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  1. 2nd trip with this truck and yet again “Check Engine Light” came on. Has 2100 miles on it now. Scheduling another trip to the stealer to see what it is this time. I am quite annoyed now, I’ll post an update when I get the truck in for service.
  2. Recently had a CEL pop up on truck (2021 GMC 3500HD Denali Duramax) with only ~900mi. A trip to the stealer identified a service bulletin to reprogram the ECM with calibration updates to correct a software anomaly. Anomaly? Really GM? I could accept something like this for the first units off the line with a new model year, but a year+ later not so much. Anyone else experienced this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Looks great! What size and style tires? Any rubbing or trimming? Is it leveled, what kit?
  4. This is a very clean solution. Is solution available for purchase somewhere? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Can you tell me generation iPod nano you are using?
  6. Anyone connected an iPod for music playback through their stereo? I have an older 4th Gen iPod nano trying to get connected to the trucks stereo with no luck. The iPod is charging and playing music but the truck doesn’t recognize the device in stereo and no sound. anybody tried or doing this and can provide some ideas what is going on?
  7. This looks really good. For the chrome delete, how is the color match on the white vinyl? It is hard to tell from the pictures and lighting. Your truck color is Summit White? Can you share the brand/color used?
  8. Truck looks good! Curious if you can deploy the Amp steps without having to have a door open. In my F150, I could through the info center deploy the steps out and they would stay out until setting was changed or truck began moving.
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