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  1. I ordered a 2021 2500 HD Lt truck in march, then it got moved to a 2022, and finally received my TPW. I am going to put a topper on it, and am looking for the "Red Hot" color code, because with everything else in this world it takes between 4-6 weeks to receive a topper, once ordered. Not sure if they put that color code on a sticker on the truck or if it is part of the VIN#. I have been told by the dealer that the color code for "Red Hot" is WA130X. Not that I don't have faith in that, because I think the code was not from a 2500hd. So, if there is anyone that has a 2021 2500hd Lt Ga
  2. Curious, do people actually wait the recommended 500 miles before towing?
  3. Anyone used those square rubber dampers? Are they worth it? Amazon.com: 3 Pack - 2 Inch Hitch Receiver Silencer Pad for Adjustable Ball Mounts - Reduce Rattle, Eliminate Noise and Provide Cushion Between receivers and Tow hitches - Fits Any 2 inch Trailer Hitch Receiver: Automotive
  4. I went with the Anderson 6" drop. Thanks for all the info, ordered a Chevy so no MP tailgate. The receiver won't stay in the hitch unless I am towing, so corrosion shouldn't be an issue. Most likely going to purchase the lock pin set as well. 2 more questions. Do the new 2500hd come with a 2" insert for the 2.5 receiver? I also see those rubber squares that are suppose to help with noise, any opinion on those?
  5. Patiently waiting, not, for truck I ordered, 2021 2500HD Gas. I was hoping for some recommendations on Hitch receiver, as I have reached "Search" and "Google coma. My current 2003 1500hd I have a 2" drop to pull my 7x19 enclosed trailer, 7ft tall. So am thinking because the 2500HD is 3 inches taller, I will need at least a 6"inch adjustable receiver. I don't plan on lifting or bigger tires, ordered with 18" rims. Really don't need BW stow and go. Hoping to get opinions on Aluminum, vs Stainless Steel, vs Steel. and the longevity of each, as am really not sure of the alumin
  6. Will this fit the blank black plastic piece on the hood. I don't have my truck yet, so I can't measure... https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-GMC-Sierra-6-6-Liter-Gas-Metal-Emblem-84337686-OEM-6-6L-Chevy-Silverado-20-/372715417401
  7. Thanks. That's the factory exhaust option?
  8. Nice looking truck. When did you order?
  9. I have a 2021 2500hd 6.6L Gas ordered I believe I have read every "exhaust" post that I could find here, also very helpful info from this site I might add. I know that borla makes the GM exhaust, and it is a "mild" tone, I am not interested in anything loud, I have a couple of questions: 1. If anyone has installed the GM OEM performance exhaust, do you have a video on the sound ? 2. Is there any affect on performance, good or bad? I don't need better performance on top end, and don't want to loose low end torque, Working on Motorcycles, different exhaust
  10. Thank you for the information
  11. I am new the forum, Just ordered a 2021 2500hd, it has been 18 years since I have ordered a vehicle, I am aware of the delays, but I wanted to know when the VIN# is provided during the process? I want to put a topper on, and the lead time for that is 4-6 weeks. Thanks
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