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  1. I have several trucks in the plowing fleet ive looked at and they all have 3in front and rear lifts and all look great. not sure if it makes a difference but all these trucks have snow plow prep with bigger front springs. If i have too ill just do the 1.5" blocks and one leaf... i understand your point on only turning the front up 2in and with 1.5-2.0 blocks its the same but the lift is made to go to 3in and the owners truck has 60k on it with zero issues at 3in and all the trucks plow with 9.6' v-blades.
  2. The company i plow for has 3-4 of these trucks now all have superlift 3in lifts...one has the 1.5in block and a extra leaf and others they just added two leafs...they use the beds more than i do so adding a leaf is fine but i would like the ride not as stiff as theirs and want the 3in in front to fit 37in tires
  3. Hello i have a GMC 2023 2500hd at4 and want to do a 3in lift but all the kits only lift the front (leveling) or only lift the rear 1-2 in. Does anyone make a 3in block? i like the look of the truck with the rake and use it to tow and haul....i can do a 1.5in block and one add a leaf to get to 3in but dont really need the extra capability. Any help is welcomed thanks
  4. Truck was shipped 2 days after being built...i picked up the 15th... The dealer did not try to add anything sale went very quick...onstar is now in the rpo code so cant be removed and price protection goes from gm to dealer to customer I probably will not ever see anything because my order went to a 2023. I dont know why some trucks come faster than others...model doesn't make difference...the guy i plow for ordered two trucks a few mo apart in nov/dec 2021 both 3500hd chevy base model and they both came in 3 months even his fleet salesman said it was fast???...well good luck im loving mine.
  5. where did you find 3in blocks... i want to do a 3in lift but all the kits i find have 1.5-2in rear lift?
  6. My dealer is not far from factory so i hope it ships fast....My moms yukon was shipped from tx to wi 2 days after being built.
  7. found out this morning my truck has been built and is awaiting shipment
  8. It was defiantly different before covid...another family member used the discount in 2019 and bought a half ton... after incentives and rebates and the discount she got about 14k off....my discount is about $7500 on the 2500 at4...
  9. I'm in Chicagoland area and when i placed my order all my local dealers were marking up trucks 5-10k...My mom ordered a yukon in WI and they wanted 5k over msrp but we know someone and got them to take it off wi but they would not take my gms discount. I used this sight for suggestions and and finally after a few i found one that will.
  10. My price is set by gm not the dealer...(im using family discount). Most dealers are not excepting them now but a few are... under normal times i would get the discount plus any rebates and dealer discounts.. and price protection is still active but because i have a new build number when it switched to 23 the dealer is not sure if i get it now...
  11. I ordered a 2022 gmc 2500hd at4 gas in feb 2022 and now finally order has been accepted and my target production week is 7/25..(not sure if they started building yet)...But im pissed about getting a 2023 because my dealer said they don't think i will qualify for the price protection anymore and thats like a 4k increase from when i ordered and they are also shoving a 3 yr onstar package for $1500 on the 2023s...I'm sure mine was slowed by dealer allocation but this was the only dealer that would except my family discount.
  12. Thanks RLCC LaFontaine gmc will take my discount and i will be ordering a truck. Thanks for all the help
  13. Thanks for response but I'm looking for a gmc...imo the chevy 2500hd are ugly
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