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  1. You know I didn’t even think of this. I can try messaging my local dealer and see what they can do. Thank you.
  2. I’ve never heard of him but I’ll take a listen when I can, thanks! Well she really doesn’t want to get involved same how I don’t want to get involved with the wedding planning lol. But from the post and the dealership it seems like this truck will be a no go.
  3. I’ve never purchased anything out of state and stepping into unfamiliar water is a little uneasy for me. But you are right I’ve seen some in Las Vegas for decent prices.
  4. Wedding is 90% paid. And to be honest we make pretty good money. Not enough to pay a vehicle off cash but enough where another 800 a month payment won’t leave us in debt we’ll still be able to do the things we want. She works from home and I’m an Officer. We only have one car. But here’s the thing there’s times where I’m on call and I have to leave my vehicle at the office for one or several days. So she’s stuck without a vehicle. We do need another car. We have a family so a truck is great, to go to the mountains, snow, dirt, river. Plus we haul a lot of stuff. Anyways... if it’s doable I wouldn’t mind if she took out such a huge loan. A want is a Sierra AT4 or a diesel. Right! Lol
  5. Obviously if I can’t get what I want I’ll explore other options. But look at what you said you paid $24k. I would definitely be all over that as well, but you can’t find that here. My point is I’m looking at a 2018 for 45k not a 2019 and I wanted to see what I could say or do to negotiate it down. Congrats on your used you got a good deal.
  6. This is actually the second person to email me. The first person “Dee” has not replied to me since earlier this afternoon (1PM for me). I honestly doubt they’re selling that truck for 50k. I appreciate the advise. But used trucks in my area cost about the same as a brand new one. For instance a 2016 used Lt same specs is about 35k and it has 30k+ miles. My whole idea is for this specific truck. If it’s not meant to be then so be it. But I don’t want to say that I didn’t try. I’m not on a tight budget but I don’t want to get screwed which is what my fiancé is worried about.
  7. I got a reply back from their Internet Sales Director. “ Hey Daniel, I'm the Internet Director here and I could do 45 even plus fees, yes I know you can get a new trail boss cheaper-but I have no programs or rebates on this. Im 4200 under cost or invoice on this truck. I will sell it, we go thru this ever year. Greg Iverson”
  8. This will be my first truck. I’ve only owned cars in the past. So I love the little features, turn knobs for the 4 wheel drive selector, dual climate zone as my fiancé is always complaining on how cold we keep the car, wireless charger is not necessary but again this is the only 2018 out there near me at least. That’s why I’m asking for advice on how to negotiate the price in my favor. For my house my realtor did the work, now it’s my turn.
  9. I’m not naive about it. I also was shocked. Last year the 2018s were around 46-48k MSRP. I’ve seen the LD’s but they only come in a double cab. I’ve got kids so that won’t work. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=505475952 That’s the auto trader ad. I also saw it has no parking assist, trailer brake, lower or raise steps. Also not even a Z71. I got a reply back from their internet sales manager for an e-sale price of $45k. I replied saying that for that much I could get a 2019 LT trail boss fully loaded. Thats the thing too, I’m not sure when the deals start. I’m in California. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  10. Hey all, so I’ve been in the market for a truck for a couple of years now specifically a Chevy 1500. But due to priorities I purchased a home last year and this year I’m getting married in the fall. My soon to be wife is iffy on me purchasing a new truck at the moment due to the price obviously and our budget. However we are in need of another vehicle especially a truck. After doing my research I see the 2019’s are the only ones out there, until today. I found a New 2018 Silvarado Lt Crew Cab 4x4 All star with the black 22 inch wheels(I don’t care for). The truck is at a dealership a good 150 miles away and online the price reads $51k MSRP. Now my question is, what do you guys think I can get for this? I’m trying to convince my fiancé to allow me to take the leap now as it’s the last one out there and if I could get a good price then I’m sure she’ll approve. I’m looking for advice on negotiating and what questions to ask. Thanks! PS, I apologize if I’m on the wrong section. Today’s my first real post!
  11. Do you have an overall pic of the truck?
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