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  1. I went with what the factory tint is... what ever that may be.
  2. If you had to turn the keys to clear.... how much do think you would have to crank up to clear?
  3. I’m in same boat as the rest here... but it only does it with my 35’ cougar all other trailers it hooks up fine.
  4. Where did you get the lights? Is just somthing you added and made work or is it a kit made fore the 2020?
  5. So I have been driving with the derringer for about week now.... no issues what so ever until tonight... on my way home from work the idash displayed d-err code and also displayed fail to communicate. When I got to where I was going I checked all cables and connections... seemed to go back to normal no err code any more... when I put it in drive it said fail to communicate again and turned on engine light traction control light and said check parking brake... all while sending truck into reduced power.... I did diagnostic check and had codes for fuel rail pressure issues. I cleared codes and truck went back to normal along with derringer reading normal now.... while driving it threw all the same codes on the truck again and reduce engine output... I pulled over cleared codes and restarted truck checked connections again and has been running fine for last 10 miles....any thoughts what you think happened?
  6. My slt x31 in pacific blue... only added the ultra hunter 203 wheels so far but will soon be getting a larger tire... thinking 35x11.50x20 ridge grapplers since they measure out little smaller than a 296/65 loving the truck so far.... coming from a 2011 Chevy 2500 gasser....
  7. Thank you! I’m thinking a 35x11.5x20 would fit without any rubbing..... but not sure... figured I would ask here to see if anyone has been running larger 20” tires on stock suspension.
  8. Off topic here but are you lifted with the 295/65/20’s? And if not.... do you have any rubbing?
  9. Just joined and have had my 2020 gmc 2500HD x31for about four weeks now... love this truck... I did put new 20x9 +18 ultra hunter 203 wheels on with stock tires.... want to put a 295/65/20 TOYO open country at3 tires on but don’t want to rub... truck is stock.... just wondering if the will rub? Or should I go 285/65/20?
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