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  1. New truck came in. First time I have seen this new color on an SLT. Take possession tomorrow.
  2. Do you have any pictures from the side? Did you have to level? Do the tires rub? thank you for posting!!
  3. Have a 2021 HD GMC on order. I want to put on some BFG KO2 immediately. 285/65/R20 I plan to keep the stock wheels and tires together in the case of warranty work etc. I have a second set of stock wheels the BFGs will go on. Anyone have pics of these on stock 20" GM Wheels? Curious if they rub etc. Thanks in advance. Wouldn't mind seeing the 295/65R20 as well.
  4. I believe GM uses the 6 speed because it has a long track record of being reliable for fleet customers. Fleet customers buy gas engines and even thought the 6.6 is new the LS design is just as reliable. GM used the 6.0 gas engine in the 2500 from 1999-2019. It is doubtful you will see a 10 speed until a body style update happens again. 2025 maybe???
  5. I have test driven several new HD trucks and had a loaner 2019 1500 for a week. Why do I need the Driver Alert 1 and 2? My current truck has none of these and truly I don't need them. Explain your experiences and why you like them or how they were helpful to you. I see them as failure points causing costly repairs in the future. Thank you
  6. Two main questions Would you consider a 3500 over the 2500? Would you consider daily driving the 8ft bed over the following configuration? : 2021 GMC 2500 CrewCab Duramax Regular Bed 4x4. It is roughly $1000 more to get the 3500. $200 for only the long Bed. I can see I will lose some ride quality with the 3500. The 8ft bed will be a bit more tricky to maneuver in Omaha. I know I will use the 8ft bed on a regular basis. Thoughts and Experiences?
  7. From the stand point of owning the multi pro tailgate why would you get it? And how do you use it? If you own one, would you prefer to delete it? I did notice the delete option is gone on the 2021 configurator.
  8. 2020 gmc hd Sle/Slt Denali = 4000 off AT4 = 2000 off the 2021 GMC HD configurator just went live late this week. Here is what it is showing: 2021 gmc hd Sle/Slt Denali = 3000 off AT4 = 1500 off. Not saying that is guaranteed but is better than nothing. We are in unprecedented times so I don’t think anything will be normal and I agree rebates generally don’t get extended to brand new.
  9. I was wanting to buy a 2020 HD SLT but pretty much everything is gone from everywhere and the units left are sky high $$$. Does anyone know when things will get rolling again? I thought 2021s were supposed to show up now. I am thinking of ordering because it may be difficult to secure one you want without doing so. Side note, does anyone know if the rebates are going to roll over to the 2021s? Thank you
  10. Questions about the GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 SLE vs SLT Says the SLT and above have High Intensity headlights What do the SLE come with then? Hopefully not halogen. What is the upgrade path for the SLE? Thank you
  11. The sales person said resale may be an issue. The thing I have noticed in looking at 2018/2019 Duramax trucks, there isn't a large price difference between used SLT and Denali. And used SLE to SLT. Mileage and the Duramax are the main factors of resale pricing. The reason I like this option is the prices are getting out of hand. Id love to drop $70k but that is crazy. $55k is also crazy but half tons are really close outfitted in a similar config to what I have now. My SLE build are as follows. 2500 Crew, Reg Box (I might order a long box) I have had were all my
  12. Laura Buick gmc has a few slt duramax hd trucks for right around 60k. I am looking at doing a sle to get under 55000. I want the new style, the duramax and the 10 speed. Crew cab and 4x4. Probably order in early August and get in October. I am sure slt will have better resale but looking at the bottom line. Thoughts?
  13. The truck is paid for. It is funny you said that about wheels and tires. I have been looking at a few options in the past week. I am sure it can go to 300K no problem. I am not saying there won't be repairs, maybe a trans rebuild or diff overhaul. The truck fits my needs very well since it is like a swiss army knife. I use it to pull for my business and as a daily driver. I paid $42,600 out the door from Laura in IL for this truck. The new equivalent would be high 40s at best, most likely 50K. Since I greatly dislike the newer chevy and
  14. I have been looking at newer trucks and thinking this may be the year I sell my truck and buy a different one. My buddy is a used car dealer and he said to make sure to sell it before I hit 150,000 miles. I have about 117,000. Any thoughts on this? I am ready for a different truck. I have been looking at a 2019 2500 Denali Duramax. I really like the new GMC HD too. The price seems unreasonable on the 2020 hd.
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