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  1. This picture shows how much bigger the new generation trucks are compared to the 2019 trucks, big difference in the cab height....it just looks massive to me.
  2. It appears like there's an all black wheel option for the AT4's, I don't see this on the build options....
  3. Speaking of the SLT, I saw this 2020 on Autotrader, I like the looks of the chrome bumpers....tough choice between that and a Denali
  4. First 2020 that I've seen on a lot, looks nice...
  5. One more question, are the wheels stock or did you have to space them out?
  6. Your truck looks great, what size are your tires?
  7. You can now build and price on the Chevy website. summary 2020.pdf
  8. Please post some pictures of your 285/60/20 Cooper AT3 XLT tires, I would like to see that size mounted up.
  9. I just read through the Up fitter documents that newdude posted and it looks like the 18"x8" wheels have a 44 offset and the 20"x8.5" have a 47 offset. 2020_HD_CK_BBM_FS_PUCC_06.05.19.pdf
  10. Tires look great! How does the ride and noise level compare to the factory tires?
  11. Thanks for sharing this Big Bertha, I had a 2015 that did the same thing and I never could figure out what it was. I wonder if the shield got bent some how or if it's just a poor design, I will definitely keep this in mind if my 2018 starts making the noise.
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