolet/2016/silverado/mudflap-no-drill-digitalfit/silverado-class/1500/silverado-dually/no/silverado-fender-flares-lip-moulding/no/
  10. That could happen, especially for a bigger dealer. This is another picture from the auction:
  11. I am just wondering if the new system will throw a code on the computer. I think leaving the cap off of the 2014 - 2016 can cause the check engine light to come on?
  12. Personally I prefer a plastic liner over the sprayed in version. More protection from dents IMO, plus looks better to me.
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