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  1. So... Stant has a locking diesel fuel cap for the 2020 silverado 2500hd Part # 10591D I'd like to know if that part # would work for a 2021 silverado 2500hd duramax. Still looking for a locking DEF cap as well. I know this might seem 80's but some of us need to have the fuel system secure. My rig is often left in areas where anyone could mess with it without ever being seen. I'll take the peace of mind before I invite an open door policy. Anyone found a solution for the 2021 duramax? Thanks!
  2. i have a 2021 silverado 2500hd duramax... i use a 6” drop for a boat and mine came w a 2” adaptor... which i needed for my buddy’s boat
  3. Would like to know if this is possible. It would be great for my slide in camper setup. The Multi-Flex was not available at the time I got my truck. Not even sure it is available for the 2500HD. Is the Multi-Flex tailgate only configured for a 1500? Would sure like to know if I could replace my current tailgate with the new Multi-Flex. I realize lots of variables... camera, power lift up and down (which I have). My trim level is a souped up LT Crewcab Duramax. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Yes, most of my stuff is boondocking, off grid and ski parking lots. Sometimes power is available at ski areas. But I run with the assumption 110v is not available. I called Lion Batteries and they were super helpful. Their suggestion is to add a RedArc DC to DC Convertor (BCDC1225D) to protect the alternator, control proper charging levels to the lithiums and handle controlling a plugged in solar panel. It pretty much handles all the basic tasks. As usual the more I dig the more i uncover. I appreciate what you share here and want to share what I learned from Lion.
  5. Ok so all this is super helpful... thank you! Next... does my truck have a DC to DC charger built in from the factory? Is that something that comes with the 2500HD as std? I can't tell from any of the material from the dealer. The truck I bought has somewhat of a trailer package... wiring, brake controller. But I don't know how the alternator is set up and if a DC to DC charger is needed. One suggestion is to add a RedArc DC to DC charger to protect the alternator, control voltage to the camper lithium batteries and manage as a solar controller for a port
  6. I'm about to hopefully in June. My truck is a 2021 Silverado 2500HD Crewcab, Std Bed, Duramax, LT. I have a Nucamp Cirrus 620 on order and hope to take delivery then. Would like to learn from others how your electrical system is set up if you have a camper. My disclaimer is I don't have the camper yet, but I'm prepping as much as I can for it. I just don't want to mess anything up electrical or have a wiring harness cut into without understanding why. I just don't get the sense the RV Dealer is versed in knowing the newness of my truck, it's electrical system and how that integrates into a n
  7. Any thoughts on what you've seen, used or liked? With how fancy the tailgate is now with cameras, power down/up, etc... I need to keep gravel, bark and dirt out. Is there one out there without adhesive strips? Seen the pipe insulation, pvc pipe, they still have issues. Seems like the right type of gasket material would be ideal to drop in when needed and peel out when not needed. Tell me what I should use... thanks!
  8. My truck has a 7 pin trailer connection on the rear bumper. I want to put this same connection in the bed of my truck. On the cargo bed wall, rear driver's side is a plastic cover/cap positioned next to the tail gate. Is this a cover for the 5th wheel connection if I had chosen that option? I bought a Curtis 7 way wiring harness to add to my setup and wondered if I can mount the connection to what this plate/cap covers up. You tube has folks drilling a hole in the bed. But, my bed might have one already there capped off. So... wondering if you got the 5th wheel goos
  9. super helpful... thanks for the replies and insights all!
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