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  1. Any way to "fool" the setup to get the invisible trailer to calibrate? I have the camera on the back of my travel trailer, all measurements are in specs listed in the document and in the app. The camera is mounted where the Furion mount is which according to others is too high to calibrate (won't calibrate here), I have a rear window right in the middle of the back of the trailer so the camera would have to go above or below it which may be out of range in either situation.
  2. I have the same sounds on my 2020 Denali HD, really only notice it at very slow speeds, and when its cold.
  3. For those of you that have the TPMS sensors installed in your trailer tires, did you have to physically take in the trailer to the tire shop so they could install the sensors in each tire?
  4. Once again Phil is the man. Ordered his plug and play harness for the 1A Auto 1798 mirrors which are the 1786 but with the passenger sensor for the Duramax diesels. Ordered and received within 5 days, followed his instructions and videos. Took about an hour for the first side and about 15 minutes for the other once I knew what to expect. The final product is pimp daddy and complements the truck well and has every bell and whistle. Phil was available for any questions and super responsive. He IS the go to for this application.
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