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  1. i use mine way more than i thought i would
  2. thats correct - the 1/2 ton and 3/4 tailgates \beds are different now due to bed heights. they did not want the beds getting too high for fifth wheels . my dealer did not know that when they got first 3/4 ton in and tried to put kicker speaker on tailgate that they had from a 1/2 ton
  3. it is at4 - just without badges. doesnt matter - their is not lifts on 2500's
  4. thanks for info cdh7917 . I had last duramax leveled ,UCA and cut metal and still rubbed . I hated that . I may choose to go with 295/65 when these wear out and maybe turn keys a little -
  5. stocks rims would have less chance to rub i have fuel with +20 also and hate to hear they rub . i have the stock tires on now. going in and out of farm fields would surely rub then i would guess.
  6. beds are different -2500 have are 1\2" lower and so is tailgate. also different lenghts 6'9" and 8"
  7. i have mine at dealer today for 3rd time . will see what happens also. the steering recal. did take care of 80-90% of issue i though. is a pain in ass though as you stated for a very expensive truck . i got a survey from GM and i stated my displeasure and they have called 4x and called the dealer to try to fix . GMC Proactive Customer Outreach Team is who called me
  8. only diff is leather on seats they use in denali vs at4 and yes about 1000-1500 diff in price. all other options the same except rims.
  9. GM sells the blackout emblems - where i got mine
  10. first person i have heard with this on . got a pic? i like my ford work car with that on it - never take keys out
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