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  1. I really want a double cab so I will wait a few more months for the 2022 to go on sale. Thanks to all for input. Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you for the details. As I look at the list and a couple other articles I see that GM dual alternators is not what I need. I am looking for a separate alternator that could be dedicated to a camper/trailer and not interfere with the truck's charging system. There are packages like that (ie Nations), just wanted to check if that was the GM dual option. Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  3. What is included in the second alternator option? Is it simply an alternator to which I would directly connect wiring or is there a connection block and fuse on the truck firewall? Thank you.....getting near an order. Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  4. It is expensive to have fun! You have to see some other popups like the Nimbl. This approach gives me a flatbed for use around the farm. Then when traveling a gasser that is easy to get fixed. The MB is great but not easy to get worked on in many places. Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  5. I have somewhat come to the realization that it needs to be built with the bed. After I get it, I would then remove and sell the bed. Just need to make sure there are no bumper sensors since it will probally have to go. Are there other sensors that would cause issues with the bed removed? Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  6. As far as options go. Since I would also like the option to pull a trailer, the options to make that easy would be nice. They mention the 360 degree camera view around the trailer. If there are cameras in the bumper, then it would not work. The GMC upfitter site has a cable package to move the rear camera from the bed door but no mention of trailer camera. At a minimum the Z82 is needed. But what if any camera feature does it include? Anything related to the bed...coatings, camera electrical...are not needed. Many thanks, Pat
  7. Right now I am thinking of this platform: https://ok4wd.com/camping-overland/overland-explorer-camp-hudson-bay-edition-camper The picture is on a regular bed, but there is also a 8'. I like the 8' because the rear of camper is flush to back of truck which makes towing possible. Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
  8. I am considering a 2021 3500HD that will be fitted with a flatbed for a truck camper. If I go through the build website and delete the bed, many options are also removed. So I am thinking of a build with the bed and then remove it later. Have others done this and would like to pass on their experiences? What options should not be selected? For example, the flatbed I will use probably will not need the rear bumper, so options with sensors in that bumper should not be selected. Can the trailering option work in this situation? Thanks for any help! Sent from my KFKAWI using Tapatalk
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