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  1. Right. All the other factors have lead us to looking at GM trucks, not Ford or Ram. But, since we have 2 choices of looks for the same capability/truck looks do come into play.
  2. If you have a chance, can you ask about (or measure) the distance of the puck system for fifth wheels from the back of the cab? I know that in the 'standard bed' they moved the gooseneck adapter 2 inches back behind the axel (centered over the springs) and that they lengthened the bed, so I'm REALLY interested in any improved turning cab clearance when towing fifth wheel trailers.
  3. I have alway bought Silverados... I REALLY wanted to like the HDs and I have done my best to look at all the images and videos I can find to give it the benefit of the doubt. If I was buying this as a work truck that would get abused over time, I would get the Silverado, as I wouldn't care much about the looks. But in my case, and a lot of others cases as well, this will be my primary tow vehicle and my daily driver. IF the HDs looked like the new 1500's, I would buy the 3500HD Chevy. But in this case, I will be looking at this truck for at least the next 10 years and my eyes just have to go with the GMC Denali over the Silverado High Country.
  4. Unless you are in the media and need GM to trust you in the future, Zane already posted some from the event. Post all you want. If the trucks were in a public space that was viewable by just the naked eye (no telephoto lens, etc.) you have full right to take and post the photos, just like street photography. Then they can only ask you not to post them.
  5. As soon as GM releases the pricing for all makes, models AND optional features. This will probably be after one more press event, but they are starting to send vehicles to reviewers. TFL said that they should be getting a Silverado HD (didn't specify the model) next week to start testing. There is enough information out there right now to make a pretty good guess at build pricing, but nothing solid.
  6. That's why I put 'some' pricing. However, you can check the other thread I started where TFL posted all the pricing for the Silverado HDs and you can make a pretty good guess about what the GMC version will cost.
  7. https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/06/2020-chevy-silverado-hd-pricing/
  8. Their media site has been updated with specifications as well. https://media.gmc.com/media/us/en/gmc/vehicles/sierra_hd_denali/2020.tab1.html
  9. https://www.gmc.com/trucks/choose-your-sierra-heavy-duty-pickup-truck Click on the 2020 button in the red if it doesn't show up by default:
  10. 6.6 gas

    Might get better fuel mileage using the 3.73 while still applying more power to the ground. You can also swap in a 4.10 later for some serious power to the ground if someone wanted even more.
  11. 6.6 gas

    Yeah. When I finally found the SAE chart for the L8T it let me know that I will have no problem using the 6.6 gas for my daily driver or towing a fifth wheel RV. I mean, this thing idles with almost as much torque as the L96's peak output.
  12. 6.6 gas

    So... I got bored and found the SAE graphs for the L96 and L8T. They were not aligned the same so I did my best to overlay the graphs and I believe them to be 95% accurate (compared to each other). I did this for my own reference, but I thought I'd share in case someone else found this interesting. Credit to ThomCannell who posted the SAE chart for the L8T on this forum:
  13. So just lift it 2" again and now put in 4 10's
  14. Just remember to take those sizes under caution. Crutchfield has been known to be inaccurate on some vehicles in the past.

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