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  1. AT4 HD

    The black AT4's look pretty darn nice in my opinion....
  2. If you're wondering what black looks like on an AT4 I saw these pictures on Instagram....
  3. I will look when I get home tonight to see what size of hole saws I used, I cut them from the top. If you look closely at the bed floor you will see 5 small indented dimples, they are in the exact location where the holes need to be cut. The pilot drill bit on the hole will center up on the dimple nicely. I will let you know what size of hole saws I used later.
  4. Nice truck! What's the spec's on the tires and any other goodies you may have added?
  5. Here's some more pictures of the install...
  6. I installed the factory hitch in my 2018 a year ago and I can tell you that it bolts to the frame. I looked at several new trucks sitting on car lots that came from the factory with the hitch installed and they are identical to what I put on my truck. The install actually was fairly simple, the toughest thing for me was getting past the fact of cutting holes in the bed floor of my brand new truck. GM makes drilling the holes a little bit simpler by putting dimples where the holes go, the first picture is of the slug that came from the hole saw and you can see the dimple indention around the center pilot hole. After I cut the holes in the bed I painted the edges with some black bed liner to keep it from rusting. Next thing is I had to remove 8 bolts that hold the box to the frame and then lift the box up about 7" to allow enough clearance to slide the hitch into place. There's a factory heat shield that has to be removed and it's held in with 4 bolts, the new hitch has a heat shield that fastens to it but it has to be ordered separate. After sliding the hitch into place it gets fastened into place with (4) bolts on each side, the frame comes with pre-threaded holes in the frame so you don't need nuts. I just hand tightened the bolts on the hitch and then lowered the bed back down on the frame so I could make sure it lined up with the cut outs in the bed. Once I checked the alignment I torqued the bolts tight. GM doesn't supply any installation instructions which sucks but I did find a post on another forum from a guy who had made up a step by step process which really helped. I will see if I can find a link to that post and I will share it, here's some pictures of my install. It wouldn't allow me to download anymore than 4 pictures at a time so I will add some more shortly...
  7. Silverado HD revealed

    Here's a shot of the LTZ, I like the looks of it.
  8. 2020 Sierra HD AT4

    Here's a link to a video of the reveal yesterday and they have an AT4 with a Duramax.....
  9. The only pictures I have seen are the ones with light camo, from my stand point I like the GMC front end better than the chevy but I'm not thrilled about the fender well shape of the GMC. I'm anxious to see one without the camo and to see one in person. They for sure are going to look a lot different than the current model....
  10. 2020 HD's

    I think the High Country HD looks pretty darn good, here's a couple of pictures I found on Instagram.
  11. Rancho or Bilstein?

    Where is the best place to purchase the Bilstein shocks from?
  12. 2020HD Wish List

    I don't think you understand my point, until you can give us real world feedback from driving and using a HD truck on a daily basis along with being the guy that pays the expenses then you really don't have any valuable experience to offer, going off a friends opinion does nothing for me. I'm part owner of a business and we own 4 GM HD trucks with Duramax diesels and 1 Dodge HD with a Cummins. I like the Cummins engine but the drive train and suspension on it have given us some problems, we use our trucks every day and can't afford having them sitting in the shop. I can honestly tell you that our Dodge has been in the shop more than the 4 GM trucks combined so for me the Duramax/Allison combination that GM offers right now is hard to beat. I can't tell you they are better than the Ford Superduty because I've never owned one but based off of my experiences I can for sure tell you the GM is better than the Dodge.

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