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  1. I put the Husky splash guards on and I like them so far, time will tell how they hold up but they seem to be pretty solid and I like how they match up with the factory molding.
  2. Installed Husky splash guards on my 22 AT4 HD, easy install and I like how they match up to the existing molding.
  3. Please post some pictures of your new truck when you have time, would love to see it....
  4. Great looking truck, those AT4 wheels look really nice! Was there any issues with getting the Chevy center caps to fit correctly?
  5. Truck looks great! What are the specs on your wheels and tires?
  6. You have to push the button twice to open all 4 doors and just once to unlock the door you're opening.
  7. The one that came with my High Country didn't have the hole for the camera so I cut one in it. The dealer did replace it under warranty with a new cover that has the camera hole in it but I don't have a picture of it. The one in the picture is the cover that I cut the hole in, it's not a terrible looking cover and it seems to look a little better than the GMC covers. I will say it's easier to put on and take off than some of the older models.
  8. I only really wanted the basic remote start app plan so I pushed the blue onstar button and was prepared to haggle with them. I talked to a customer service guy and told him I thought $15 per month was too much for the basic remote plan. Without hesitation he instantly dropped it to $7.00 per month for one year, he said it will automatically go back to the $15 rate after the year is up. He said when that happens just contact onstar again and they will lower it back to the $7.00. I can live with that...
  9. Sorry to hear you're having issues Scot as these things never pop up at a good time, that would make my head explode if that would've happened to me in that situation. I've had 4 different Duramax trucks over the last 12 years and all of them had the exhaust after treatment systems on them. I feel lucky as the only real issue that I've had is my 2008 and my 2015 would put off a burning oil smell in the cab when they would regen. On both trucks the dealership replaced the downpipe and the problem went away. My new 2020 and my 2018 L5P trucks have both worked without any issues so far, I can always tell when it's in regen mode because the exhaust has a hot burning smell to it and the RPM's are a little higher at idle speed but other than that it goes undetected. I have yet to see any codes or messages that say cleaning the exhaust filter keep driving, is that message something new and where does that message come up at? Good luck on getting it resolved!
  10. Not sure if you found a truck yet but here's a 2020 GMC Denali 3500HD in Fremont Nebraska https://www.siddillonbuickgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?year=2020&make=GMC&model=Sierra 3500HD
  11. I used a 3-7/8" for the large center hole and a 3-1/2" on the smaller holes. I drilled them from the top, on my 2018 the factory put small dimples in the bed for the hole locations which made it pretty simple.
  12. I found an extra cap that I had for the smaller holes but I can't find any info on the larger center cap. I traded that truck in on a 2020 so I can't look at the center plug. Attached are pictures of the smaller plug. I'm sure the local dealership could help you out with them.
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