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  1. Thank you! Same color. Perfect! I appreciate it!
  2. I understand where you are coming from, However I do not wish to go that dark. I went 15% on my Suburban and regretted it. I want some tint, 25-50% as it says. I just cannot go 20% But thanks
  3. Looking for tint pictures for the front windows. I dont want to go super dark, does anyone have 35%, 40%, 45% or even 50% that they have pictures of? If so post them or message me Thanks
  4. Brand new carpeted floor mats from my 2021 2500 hd. Black. Has Chevrolet on the edge. Should fit 1500s as well but up to you to verify Brand new. In truck for ride home from dealership only Asking $80 for the set. I will ship them but buyer covers all shipping costs
  5. Fit all models of 2019 and up Silverado 1500 as well as 2020 and up 2500 HD models. Made by bd trims. Domed silver tailgate letters. Stick on with 3m. I bought 2 colors as I couldnt decide so selling these now that I used the other color. Brand new still in packaging. Nice quality and fit perfect. Retail is $60.00 I will sell for $50 shipped Direct message me if interested
  6. New lower price, $175 firm cash and carry. I would ship it but buyer covers all fees
  7. I ordered it Monday. It is on a 4-5 week back order so I cannot give you any real opinion on the product, However I am absolutely under impressed with the fact my card was charged twice and it still hasnt been corrected and the salesman on the phone got multiple spellings wrong even though I spelled everything multiple times for him. The second person I have talked to seems to be much better and has promised to handle everything as well as match the price for the presidents day sale they just announced so I was happy with that. I know when I had my 5th gen camaro a lot of guys ran their products and never heard a bad thing about them, but this is my first time going with their equipment. I have used K&N and roto-fab before. Roto-fab was supposed to have one first of the year but still zero updates on that and K&N wont even respond to me so I went with this one
  8. Wish I had saw this sooner, I am selling my brand new factory one
  9. Hey guys, I know somebody has to be running one of these already.. I just ordered the new afe cold air kit for my 6.6 gas. Anyone running one having any issues with the factory air filter usage meter? Can it be disabled? Does it pop a code or tell you to service your air filter every time you start the truck?
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