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  1. I'd pay for the Tailgate handle if you would ship. Thanks Shane T.
  2. Still looking for one or two if anyone knows where some CK 161 wheels are for sale. Thanks Shane T.
  3. If so IM your info and I will send funds later tonight. Shane T,
  4. Will they work on the 2014-2018 Models as well?
  5. Interested in the floor mats if you could ship reasonably to zip code 29642.
  6. Anyone else get SPAM like this in your Private Messages : Hello sir I know of someone who have this for sale in good condition and willing to offer out at fair price,kindly shot a pm to [email protected] for better conversation and pictures if interested https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/258519-bobharry224/ Thanks
  7. Anyone?? Still hoping to find an extra one or two....
  8. No I mean the factory put some sort of distribution posts on top of the battery tray, correct?
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