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  1. Does he sell tuners ready to go? How do I contact him? If for nothing more than fixing that blasted gear searching when you put it to the floor. Thanks Shane
  2. I could only use the back one on my Silverado.......
  3. Wish you were closer to South Carolina. Just for giggles what would shipping run on the front one?
  4. Probably 2 inches would do, the wood maybe the best bet. It was a puncture wound; actually looked like one of the tubes/spikes used in stop strips by the police
  5. I had a flat on the interstate two weeks ago on the back of my truck and suddenly realized that my factory bottle jack will not work with my 33" tall tires. Does anyone have a good replacement idea? Thanks Shane
  6. Still need one for my spare.....anyone got one or a lead on one or two?
  7. As my 14 year old son likes to say: CLEAN! Very tastefully done. Perfect color rims. Shane T.
  8. I’m sorry for the delay. If the other guy wants I will pass. If he says no then I’ll take it.
  9. Very nice. Good pattern at night? Did you do a spot or fog pattern?
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