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  1. Mobil 1 oil filter # is M1-210A. they went to metric threads now so old filters dont work
  2. not checking DEF level is like not checking fuel gauge when picking up new at dealer. Its your fault. CEL has stayed off since fix at dealer last thursday. P20EE fix finally has worked.
  3. fuel 20*9 +20offset . stock tires https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipNtbmW506NiU3VO_MhfDvl6rdLQG48ZZXjTwjw_
  4. took to dealer today and got the fix , dealer was also doing his trucks on lot
  5. p20ee came on today on trip - stopped at dealer and they put new fix in - were also doing their trucks on lot
  6. Fuel wheels , oem Denali wheels will be for sale now when i get chance to put on sale page-
  7. just for additional gauges . no derringer yet
  8. if hauling 1-2hrs away i would use 1\2 ton but longer than that they suck . i have 20ft enclosed and dealer let me use 1\2 ton at for 800 mile round trip till my new 2020 hd came in and it sucked trailering for that long
  9. superior ut-55.over 2100lbs empty is what i use. 1\4 inch walls 1\2 inch triple step door http://www.superiorgunsafes.com/theuntouchableseries.html
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