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  1. Thanks 22z, I'm still looking at all the options. Maybe I'll just buy the wife a little stop stool!!!
  2. Just picked up my new 2500 AT4 last week. It was at the dealers almost 3 weeks, but it took that long for my schedule to permit picking it up. I've been like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. Only issue that I am looking at are the running boards. I'm not 100% on board with the looks of the factory boards and they are too high for my wife. So I might be looking at a swap. Perhaps one of the AMP powered boards. The truck will never be lifted and will only have stock wheel and tires. Anyone done this? Recommendations?
  3. Hi all, first time poster, but I've spent many hours reading this forum - you all are a wealth of knowledge. I found a dealership that has the truck I want at a price I can afford, so I put a deposit on it. They say the truck is built but not yet delivered to the dealership. That's fine with me - I can be patient, but I want to know that the salesman and dealership are not lying to me. I have the window sticker and a VIN number. Is there a web site somewhere, where I can enter the VIN and verify that the truck is built and what is the latest status? Pretty excited to have a new truck, my poor 2500 Suburban is almost broke in at 308,000 miles!
  4. I ordered my 2022 HD truck today. Dealer is honoring GM supplier/friend's discount off MSRP. I looked on autotrader and found 3 dealers in the Flint area that looked like they were accepting the program.
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