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  1. The NAV TV unit just like any other integration piece for cars and trucks, just reads the data signal and then create its own output. So if their warning chimes are multiple one second beeps then that’s what you get. I’ve heard that NAV TV’s customer service is pretty good. If you have questions about the unit, or what may have changed since it was installed, I would recommend giving them a call.
  2. I believe the warning message at the beginning of this video will answer your question:
  3. The 2021 HD step do come down. 2:27 on the video:
  4. Personally I’m very curious about peoples’ experience with the Bilstein shocks both the 4600 and 5100. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, but I’ve never tried them myself. Apparently the 5100 are better if you are loaded with payload and the 4600 are better for SRW and the 5100 are better for dually. Does anyone have experience with either of these, and on which truck?
  5. You didn’t specify gas or diesel, so here is the MBRP for the 6.6 Gas: YouTube Link
  6. Well they put up the online build and price today for the 2021 on http://www.GMC.com so have fun!
  7. Yep. No need to add holes to the door when you can mount the tweeters in the dash and get a good sound. The PAC Audio (a.k.a. Best Kits) speaker mount adapters actually come with the adapter mount to put a tweeter in the dash location. https://catalog.pac-audio.com/catalog/installation-accessories/2014-2020-general-motors
  8. B&W released new hitches to work with the Multi-Pro Tailgate at SEMA: https://www.bwtrailerhitches.com/product/multipro-tow-stow
  9. Looks like NAV-TV has come out with a Zen interface that should allow you to replace the Bose amplifier and have line level out or optical Toslink (S/PDIF) output from the stick 8" head unit. I'm personally interested in what PAC will come out with, but this opens up many possibilities for aftermarket audio. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT955/zen-avb-gm.html
  10. I was just wondering that myself. It's already bad enough that they leave it in D when the manual to use L for towing on hills to select the appropriate transmission range.
  11. If they still haven't figured out how to get a clean audio signal from the headunit because GM changed up the data system once again, I wouldn't hold my breath on an inline recorder coming out anytime in the next few years. There would also have to be a demand for it to make the R&D worth while to make it. So I will correct myself to say improbable, not impossible.
  12. Not possible. You will need to buy a separate dash cam setup.
  13. I would assume that the reason is because of all the additional parts in the multiple tailgate taking up the space where the motor would be to lift the gate. Plus the cavity that is there by default for the Kicker sound system that can be added.
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