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  1. The recall that you mention is just a reprogram of the brake module. I just had it done after experiencing the hard braking. My dealership would not even entertain the idea of replacing anything mechanical. I do not feel confident the re program will fix the issue when it seems to be a mechanical failure causing the issues.
  2. Last night I found my passenger side carpet saturated with water in my 2015 Silverado 1500. I lifted the carpet up and found the underlay soaked and a pool of water in the floor pan. After searching the internet I found this is a common problem with many potential sources. The shark fin antenna, leaking seams behind the front fender, through the firewall, and from under the cowl by the windshield wipers. I don’t think mine is coming from the radio antenna or from behind the fender as it is running straight down the firewall from behind the glove compartments. It is raining steady here today and my truck has not moved and it is a steady stream running from behind the glove box. Does anyone have pictures or a better description of where I should be looking on the firewall or under the wiper cowl?
  3. I have two children that are still in rear facing car seats. Sometimes the sun shines in the back window into their faces. Does anyone know of sun screens that will cover the rear window. Factory tint is not dark enough, and not interested in darker tint. I use something like this on the side windows now. https://www.amazon.ca/Munchkin-26202-Safety-Sunblock-Shade-Black/dp/B000GB1ZDE I can’t find one large enough for rear window
  4. I have a set of 20" "snowflake" wheels from a 2015 sierra to go on my silverado. I am looking for some chrome centre caps to match these wheels as the stock ones have GMC on them. Does anyone know where I can get some chrome centre caps with a bowtie( preferably black)? I am canada so my options are limited. I did find some on ebay, but reviews of the fitment were mixed.
  5. I can get a great deal on a bully dog gt tuner. My truck is a 2015 Silverado 5.3l. All it has done is a level kit with 275/60/20 tires. I know there are other options for tuners out there, but I am only considering this one because I can get it for $75. Has anyone used one on these trucks? What can I expect from it? I would like to see some better towing performance and maybe some fuel economy. Are these realistic expectations or are tuners all hype? Are there any other modifications I can do to go along with the tuner?
  6. Had anyone ever heard of "Replika" wheel company? Wondering what the quality of the finish and the wheel itself is like? I am considering buying these for my 2015 Silverado: https://www.replika.ca/productinfo.aspx?wn=r162a&fn=gloss+black They Are much most cost effective than buying OEM wheels from dealership, unless someone knows a place I can get the OEM All Terrain rims at a decent price.
  7. I was going to vinyl wrap my emblems, but after a lot of searching this forum, the majority of people are plastdipping. Are people using glossifier on the bow ties, or leaving it matte? My truck is black.
  8. That what i was thinking, I just wasn't sure if a taller, more aggressive tire and painted black would make them look less dainty
  9. I am looking for an opinion on these wheels. I can get a great deal on them but not sure how they will look with the tires I want. They are FAST eliminator 20x9.5. I put two on my truck to see what they will look like. Would be running 275/60/20 Toyo open country or grappler g2's. What are your thoughts? Considered painting them gloss black as well. Or should I go with a wider spoke?
  10. I have searched every forum I could find be and could not find the answer to what I was looking for. I bought a 2015 Silverado crew cab with a levelling kit already installed, so I am unsure of the levelling kit height. From the ground to top of all 4 wheel wells measure 38 3/8". Most posts I find have guys using a 2 or 3 inch rear block depending on the size of their levelling kit. I would like to add some rake back to the truck so the reAr end isn't lower than the front when towing my ATV or boat. From what I can gather the factory block is 1.25". Does anyone have any opinions on what size block? Is a .75" rear ended lift enough? Will a 1.75" lift be too much if I use a 3"? Does a 3 inch block actually provide 1.75" of lift over stock? Can I just jack the rear of the truck up .75" and then 1.75" to get a feel for what it would look like?
  11. Thanks for the help everyone. One more question: are the tools vehicle specific? Or can I get one to do my Silverado and my wife's Toyota Highlander?
  12. I recently bought a set of steel rims for the winter that have TPMS sensors installed. I was told that my 2015 Silverado can "remember" up to 8 TPMS sensors so if I had the winters rims calibrated to my truck, I would not have to relearn the sensors twice a year when I swap out my winter/summer wheels. If this is true, it would be worth it for me to pay the dealer one time to calibrate my winter sensors to my truck. But if this is not the case, I would be better off buying a tool and doing it myself rather than pay for it twice a year. I am trying to figure out what is more economical. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  13. I know there are hundreds of questions on forums( I have read dozens of them) about LT vs P Metric tires, but i can't find the answer to my specific question. I have an 06 Sierra 1500 that needs new tires (265/70/17). I am looking at the duratracs because they are on sale at the moment. I can get P Metric ($182.00), C ($230.00), or E ($225.99). i understand that E are 10 ply, heavier tire, and more load. A P metric is a passenger tire. My question is... According to goodyear's site the load for the P metric with a load index of 115 is 2679 lbs. The C rated tire is 2469 lbs, and the E rated is 3197 lbs. The truck will be empty 90% of the time. It only hauls a 16' aluminum boat, or a 6x12' tandem trailer I use for home renovations.Will the P metric tire be good enough for me? It has a higher load rating than the C rated tire, but it is $50/tire cheaper. Why is this? Should I spend the extra money on the LT tires? If so, why? The P metric seems more than sufficient to me. I should mention this is a second vehicle and doesn't see many miles and I am not concerned with ride quality
  14. The power light on the mirror is not on. I tried unplugging the electrical connections under both seats and also the mirror. I tried a new fuse and it blew right away. Thanks for all the help, I will just take it to the dealer. I was trying to avoid my local dealer at all costs and the next closest is an hour and a half away.
  15. Is says AIRBAG and its in the fuse block that is under the hood.
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