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  1. I would like to know more about this. Part number? Any issues with replacing the cats? Photos?
  2. They will hold up fine. Had mine on my 2016 AT, no issues with trips to Indiana in the winter and trips to the gulf coast beach in the summer. I scraped them on rocks (hard) and the brackets held up fine... Scraped off the coating but a year later no issues where the bare stainless was exposed. I liked them enough that I didn't even shop, I just called and ordered a new set for my 2020 AT4.
  3. I'm interested. I have the GM performance exhaust but have been thinking about a cutout...
  4. I'm in the fence between this and the Rough Country AT4 leveling kit
  5. So you didn't like the ride after removing the block? Did you go back to stock?
  6. Would it be possible to mount it on the underside of the tailgate in the recess? I think it would look good if you saw the glow but not the light itself.
  7. I'm familiar with CV angles, but the point of the split spacer is to try to alleviate that somewhat. The photos people are posting of the motofab 1.5" don't look bad, and I don't think the Rough Country sounded bad from verbal description. Yours looks significatly worse... glad you clarified that was on level ground! Also, I was curious as to why onl the 4WD Auto being the issue... seems like that angle should be a major issue under power for other modes. Anyway, I think I'll skip this one and maybe go with Motofab or Rough Country.
  8. Any idea why this could be? How could you damage your front diff using a spacer kit?
  9. Mine is nearly silent at highway speeds. I've got about 500mi on it over the last week. A hell of a lot quieter at cruising than my Corsa on my 2016 5.3. I'll measure decibels on my phone but I don't have a way to calibrate it / confirm it.
  10. I'll get a price, but I doubt you'll want to. It doesn't roll up to ship very well. In any case I'll let you know!
  11. Hey again - the stock exhaust from my truck is at my family's place just west of Indy. I took it off in one piece. You can have it if you go pick it up.
  12. I owe CKrado a price to ship and we'll see what he thinks. I have an extra black one for a transfer case . If I can slip it in a padded flat rate envelope for a few bucks I'll send it to you for nothin.
  13. I'll pull them off asap and weigh them and see what it would be. I'll get back to you.
  14. Attached some pics. First pic is comparing the plates to the plastic protector that came on the truck. The other pic is installed. I am open to shipping, but might have to wait until next week. I'll need to see how much it would be. I'm in Houston at the moment. Not expecting to be back in Indy until fall, most likely.
  15. I'm trading in my truck this/next week, so I have some accessories, upgrades, etc. that are up for grabs. Some items I can just pull off the truck, some items I would need you to provide an OEM replacement at the time of trade. - Corsa sport exhaust for 5.3, PN 14873 (would need your stock exhaust to throw on my truck) - $600 - Bed rug for short bed - $50 - Airaid Modular Intake Tube (would need your stock intake) and filter for stock box - $75 - Tinted tail lights and CHMSL (would need yours); here's a photo: http://i.imgur.com/qVt5x8G.jpg - all reverse / cargo bulbs replaced with LEDs, I don't care what yours have - $200 for all 3 - Skid plates for engine/oil pan and transmission - $100 for both - 6.2L Intake manifold and throttle body - $100 and you help me put my 5.3 set back in haha Added: - I have 2 sets of step bars. OEM chrome step bars that in great condition, and a set of Havoc HS2s in black. The HS2s have some rock scrapes on the passenger side, but they are stainless under the coating so no corrosion. They are some awesome bars and I'll be getting a new set for my new truck (I'd keep these but they won't fit the 2020s). If you want either of these, let me know what you think. - Custom headlight wiring harness from 5th Gen DIY. This wiring harness includes their DRL override (doesn't dim the DRLs when lights are on), fogs on with high beams, and a separate trigger wire activated when high beams are on (so you could trigger a relay to turn on a light bar). Never installed, never got around to it unfortunately. $200 (was ~$275 when ordered). - Frame plugs for rear wheel well area - $free
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