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  1. too bad you couldn't give them a custom spec'd cam/springs to install
  2. Also, it's a Donaldson filter and those are coveted by many. I suppose it's a good alternative to washing/oiling a lifetime filter.
  3. Corsa owns Volant. Any reviews on the Volant unit will be comparable
  4. Corsa is definitely more! Overpriced, really. But that patented RSC does have a very unique sound with GMs V8 firing order.
  5. I thought long and hard about that Solo kit for my truck too. It looks really nice! Especially the tips. In fact, I was convinced that was the way to go...until I heard Corsa in person at the Chevy dealer. Such a unique sound.
  6. duh - now I remember reading that. something BB should be able to do is manipulate when all the timing gets added in. I've never had a single tank of e85 than was over than 80% alcohol. (maybe it's my sensor) Basically it blends the gas timing table with the flex fuel modifier based on alcohol composition. on the stock table it requires over 80% ethanol to hit that last modifier zone, I rescaled mine and it helps a lot. Look at the difference...
  7. Maybe? it's hard to tell. It might make it better, but not entirely negate the problem. The low rpm-high load on the low octane table has barely any timing advance. If you're looking for a way to pick up throttle response and torque everywhere, it doesn't get any easier than e85 conversion. Do that first, then let BB retune to activate the flex fuel parts of the stock programming. The gains from ethanol are quite dramatic once tuned. Basically anywhere that knock was limiting before can be added back in - and then some. It's more nuanced than that, but long and the short of it is my L86 has very good throttle response and low speed torque on ethanol. Gas is good and all, but ethanol makes this truck feel a lot different and I'd bet it would help your combination too.
  8. Definitely true to an extent. More duration, usually, is just going to decrease dynamic compression ratio which even further softens the low-mid range. This is where the relationship between LSA/ICL/Duration becomes important. Does anyone even know what the specs are for an L83? I've never seen published figures. Can't imagine it's much better than Gen III/IV 5.3's. I'm trying to see if this is something you can fix via tuning...mid range while wide open? Or as we still talking part throttle? more clarification: on tip-in transition from cruising? or it feels soft from a dig? if you want to make the tip in more snappy and build more torque in the low-mid load ranges you could dabble with the VVT settings. This will increase torque in a noticeable way at the expense of pumping losses (hurts MPG a bit) AND it won't take near as much timing before hitting KR. did BB tune before or after headers?
  9. you CAN tune 2017 TCM, it's just costly Thankfully, my TC was replaced at 34,000 miles back when they still allowed for that. I've fully accepted that one day it might screw up again, by then I hope the aftermarket support has caught up and can get an aftermarket TC. Even then, some very smart people have told me that the TCM algorithms are flawed and it will always be a quirky acting transmission. (even with tuning)
  10. I've been a David Wizard fan since I was a teenager. More recently, I've seen every episode of Engine Masters on Motortrend. Most of my "experience" is gleaned from others. I have built an engine and worked on/tuned a lot of fast cars/trucks that I've owned over the years. That's the credibility behind my response. To clarify, are you experiencing a loss in part-throttle? Or it feels lazy everywhere? You might just need to rework your MAF/VVE now that there's no restrictions. My following pontification is based on an assumption that you've lost part-throttle, low-mid rpm power/tq. An NA 5.3 will only flow so much air. I, personally, feel that 1.875" primary long tube headers merging into a basic 4-1 3" collector is TOO large for an NA 5.3. The primary length helps make up for the primary diameter but any velocity is lost once it hits those massive collectors. Something more appropriate might be a merge/choke collector similar to what ARH uses along with 1.75" primaries. Personally, I'd love to see 5.3 headers that were even smaller with 2.5" collectors and secondary pipes. Though my above comments seem tangential, it's important to note that any given engine and exhaust combo must be looked at as one. In your case, I think you perceive a power/tq loss from the Magnaflow muffler because you lost a restriction which was helping velocity, which aids in torque production. Let me be clear, back pressure is not important, but, velocity is very important. I think an L86 manifold would only exacerbate your perception of lost low-mid range. Increasing plenum volume that much will likely hurt your bottom end. Lastly, engines are fickle and so are people. Some will completely disagree with everything I've said. I'm not claiming I have all the answers or that I'm right. Just an opinion
  11. SO much of the clunking/hard shifting can be attributed to the programming. The TC stays locked through shifts at part throttle and combined with the Driver Demand table commanding high negative torque at low speeds it feels clunky. If you have DOD enabled, that commands a different amount of slip too, which can cause shuddering. I've been able to tune my 8 speed to be a very compliant and happy transmission. It's quite remarkable when you realize how sensitive the programming is. I can make a simple MAF-fueling adjustment and it changes that way it shifts. Torque-based ECM/TCMs are very finicky and I'll GM left a lot to be desired when it comes to driveability. I say all this, because you might be chasing your tail. The transmission itself is quite robust. The programming just sucks.
  12. You're telling me that a blown L86 doesn't have enough torque to pull that trailer with 3.23? I've pulled ~5k many times and I've never struggled and I'm not blown. Sure, maybe not in 8th but that's the beauty of having 8 gears. Drive in 6th or 7th! If it were my money, I'd do the following. Buy HPTuners and modify the tow/haul map to lock out 7th or 8th. And then upgrade to LT4 injectors and fuel pump and convert to e85. After a good tune you'll easily pick up 40-50 lb ft down low.
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