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  1. You can keep the Bilstein’s, however yes you will mess with your angles and your ride will suck. Only way to get away from this is if you do like a BDS lift for example. They supply a front differential drop bracket to prevent any bad angles and new tie rods and other stuff.
  2. Same. Before I purchased my 2018 Sierra I was researching for two years. Silverado’s, Sierra’s, Colorado’s, Tacoma’s, even the new Ranger. But like most of you I couldn’t wrap my head on paying the same amount on a mid-size as you would for a full size, especially when I plan on doing some light towing. Now I saw someone ask how we got our pricing, when I did my research a Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 or TRD Off Road 4x4 both were at $38,000-$40,000 same price as an LT Z71 Silverado Crew Cab with a 5.3 and you know Toyota you pay sticker because Tacoma’s sell regardless. I put into consideration my passengers and I knew putting them in a mid size like a Colorado or a Tacoma they’d be hunching their heads to get in and out and with a full size pickup there’s so much more room. I will never not own a full size pickup. The reason I went Sierra was because I purchased it late 2019 as a certified pre owned and the price I paid was great for the amount of miles and trim, and I wasn’t quite fond of the new body styles unless it was a Trail boss or AT4 but those were out of my budget.
  3. Some pics of yours would be great! How is his leveled? Thanks for the info!
  4. I didn’t mean on spending anything at all. I do want to buy new shocks to replace the Rancho’s. But, that’s what I didn’t know. Because I was watching a video on YouTube of a guy who put Fox 2.0’s all around the truck and removed the rear blocks so the truck could be leveled completely. So I thought I’d have to set the 5100’s at the highest setting and remove the rear block in order to accomplish that too. But if I can keep the rear blocks in and adjust the 5100’s then I’ll just do that. To repeat, I just thought I needed to remove the rear blocks. I didn’t mean not buy anything at all. I just didn’t want to buy the shocks and then something else after. Because no matter what I will buy the shocks to replace the Rancho’s. If the concern about towing Is that the rear will squat it’s not a huge deal as in the future I will be putting in some rear air bags. Yeah, I have a Motofab 2.5 sitting in my garage. That was what started this thread for me. I didn’t know if I should install it or go with my second idea instead. is your truck leveled/lifted now? I am short myself lol, 5’7 . I’m looking for the best ride quality with a level look.
  5. The thing is I didn’t want to buy any additional accessories besides the shocks if I didn’t have to.
  6. What if I keep the 5100’s at stock level?
  7. So I recently purchased a 2018 Sierra SLT All Terrain. I want to level the truck completely. I’ve asked around the forums and read different threads but I haven’t gotten the answer I wanted. I don’t really care for height. My end goal is to have the truck leveled, be able to tow, and be able to fit 33 inch or 34 inch tires and some 18 inch methods. My first idea was to put a 2.5 inch Motofab spacer on the front, but I was concerned about ride quality as well as messing with the control arms. Now for second idea, I want to add the Bilstein 5100’s and set them at their highest setting and then completely removing the stock rear blocks. That way the truck is leveled completely, but my concern has been what happens when you remove the rear blocks? Will I be okay? I haven’t really seen anyone remove the blocks only people adding taller ones. This is my preferred method, I’d like to hear thoughts and opinions from the community. I’m not planning on rock crawling just light to moderate off roading. And when it comes to towing I’m thinking of a small toy hauler or a 14 foot trailer with a side-by-side. Thank you and happy new year!
  8. After I get off work, me, my wife and kids are planning on going to my mother-in-laws. She lives down the block but my wife wants to party “one last time” as we’ve been trying to get pregnant these last couple weeks. My side of the family doesn’t party so we’ve resorted to going to her side. New year’s isn’t a big deal for me but it is for her.
  9. Do you think going 2.5 would be too much?
  10. Thank you! Do you have an LED for your third brake light?
  11. Which setting did you set the Bilsteins? And how big of a spacer did you get for the strut? My concern is for the angles as well I don’t want to mess with the ball joints. If I don’t need to purchase new upper a arms I rather not. And my thought as well was to go get some BFG’s. Do you have a pic of your set up? Would removing the rear block be a good idea? Thank you for the info!
  12. How bright are they? I was looking at images in Amazon from the seller and they looked too bright. What do you think?
  13. Which LED’s did you use for all 3? I want to do this to my Sierra as well.
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