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  1. If you have Curt's package 56072, there should be a cover plate included. Just remove the stock filler cover (that black cover where an equipped truck would have the in-bed plug on the rear drivers corner of the bed) and use Curt's plate and plug in that spot. For those who want to do this as close to stock as possible, you will need GM parts 84056018, 84663240, and 84670050.
  2. It is perfectly normal for these engines. It is most noticeable when you are towing a trailer or going down a hill since these will cause more engine braking due to the weight pushing back through the drive train. I do also suggest that you utilize the engine brake switch in either of these cases as it will flare the turbo to create backpressure there as well for additional deceleration.
  3. GM vehicles do not have sim cards, or at least user accessible sim cards, as from what I've been able find. As for the SD card in the center console, it's for map data only and can be left in. To fully disable the uplink to GM, you have to unplug the OnStar module, but I'm not sure where that is in our trucks.
  4. I went with the hard tri-fold from Rough Country and have been very happy with it. The price is pretty good on them too.
  5. You might take a look at a Speed Turtle 3.0. I have one installed in my truck and it flashes just about everything with several available patterns. It's plug and play and doesn't require modifying any of your lights. I'm a volunteer firefighter and it was a lot easier to go that route on my 2500 compared to installing strobes. Funny enough, it even flashes the little light on the tailgate handle.
  6. That all sounds normal. The mirror lights are the same way. You have to use the button if you want them on.
  7. I don't have the puck system either, but have been thinking about the B&W companion system for when we do upgrade to a 5th wheel. Since I have a 2500 standard bed, do any of you that already have 5th wheels feel that it would be okay to go with the normal 5th wheel hitch with a modern style 5th wheel trailer, or would those of us with a standard beds need to go the sliding hitch route?
  8. Glad you got it figured out. Hadn't been to my computer to reply until now. For anyone else's benefit, I had to link my front and rear emergency in-cab lights so I ended up going from the overhead console to the bottom of the rear drivers C pillar through the headliner. For the most part there is plenty of room to fish a wire up there. Once you get to the C pillar, you can remove that cover and fish down to come out at the floor. Since I hadn't routed any wires outside of my cab at this point, I decided to go that route, but I've seen many people come up through the floor under the back s
  9. I ran power to that area for both a dash cam and emergency lights. You can tap the power in the fuse box on the side of the passenger dash, run it up the A pillar, and then bring it across to the center above the headliner pretty easily. You'll want to remove the fuse area and A pillar area covers, but I'd also suggest removing the center lights panel as it makes things much easier to fish the wires over from the A pillar. There is a lot of open space up there to keep some extra wire coiled up and such as well. For the light, just gently pry off the two L-shaped covers to find the screw ho
  10. I went with these from NFab in Stainless and love them! https://n-fab.com/podium-steps/2020/chevrolet/silverado-2500-hd They installed using the factory pre-welded holes/nuts in just a few minutes. Actually it took the most time just unwrapping the protection on them from shipping.
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