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  1. I've also been making myself nuts trying to find one stand-out cover but crazy how many are out there. It's pretty clear there are a lot that "work" just fine with some that seem to be more popular. I'm leaning toward the BAK Revolver X4 as well. Mainly because it shows no seams and I found a sample section at my local 4Wheel Parts store and it's sturdy as heck.
  2. 2021 GMC 2500 Crew Cab. The RB20 bolt selection coupled with semi-worthless instruction sheet has me wondering which of the bolts are supposed to be used for attaching the boards to the brackets. They included zinc coated bolts with washers that I used to attach the mounts to the frame but they supply TWO different types for the board to be mounted to the bracket. One is a typical M8 1.25x25mm w/ flat washer and lock washer and one is similar but has a TAPER and pre-installed large washer (no lock washers). The tapered one has a slightly finer tooth and does go into the mounts
  3. Super helpful. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks. Found DeVries Signs (not “designs”) on Etsy and all they show are vinyl inserts. Nothing under DeVries Designs came up related to trucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Great, thanks! I’ll read and make sure the rear emblem(s) are for a multi-function tailgate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks! I see what you mean. Just a reminder of why I am not a fan of eBay (to put it mildly). The store of that vendor goes to great lengths to specify it fits. Of course, maybe it “fits” but is not correct. Are yours OEM from GM parts site? Maybe I just need to spend the $160/ea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2021 2500hd Denali. I've searched and not found anything that points to where I can find black front and rear "GMC" emblems. That-is, OTHER than the GMC accessories/parts site ($160 EACH), Are 2020/2021 emblems really different size? I have the multi-function tailgate so I can see how the rear might be different. Any sources you can point me to? This is what I found on eBay but says for 2019. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Black-Chrome-Grille-Tailgate-Emblem-2015-19-GMC-Sierra-1500-2500HD-3500HD/333196874968?fits=Model%3ASierra+2500+HD|Make%3AGMC&ep
  8. I just picked-up my 2021 Denali and it doesn't have the power boards. AMP makes them and as I understand, the quality, fit and finish is excellent. https://www.amp-research.com/powerstep-running-board/2021/gmc/sierra-2500-hd
  9. After looking at many, many, 2018-2019 GMC 2500 Denali trucks, I found a local private party with a MINT condition example with 25K miles. They guy still has the protective film on the buttons and screen, obsessively clean fellow. Completely stock. Excited to close the deal tomorrow. The only option it does not have is the Z71 package. With 1/2 ton trucks that I can actually get into tough off road situations, the Hill Decent Control proved to be very handy. Is this something that can be added since it leverages the cruise and anti-lock brakes? I realize that it won't have the o
  10. My uses will be: Driving 4,000 miles round trip 8x/year. Running unloaded (500lbs in the bed) 1-way on all trips and only 2 of the trips either 10K-20K trailer load or 2,500-3,500 lbs in the bed but not both. When at each destination, it'll be a daily driver. When home in CO, I'd use it for camping and go as far as I can reasonably get 'er off road away from the throngs who have now clogged-up my home state though under no illusions about that given the sheer size. That's probably 4x/yr in dispersed camping areas on BLM land. I'm making myself nuts
  11. I just (2 hours ago) took delivery of my 2020 AT4. My deal was 18.5% off of MSRP and they did me right on my high-dollar trade vehicle. It was very very tough to find the truck in the color and equipment I wanted. New vehicles are flying off dealer lots. Find something on a lot or inbound and lock it up. At 2.1% money from Navy Federal, I used a little of that cheap cash along with my trade value for this deal. Three dealers told me that 0% is only if you pay full MSRP. It is not something I would ever do regardless how long I took to pay. If someone needs to run out to 84 months you
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