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  1. Truck looks great with that wheel and tire combo! How do those tires compare to the factory tires in terms of ride and road noise?
  2. I installed the hard folding cover made by Rev that's available through the GM accessories, I got it using the business choice rewards when I bought my new truck. Probably would've ordered a Bakflip if it wasn't for the business choice rewards, it installed easy and it appears to be pretty solid. There were a few gaps in the front corners that I had to put some weather strip in but other than that it seals up pretty nice.
  3. I have 295/60 r20 tires on my truck, no issues at all.
  4. Here you go, I took a couple of pictures because the sticker is hard to get a good shot of as it's in a tight spot.
  5. For sure, they weren't great by any means though, the light was ok but what drove me nuts was they would vibrate when I hit a bump in the road.
  6. My 2018 GMC Denali 2500HD had factory HID head lights, the Chevy High Country's had Halogen.
  7. My 2020 High Country 2500HD has LED head lights and they are a big improvement over the HID lights that my 2018 Denali 2500HD had. Fog lights are LED as well...
  8. Thanks! I would think you could put the HC grill on a LT truck, it looks to me like it would probably bolt up fine but you would need to get the body colored plastic trim piece that runs below the grill and then wraps around up the front of the fenders.
  9. Here's my new High Country 2500HD Duramax.
  10. Does anyone have a new 3500HD with the heavy duty front spring package? Just wondering what the ride is like?
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