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  1. beds are different -2500 have are 1\2" lower and so is tailgate. also different lenghts 6'9" and 8"
  2. i have mine at dealer today for 3rd time . will see what happens also. the steering recal. did take care of 80-90% of issue i though. is a pain in ass though as you stated for a very expensive truck . i got a survey from GM and i stated my displeasure and they have called 4x and called the dealer to try to fix . GMC Proactive Customer Outreach Team is who called me
  3. only diff is leather on seats they use in denali vs at4 and yes about 1000-1500 diff in price. all other options the same except rims.
  4. GM sells the blackout emblems - where i got mine
  5. first person i have heard with this on . got a pic? i like my ford work car with that on it - never take keys out
  6. i pulled 20ft enclosed 7000 lbs right before (sold 2009 dmax 3 wks before) my 2020 2500hd came in 800 miles with 1/2 ton 5.3l and was worst experience in world . if you can afford towing with extra weight of truck and braking is worth the piece of mind and safety
  7. you guys better be real careful if snow falls and add a few inches and you hit top
  8. yes liners- they go all the way up covering all the carpet . unlike others
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