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  1. It has the 6'8" bed. When speaking to the dealer, before it actually came in, I let them know that once it did arrive, I expected them to take it off the car hauler, and call me, 20 minute drive, so I could see what it looked like, and also they put it up on the hoist, where I spend about 30 minutes inspecting the underside. The dealer was very understanding, and didn't hesitate to my request. The truck was very clean, inside, outside, and underneath.
  2. 1st want to say for those who haven't received your trucks, I certainly understand your frustration. But after 11 months and 1 day, I received my order. Wanted to ask. I have done some searching regarding a seal kit, for the tailgate, as I know that it is not designed to be "dust tight", but wanted to know if anyone has used a seal kit, and was happy with the results. Thanks
  3. Ok, not the same color as my order, Red Hot, that still isn't delivered but thought if it was that would work...
  4. I am with you. I ordered mine on 3-15-2021, and still do not have it.....waiting and patience is not my strong suit.....
  5. This is great!! Thanks to all. Much better response and information than calling several GM dealership parts departments and Gm Accessories. I would have added this as an option when ordering, but would not allow me to order with the color and wheels that I chose. Appreciate it very much!
  6. Thank you very much. Hoping that these would work for my LT as far as wiring etc...I will check that as well. Thanks again
  7. FYI, I also have the Dealer working on this, but was hoping someone here might have the answer. Thanks
  8. I did some searching and did find a couple of post regarding chrome door handles. I am suppose to receive my truck very soon. Red Hot color, but I would like to install chrome door handles. I know that there is a part available, 84102097, but these do not include the passive entry buttons. I am really not sure if my LT has those buttons on all doors, or just 2, but I have searched plenty of GM/Chevy part sites and there doesn't appear to be a part number for these handles with the buttons, which seems odd. Appreciate any info if someone has worked through this. My questions are: 1. I know that the handles with the buttons have a wire harness, would it be possible to just use the handles without the buttons and leave the harness disconnected? or is there some other internal component in the door that would "Need" this connection to avoid an error/code message? 2. Would there be another chevy/gmc vehicle that would use the same door handles? Thanks
  9. I am with you. Initial order on 3/15/2021, then moved to a 2022, sitting in Flint
  10. I ordered a 2021 2500 HD Lt truck in march, then it got moved to a 2022, and finally received my TPW. I am going to put a topper on it, and am looking for the "Red Hot" color code, because with everything else in this world it takes between 4-6 weeks to receive a topper, once ordered. Not sure if they put that color code on a sticker on the truck or if it is part of the VIN#. I have been told by the dealer that the color code for "Red Hot" is WA130X. Not that I don't have faith in that, because I think the code was not from a 2500hd. So, if there is anyone that has a 2021 2500hd Lt Gas, that could let me know if there is a sticker that shows the actual color code somewhere on the vehicle, and if so ,could confirm that the red hot color code is WA130X, I would appreciate it. Thanks
  11. Curious, do people actually wait the recommended 500 miles before towing?
  12. Anyone used those square rubber dampers? Are they worth it? Amazon.com: 3 Pack - 2 Inch Hitch Receiver Silencer Pad for Adjustable Ball Mounts - Reduce Rattle, Eliminate Noise and Provide Cushion Between receivers and Tow hitches - Fits Any 2 inch Trailer Hitch Receiver: Automotive
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