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  1. I will not buy Weathertech anymore - used to praise them . now they suck the trans and non trans wiener liner or factory GM liners now are great my 2017 Yukon denali GM liners didn't go under Driver gas pedal - so cut up weathertech liner and glued under neath to get full protection
  2. I have new mx4 in garage waiting for my truck picking up this weekend
  3. fuel 20*9 with 20 offset should take the stock tires and wouldn't rub?
  4. had one built since 6\25 and sitting in lot waiting to be shipped while trucks built after it a month already to dealer. so dealer swapped with another dealer on red and getting my carbon black denali this week . a cluster F.
  5. picking up carbon black denali this weekend . have bakflip already in garage and have cermic polish appoitment made
  6. just saw youtube where dealer took off flares and painted and smoked markers - Looked great - more ideas to spend $
  7. agree - that and not having a better way ti tilt on 70k truck
  8. thanks- whats a body shop charge to replace rear ?
  9. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2019-sierra-1500-auxiliary-trailer-camera-vehicles-with-trailer-camera-package-uvi/84580657-p-92301886.html
  10. how do you tint the fender markers? whats best to blacken gmc emblems ?
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