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  1. B&W released new hitches to work with the Multi-Pro Tailgate at SEMA: https://www.bwtrailerhitches.com/product/multipro-tow-stow
  2. Looks like NAV-TV has come out with a Zen interface that should allow you to replace the Bose amplifier and have line level out or optical Toslink (S/PDIF) output from the stick 8" head unit. I'm personally interested in what PAC will come out with, but this opens up many possibilities for aftermarket audio. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT955/zen-avb-gm.html
  3. I was just wondering that myself. It's already bad enough that they leave it in D when the manual to use L for towing on hills to select the appropriate transmission range.
  4. If they still haven't figured out how to get a clean audio signal from the headunit because GM changed up the data system once again, I wouldn't hold my breath on an inline recorder coming out anytime in the next few years. There would also have to be a demand for it to make the R&D worth while to make it. So I will correct myself to say improbable, not impossible.
  5. Not possible. You will need to buy a separate dash cam setup.
  6. I would assume that the reason is because of all the additional parts in the multiple tailgate taking up the space where the motor would be to lift the gate. Plus the cavity that is there by default for the Kicker sound system that can be added.
  7. Sounds like a brake switch issue not sensing that you have applied the brakes, which it needs to see to release the truck from Park. I'd take it to the dealer.
  8. This is a list of all the Dexos1 Gen approved oils directly from GM: https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos1/index.html
  9. Did you want to black them out completely? How do they look in the dark when the lights are on?
  10. If you have a volt meter, put the positive on the fuse and use the negative to probe different pieces of metal until you find the piece with the highest voltage. That's your ground. Sometimes bare metal still only gives you 9-10 volts, not 13-14 volts. It depends on how that bare metal is connected to the rest of the truck. Low voltage can damage electronics.
  11. Not sure why, but the fleet guide clearly states that you can not add the Pro Grade Trailering with the SLT Convenience Package:
  12. I'm glad it's not there. it just rattles when I turn up my subwoofers.
  13. Is that the 6'9" bed? If so, what are you pulling with it and how far can you turn before there is a cab clearance issue?
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