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  1. I get a popping sound from the roof area on each side of the third brake light. Kinda sounds like metal expansion. Anyone else and if so what did you do to stop it?
  2. You have to ask GM. .When I did the mod to my Ram the MPGs dropped 1 mpg. Small price to pay for a cooler running system.
  3. The dampers/shutters close at hwy speed for aerodynamics/better mpgs.Hence the higher temps. This is why I want to eliminate/modify my shutters.
  4. But they close, I don't want them closed. Radiators never had them b4. They are only there to give better MPGs.
  5. I did it with my 18 Ram and it dropped the temps by 20*, thats huge.I was just wondering if anyone had tried it with the GMC. The Ram temps went from 205 to 185 oil and water , trans hovered 180 b4 and after.
  6. To take them out or to modify them so air will pass 24/7 thru them without getting a code thrown?
  7. CIPA makes great mirrors .No movement at high speed.
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