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  1. Oil life %

    I don't have an answer for your question, but I did want to ask a similar question. I was wondering how the oil life is monitored. Is it straight mileage, or does the computer have an algorithm for how you are driving (highway vs city.... Towing... Ect) Then I was going to ask about the fuel filter life also.... I have an '05 Duramax and my fuel filter only comes up saying "change fuel filter".... What type of mileage should I get out of a fuel filter? Because I am still showing about 25% oil life and the fuel filter probably doesn't have 1000 more miles on it..... I was thinking that it (fuel filter) should last at least twice as long as an oil filter....
  2. Has anyone added USB ports in a 2005 Silverado? I am adding a new head unit and it has several USB cables. I would like to add the jacks like you can find on Amazon, but I would like to locate them where they are easily accessible, but look factory.... I would like to keep both cigarette lighter ports though, so I am trying to figure out a good spot.
  3. I followed a thread on here on how to remove the switches from the steering wheel and replaced the burned out bulbs with LEDs and resistors, it was a pain to solder them since I am not good at it. And as was stated on other threads I had to remove the airbag and reroute the wires to get enough room to plug them back in. But they are a little bright now... I don't know if I needed to use larger resistors or what. You could replace them with the regular bulbs.
  4. Any suggestions as to how to fix it? I don't have much experience, but I am learning as I go... Just added LEDs to replace burned out steering wheel controls and looking to fix something else now
  5. My 2005 Silverado heated seats on the driver side will not stay on. After just a few seconds it turns off. The passenger side works fine, but if I turn on the driver side, then it shuts off both. Any ideas?

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