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  1. Hey Kirby, check my replies in the wireless carplay section and see if this helps... I had similar issues but am now getting it sorted out... i think? I hope!
  2. I'm looking at truck campers and it seems many of them require removal of the tailgate. Youtube has been lean with how to do this on a 2021 2500HD. With cameras, wiring, connectors etc... does anyone have experience or advice on this? Also wondering about putting the gate back on and issues around connectors getting worn from the process. Once my camper is on, it won't be always on. I'll need the truck for utilitarian needs as well. So looking for a helpful guide into the best way for tailgate removal and re-install. Thanks so much!
  3. So... now my system is working better at recognizing my phone, even if I activate BT after starting the truck and being inside... it feels like it's learning to make the proper handshake protocol to establish wireless connection and projection. So far it keeps improving and seamlessly connecting so that's good. Not sure if there is a learning curve with the electronics, but what I tried in the past that failed is now appearing to work on it's own. So maybe just time and frequency is needed, kinda like a transmission learning shift patterns... hopefully this helpful for others and no wifi going to make this happen.
  4. So I'm currently considering tinting my driver and passenger side windows to match the rear windows.. So here's my question... how long does tinting last before it starts to change? I know a bunch of things can influence this, but let's say install is flawless and highly rated material is used. Care and maintenance is proper. What is a reasonable lifespan? If it's re-done, how does that affect cost to reapply it years down the road? Thanks much!
  5. I have a 2021 Silverado 2500HD, CC, Duramax...just ordered a Leer cap for it. Have to wait 6 weeks before I take delivery. But I like what it has... altho, not inexpensive!
  6. OK... So today... I jumped in my truck and viola! Carplay instantly was established with no effort. WEIRD! Because this is not what I usually experience. Running ios 14.4 on iphone 12. 2021 Silverado 2500HD, CC, Duramax. But here's my new routine that seemed to work this time... Turn on bluetooth on phone before I walk out of the house Enter truck Start truck See what happens... today it worked. I exercised patience, let the truck warm up and the connection pretty quickly established itself. Once thing I am noticing if I remote start the truck or activate bluetooth on the phone after I've been in the truck... no connection. So my current thinking is to have bluetooth on the phone activated prior, then enter the rig, then start it up and be patient. Wifi was turned off. OnStar was very clear that wifi has nothing to do with a carplay connection. My data plan has expired that came with the truck. So I'm not getting that benefit. BUT... I was surprised today by the reveal... not complaining, but celebrating. Will see what happens next time. One thing I have noticed about headunits is they can be affected by temp. I have a suby outback 2015. I use it in the mtns all the time for skiing. It is always fussy about connections and controls on the touch surface until the car has adequately warmed the interior up. Hoping my little trials are helpful to someone else... still experimenting. Side note... the steering wheel controls are exactly opposite of my suby... still sorting that one out as I drive... But i love the truck!
  7. I have a 2021 silverado 2500hd with carplay wireless projection... my experience is (with just 1k I put on the truck so far)... it's finicky to establish a connection via bluetooth for carplay. I've had waaaaaay more failure than success. But I have gotten it to work 3xs. I'm a tech guy and baffled. Wired usb works fine. Onstar has been no help for a solution, they play right out of a scripted play book and in the end, I'm no better off. Disappointing, I've been so looking forward to that feature working seamlessly. Seems more work is needed for integration to flawlessly do what was paid for. Bummed... Open to any ideas... altho I think I've tried them all minus taking it to the dealer.
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