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  1. Do you generally get to your hiking spots on foot? Or do you maybe drive a vehicle to get there?
  2. Not a fan here. We have one in my wife's Traverse. The only time it has been open is when we first got the vehicle (used so we didn't order it). I don't think the shade has even been opened in the last 2 years as I don't like the sun in my face while driving. Plus we don't have that many sunny days.
  3. I am a good use case for the gasser as well. I drive tops about 6k per year mostly short trips as everything is close by. I bought at the end of February and only have 1250 miles on it. My current camper is only 5k loaded out and we are in flat Michigan. 2500 has plenty of payload for me. Ran out in my half ton with bikes/ roll top cover, paddleboards, and corn hole in the bed.
  4. It would take a long time to recoup the extra cost of the diesel based on fuel costs.
  5. Recently did both the Retrax and steps myself. Steps took 15 minutes to install. Retrax was about 20 min to install. Just needed my kid to help lift it onto the truck.
  6. Maybe more of the step style like Havoc hs2 or Westin HDX or n-fab podiums. I have the Havoc’s on my truck and like them.
  7. Religiously check all the dealers within a couple hours drive for in stock trucks. This is how I found mine. Are Dodges and Fords in stock right now?
  8. Having done or doing yourself? All the bolded are really easy to do yourself. Might need an extra hand to lift the Retrax into the bed but my 11 year old was able to help with that.
  9. Those people also write those expenses off on their taxes.
  10. I am doing nothing to alter my driving habits. I spent a good chunk of coin on a vehicle that I knew doesn't get great mileage. I am ok with the pay to play. If I cared about gas mileage I would have bought a tesla.
  11. RetraxPro XR is the cover. It has the tslots so I can add my bike racks.
  12. You might just need to go out of state. Not a bad drive back down to Alabama from Michigan. I am in mid Michigan and only found 1 dealer that wouldn't honor the gm discounts.
  13. Mine is a 2500 HD LT, Z71, Allstar edition, Safety package, Gooseneck prep, Cherry Red Tintcoat.
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