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  1. Curt manufacturing has 2 5th wheel hitches available through the Chevy accessories catalog that fit the new hitch platform design. They have a 20k and a 25 k hitch now available and they also have the gooseneck ball and chain hooks available as well.
  2. Those look nice, I prefer the factory flaps but weather tech also makes a quality no drill product as well, perhaps a little cheaper. But where do you go for a dually for the rears?
  3. Do you have a long bed or a shorter box, I can't see it making a difference for a gooseneck though.
  4. I have owned 3 1500's before buying my 2018 2500 HD Duramax and I haven't seen any big difference at all between the gas mileage. Most of my driving is highway so that helps. I average about 22.5 consistently. Extremely nice when towing our camper, no down shifting, just cruising. So know we will see how my new 3500 HD Diesel dually runs with the higher gear, I'm guessing it should do a little better just because of the gearing.
  5. I ordered my 3500 HD dually 2 weeks ago and yes I guess we will need patience. At loss's of 80+ million a day I don't think it will be very long....I hope
  6. Does it open all the way, it looks pretty nice. I've always bought the snapdown type, they are a pain but they keep things nice and dry.
  7. That's awesome info, even tho I just got back from ordering it irregardless of the design. That does make me happy , thanks
  8. Beautiful truck, love the color and all the up grades
  9. I've seen these pictures before, advertising photos from the GM/Chevy websites. The tail lights on the SRW 3500 are like the ones on the 1500's, I think they hired a Ford designer, just about butt ugly. Only on the dually am I seeing this style so I'm wondering if this is really making production, it looks so much better.
  10. I have seen only pictures of the rear tail lights on the 2020 3500 dually and they do not look like the single axle one ton. Can anyone verify that they are different, or do the look like the rest of the truck line, thanks.
  11. Wow, thanks for all of your help, a lot of people offering up experience and suggestions and that was exactly what I was looking for. Pretty sure we will go with the dually, I know it will definitely handle our new fiver safely. I'm probably going to order it tomorrow if I have the time. And of course I will be on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive and yes I will post pictures, thanks everyone.
  12. Really, I've been checking the accessories catalog on line and haven't seen it yet, that's the only thing I'm waiting on.
  13. Super nice truck , I'll be ordering a 3500 dually as soon as the accessories Dept has the Curt 5th wheel legs available, I will definitely post pictures of that when it arrives. It looks sweet, I'm sure you will enjoy it
  14. Sounds like a plan, if you have exhausted all other avenues that's all that is left, good luck.
  15. I would think that if it works on one of your 3 trailers it's probably not the truck. I would double check all the connections and lights on the affected trailers just to make sure everything is good there. I would second guess most of the info I get from the tech's, they have led me astray before, just saying. Maybe you could hook one of your other trailers up to a friend's truck to see if the lights work, just a few suggestions.
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