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  1. I just got done rotating tires, changing oil and greasing .i would say yes on removal of skid plate. Only four 15mm bolts . The 3 fittings on idler arms aren’t easy either. The dealer or quick change shop would never get to them
  2. after 11k miles the stock goodyears seem to have almost completely stopped vibrating .
  3. never would of found the 9th grease if it wasn't for this thread. took front skid plate off to reach . Thanks
  4. https://www.etrailer.com/p-C60692.html?hhyear=2020&hhmake=GMC&hhmodel=Sierra+2500
  5. good looking hat . but my google imagines dont show it finally found it and see what u mean https://gmdealerstore.com/product/addicted-to-duramax-distressed-velcro-back-cap/
  6. they don't go the same distance out from truck from outside of mirror to B pillar driver side 32", passenger 29"
  7. maybe cause they are not the same distance out - would make sense. they are not even
  8. are there some pics of multi- pro tailgate debadged partially ?
  9. what is correct gm part # for the GMC black emblem (3 indiv letters)?
  10. i bought Huskys for suv and weathertechs quality has gone down the tube i last 5-10 yrs. the factory ones though from GM go alll the way and cover the carpet now - way better in my opinion . my 09 duramax - everytime i went to farm- i had to clean the mud off carpet between mat . But i will buy Husky over Weathertech any day
  11. i can be careful waxing for $800 for now- but thanks for info
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