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  1. You don’t need any additives if you use a quality DEXOS GEN 2 oil. I am using Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5W30 with Baldwin filters on a 4500-5000 mile oil change interval. Oil and filters are cheap compared to the investment in your 2500/3500 HD Gas truck! ??
  2. From what I have researched it appears that reducing the oil change interval has a dramatic effect on the quantity of carbon deposits. I plan on using Shell Gas and Truck 5W30 oil and Baldwin B7449 filters on a 4500-5000 mile OCI. The use of a GM Dexos 2 approved oil would also keep your warranty in effect. GM has also designed the valve covers to catch the oil vapor that contributes to creating these deposits. Some owners are also installing Catch Cans to trap the oil vapor. With Direct injection, there is no longer any fuel wash to keep the intake valve clean.
  3. The 6.6L direct injection gas engines in the HD trucks are an unknown commodity as far as carbon build on the valves, etc. There is no longer any fuel wash to help keep the valves clean over time and it is well documented, from other brands, that the carbon build-up can get quite severe using direct injection. Part of the Dexos 2 oil design specifications are to primarily control the residues from oil vapor, blow by and build up in the intake tract. I plan on 4500-5000 mile oil change intervals with Shell Rotella Gas & Truck 5W30 and Baldwin B7449 filters. I’m in FL and the oils look like ice tea when in operation in the heat. Oil and filters are cheap when you consider most have a $70K + investment!!! As they say: “You pays your money and You takes your chances”!
  4. I bought my GMC front and back letter inserts from them in the Waving Flag pattern with the clear domed overlay. They offer many styles and colors and will do custom styles, too. They just completed some specific RealTree pattern for another owner. Good people to work with at very reasonable prices.
  5. Look at DeVries Designs on Etsy or eBay for exact copies of any color or design you want.
  6. Hello, has anyone upgraded their wheels from 18’s to 20’s and can please tell me what is involved in programming the new TPMS and re-calibrating the speedometer? Can the tire stores do both or do you have to go to the dealership? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!!!
  7. Looking to add a set of GMC oem factory 20” wheels replacing my 18’s. Does anyone know where to get the TPMS for the 20’s beside the dealers. My truck is a 2021 Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. No, the factory GM engineers designed an inadequate braking system on a 3500 truck that maxes out at over 30,000 pounds!!! They didn’t factor any extra for safety factor and wanted the additional liability too!!! Gotta love the internet trolls!!!
  9. I use my 770 jump box the past few years - much easier and no jump cables to carry.
  10. Or just buy the B&W Multi-Pro receiver hitch designed to eliminate this problem.
  11. I always deal with the Fleet manager or General manager if there is no fleet man - both are on salary vs commission. If you order and immediately take delivery of your vehicle then there is zero floor plan costs involved - the truck doesn't sit there being financed by the dealership. The incentives vary by month and that will affect your out the door price. Find out if your dealer accepts the Costco $1000 off certificate in addition to the factory incentives. There are other incentives, such as Supplier pricing, 1st responder/medical and GM employee pricing. I ordered my Sierra 2500HD SLT in September and took delivery right before Thanksgiving - got a 2021. My dealer had a hell of a time getting my truck allocated as most have already been spoken for. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!!! Can't say enough good things about Key Buick-GMC and General Manager Derek Archer and salesman "DW" in Jacksonville, FL. Parts department manager, Scott Berni, is great, too - ordered my accessories and used my 21,000 points from GMC Rewards and got 25% off for factory sale to boot!!! They beat any dealership throughout NE Florida and customer service was superb!!! Tell him Sam Michael sent you!!!
  12. Thank you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Not really but because I am vertically challenged even with the running boards I find myself already hopping onto the outer edge of the seat and sliding across into position. On my previous truck I had cloth seats and they held up surprisingly well. I don’t want to rip a seam or scar the leather in this new truck. Thanks for your interest!
  14. Hello, I just took delivery of my new 2021 GMC 2500HD SLT and would like to know if anyone has added an extra key FOB to your new truck? I have the five button FOB with remote start. Does anyone know the maximum number of FOBS the system will allow on these trucks ( 3 or 4)? Has anyone tried any of the recycled FOBS sold rather than a new one from the Dealer? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  15. Hello, I just took delivery of my new 2021 GMC 2500HD SLT and would like to know what seat covers y'all are using on your new trucks? I use my truck for work and play and I am trying to protect the new black leather seats from unneeded wear and abuse. What material did you choose and what do you think is the best all around? . If you have any pictures of your truck's seat covers I would appreciate seeing them. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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