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  1. I know better than most that a lock is for an honest man but nevertheless it is still a deterrent. This is ridiculous, in these times, not to have any security for the fuel system on a vehicle that costs $80K!!! Using your logic no one would lock their home, business or vehicle. I assume you have locks on your home and also utilize them?
  2. On every vehicle I have ever owned or maintained, I have installed a locking gas cap to eliminate theft, contamination and vandalism. I have no idea what the GM brain trust was thinking when they designed the fuel filler on these trucks??? Open the gas door and there is no way to secure the fuel filler opening. Does anyone make a replacement neck that will acccept a screw-on cap so that a locking model may be installed to secure the filler port? Is there a kit to allow installation of a locking gas cap on the factory fuel filler? All suggestions welcomed - Thanks. A problem eliminated is a problem solved!!!
  3. Looking at ordering a 21 2500HD crew cab short bed 2WD GMC. MSRP with delivery at $57,330. What would be a good price not including tax tag dealer fees rebates? Thanks
  4. Man, that looks great and is a really good idea!!!
  5. GM Part #84686275 is "OPEN" style and Chrome - can anyone please verify this part number will work on Gas engine 2500HD?
  6. GMPARTSWAREHOUSE.COM had them listed at $497.25 but I have no idea if they have any in stock.
  7. You should get to keep the stock black arch moldings. I know I found the Summit White online for $500 (+/-) with free freight from several GM dealers.
  8. Did you ever find the correct part number for the chrome OPEN vent? Please let us know thanks!
  9. Did you ever find the correct part number for the chrome OPEN vent? Please let us know thanks!
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