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  1. Just plugged mine in and it tripped gfi on 20 amp breaker. Moved to different circuit and did same
  2. I have 3 replaced free by dealer within 2 yrs. They work for an hour ,then not for 1 hr, then back on ect…….
  3. And no adaptive cruise on 2022 models either. Yeaaaaaa. A win finally for someone sense
  4. I kept my last duramax wheels and 10 yrs when I sold truck got 200 for them . Tires should not be used after 7 yrs . I used during winter a few times , but I sold mine from this new truck . Not worth keeping around when you can get top dollar now
  5. 9 (2) outer tie rod ends (2) upper ball joints (2) lower ball joints (1) top of pitman arm at the center link side of the arm (1) top of idler arm pivot bracket (1) top of idler arm at the center link side of the arm
  6. It looks like the factory retractable steps are longer than the Amp steps when looking at pictures
  7. The titan tank in my 2009 was best mod beside Efi live . Stock 26 gal tanked sucked while towing . The 36 gal is a lot better and unless I was pulling more often won’t change.
  8. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNJLP4G9Gx5rTcUcSk3wgg8qXmS63TxI6NR190l
  9. Coverking neoprene . Had on 2009 also. I had issue on 2020 stitching and sent me new ones.
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